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Pack Thread - Mentor Ceremony (Non-Mandatory)

POSTED: Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:33 pm

Luca had decided after his visit with Pushok, that it was time to start the pups into their education. By the spring the four eldest pups would be shifted, so by naming mentors slightly early Luca hoped to grant his grandchildren, and Darkness’ children, the opportunity to bond with their mentor before the real training began. The evening before he had visited the Hushhowl den to inform the family that there would be a ceremony the next morning, before finding Remus to pass the message along to Night and the pups.

It had been a short night, knowing he would have to rise early to prepare himself for a public appearance. Although every member in Casa had likely seen Luca mucking out stalls and getting soaked in mud from working with the animals, his parents had taught him better than to show up to a ceremony without a proper grooming. Fenris knew that Alistair would have given him a scolding for it too. So bright and early he rose from his bed to begin the process of combing his fur and washing with boiled water. It took time but eventually it seemed as though all traces of dirt were gone from his golden pelt. Giving himself a final shake he dressed, putting on his dark pants, red shirt, and bear fur cloak. For show he placed his axes on his hips, certain he wouldn’t need them for such an event but feeling it was best to encourage members to always be prepared.

Marching from his home he let out a call, awakening those in Casa and bidding them to meet him for a ceremony. He had sent word through the grapevine, thanks to Darius, Isaac, and Howland, the night before but he never knew if his messages made it to everyone in the pack. Entering the hall his nails tapped on the ground. Slowly members arrived, and he did his best to nod a greeting to everyone. Once it seemed everyone was present he moved to the middle of the crowd, choosing aa slightly different spot than usual, ad raised a hand for attention.

Clearing his throat for good measure he waited until the final conversations ended before he began. “Good morning everyone. I called you all here because four of our puppies are ready to receive a mentor.” It was a straight forward ceremony that most of the older Cavaliers had seen at least a few times by now, but it was always special to the little ones who had their chance to be shown off to the pack, and it was a good opportunity for the pack to learn the names of the youngest Cavaliers. “To start with I would like to call our eldest two pups to the center, Pushok and Temnota Hushhowl!” Looking around for the group of Hushhowls he gestured for the pair to join him.

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POSTED: Sun Feb 03, 2019 2:13 am

“Быстрый, Быстрый, Быстрый, Отец!”

The boys were scrambling all over the place, and their father was no different. Despite the man's best effort and the other helping hands of Remus, Dusk and Night, Pushok was much too excited to be calm and think of simple things like making sure he'd eaten. Least to say, it was much easier corralling both boys when they were the same size, but as Pushok darted around the den between the fire, the bedroom and throwing his only outfit where he could reach it easily. An old gray tunic and a pair of worn, blue pants. It was what he could get his hands on at the time, and it didn't quite fit, but he was bound to fill it out eventually with how fast he was growing.

Spreading his arms out to Temnota, he smiled. He was so proud of the new stages of body he'd grown into.

“Брат, ты готов?” The excitement came from a beaming grin as he wrapped his arms around his brother and gave him a fast hug,” Я не могу поверить, что мы получаем наших наставников сегодня!” Bounding from his brother, he darted back over to the fire one last time as Darkness pulled the water from the fire and poured it into river water they'd gathered the night before,” Интересно, кто это будет?”

The boiling water filled the tub and turned the frigid water into something far more comfortable.

Turning to his Niece and Nephew, who were his sister and brother as far as he was concerned, he couldn't help but show further excitement,” Вы, ребята, получите своих наставников рано! Так круто!” Their father ushered them all into the barrel and tidied them all up, then urged them over to the fire with strips of jerky as he readied himself. Dawn and Day busied themselves with quickly cleaning up the bathwater and making sure the den site was ready and safe to be left alone for the day.

The children all laughed and chattered among each other, nothing but love and adoration coming from Pushok and unto his family. Even little Borya made himself comfortable by the fire. His big brother slung his arm around his little body, smiling and offering his jerky for the pup to tug at.

Breakfast. check. Clean pups? Check! Family ready? Pushok looked them all over as he and Temnota bounded to their feet, followed by their younger 'siblings'. In a heap they scrambled out of the den house, their youth in full gear as the older members of the family moved behind them. The train of Hushhowls was off, to the fort and to a ceremony that Pushok had been waiting for what seemed like forever.

The family filed in and the two brothers, barreled ahead of their smaller siblings. Pushok quickly took his place as the Hushhowls, and Knights respectively, all settled in. His eyes were bright and set on Luca as the ceremony began to take place.

His resounding voice called out to those that arrived to see the mentors take their charges, and not long after had Pushok's own name, and his brother's as well, been on the Lune's lips. Heart fluttering, he balled his fists in suspense, waiting to see who it was that was going to take him to the next level and help him become a true Cavalier!

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POSTED: Sun Feb 03, 2019 2:19 am

Optime | Fort Kingsbury (Courthouse) | Backdated: February 1st | cNPC: Mako (+615)

She wasn’t sure how to feel about the whole ordeal. The ceremony should have been like any other for her, but, for whatever reason, she felt more…invested in this one? She wasn’t sure why. The feeling was different than how she had felt at her siblings’ ceremonies. The War Lord felt pride, though, none of this brood were as close to her as her younger brothers and sisters had been, at least, not as far as familial relationships went.

There were her brother’s children, her niece and nephew—the thought made her feel…old—whom she had not had much interaction with despite being blood kin. Her role as War Lord and Falconer often kept her busy, as did her plans with Salsola and the fragile relationship Casa di Cavalieri shared with them there. As far as her records went with her interactions with her younger family members went though, it was about on par with how she had ended up treating—intentional or not—the rest of her siblings; with reserved distance.

Curiously though, she had had more incidents with the two Hushhowl boys. The pair had latched onto her and Mako, it seemed, and her most recent mishap with Pushok had made her somewhat partial to the lightly-furred puppy. It had been a grave mistake on her part, and one that she would not be making again if she could keep from it. Fenris had definitely been looking out for the newly-shifted child.

The encounter with the bear had been an eye-opener for her, and one that she had taken up seriously with her father afterwards.

Still in the midst of recovering from her injuries, Teagan had risen a bit earlier than usual for a typical morning of a ceremony. None of them were serious or life-threatening, thankfully, and it was mostly thanks to her forethought and her trust in her friend, Mako, that she had been spared a crippled life like her brother, Arlen, had. Still, it didn’t make the wounds any less painful.

The Sworn had helped her wash and get into her chest armor to keep her from overstressing her injuries, and she was more thankful than ever to have had something to cover up her mistakes. Her pauldrons, skirt, a pair of bracers, and her cougar fur-lined rank cloak completed her fierce look, as did her sword at her hip. Her hair was pulled up into it usual, high-ponytail as well.

Mako himself had cleaned up, and the wolfdog sported a similar look, garbed in his leather armor and his fox fur-lined rank cloak. He too had a weapon; his trusted axe. His shield was left back at the blacksmith shop though, too cumbersome and unnecessary for an mentor ceremony.

When the call run out across the Fort and outer lying areas, the pair exited from the War Lord’s house and made their way over to the Courthouse. It appeared, as usual, that they were amongst some of the firsts to arrive, and they managed to offer a polite greeting to the Lune as the rest of the pack trickled into the Great Hall. They took up their usual spot near the edge of the expansive room, talking softly amongst themselves as they waited for the pack to gather.

Luca began the ceremony once he felt everyone who was going to be there had shown up, and, curiously, chose a different location from which to lead this event. Mako shot Teagan a questioning look, but the warrior princess merely shrugged subtly, her eyes roving the gathered crowd for the children that would become apprentices that day.

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POSTED: Sun Feb 03, 2019 11:43 am

Aldora Knight

A ceremony was always something to look forward to, when Luca called the pack together for a positive announcement, it was a reason to celebrate.

Of course, this meeting did not call for wine and dancing, but celebration in small details could be just as satisfying. Aldora had been up early, before the sun rose, as usual. It seemed that she had taken to sleeping in small spurts throughout the day and night, not for one long bout as many did. It suited her, and allowed her to see the pack at all times, in all iterations.

The Valiant felt as loyal to Casa as ever, though she did often fight the feeling of uselessness as she had for most of her life. These feelings could often be put to rest by performing a chore or two, but even when that did not work, sleep seemed to refresh her, hence the reason for her scattered schedule.

So, this morning before the pack meeting, Aldora had taken time to rejuvenate herself physically. It was still too cold for a dip in the river or ocean, so just a brush through of her fur and mane did the trick. The time it took to plait her thick tresses into elegant high braids was ridiculous; every time she had to do this she thought about just chopping it all off, but would always change her mind. Her hair reminded her of her mother, and despite its weight and length, she would keep it… for now.

By the time she was cleaned and her hair done, the sun had risen and Luca’s deep call rang throughout the Fort. She quickly donned her fox-fur cloak, the deep purple dye still fresh, and headed out to the Hall. Others had already gathered by the time she arrived, and she went to stand near Teagan and Mako, giving them a smile and a nod. Teagan had recently been injured, and Aldora had been worried for their best fighter, but only for a moment. It was more than clear that the Warlord could handle herself; Aldora had always admired that about her cousin; she always seemed to have things together.

The Valiant surveyed those gathered, her arms crossed, and made a point to avoid looking at Howland; their recent change in relationship still stung. Instead, she focused her attention on Luca as he entered the center of the gathered and called upon the youth to be paired with their mentors.

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POSTED: Sun Feb 03, 2019 3:43 pm

The Patriarch of the Hushhowl clan moved into the Great Hall beside his own with the palms of his hands placed forward at his waist, ushering all the younger souls of his growing family through the entry way. Pillars lined the hall where many ceremonies were held, but this one held a special place in the father's heart. The last of Hartt's own, her two precious boys that she had sacrificed herself for, were to be given mentors. Night's own, his first grandchildren, were to be given mentors as well.

He still cursed how he hadn't been there for his daughters, how he'd been lost so foolishly more than once, but all he could do was make up the time lost by being their for his family now.

Luca had sounded his call and Teagan, Aldora, Mako and others had arrived before the Hushhowls did. Darkness offered a particular eye to Teagan and Mako, one of a quiet respect and a gratitude that words could not express. He then looked for Jace and Temo, and then after Veri. The curiosity came through him, wondering, if they were thinking of Hartt, just as he was. Despite having never figured he could be so close to so many, and to trust souls as he did with his world, he had found himself in a vein where brotherhood ran deeper than blood. It was a powerful moment of realization that was finally setting in. His heart was still broken, but he was not alone. Callum and the Lune, as well, had suffered great loss, yet they carried on. There was admiration behind the stoic features of the Russian made made.

The children made their way to the front, the boys with little hesitation, while Borya stayed back with them. Even the young boy was anxious for his own mentor, but Day and Dawn were working well enough to keep him distracted and happy for his siblings while Dusk carried on with them.

Darkness passed by Night and Remus, a gentle hand offered to his dark daughter's soft features, and a strong hand planted on Remus shoulder. They were doing everything right, and even though he and Remus were off to a rough start, the boy was making something of his family. There was respect in that that Darkness couldn't deny him. The man was for his family and that was the best motivation anyone could have.

From there, Darkness offered a nod to Luca as he began, taking place beside Dusk. Without thinking, the father clutched his daughter's hand, looking for strength in her as he gazed onto his youngest sons and his grandchildren. It was a small, but mighty moment, where Darkness showed his true self and inner thoughts without having to say a single word. Hartt would want to be here if she could. He knew that whoever the Lune would chose for them would be wise and calculated decisions, and there was little reason not to trust in him. With Iorek gone, Darkness knew that his own would be safe in the hands of the Cavaliers, and that the lives of his legacy would be cherished, strengthened and protected.

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POSTED: Mon Feb 04, 2019 6:31 pm

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Nayavota paused in the doorway when she heard the call, already bright-eyed and bushy-tailed despite the early hour. The past moon had been… Interesting, to say the least, and Naya felt a calmness come over her in the aftermath. Winter would soon turn to spring, and all she had to worry about was her normal, everyday life as a Cavalier.

Still, the sour remnants of last year clung to her. Death, loss, and betrayal had plagued the pack for moons, but Nayavota felt uniquely in the middle of it. She didn’t take vigil over Hartt’s grave, or balk at her mentor’s—no, Iorek’s—banishment. Instead, Naya had collapsed inward, and her best friend could only hold her up for so long. Then he’d left, too.

Things were better now, though, weren’t they? What harm were a few cracks in the foundation?

Nayavota shook her head to clear her thoughts. Old memories could wait—she had to get ready. The pale Cadet bustled around her parents’ wetu, cleaning herself up and donning the long, rabbit-lined cloak that hung above her bed. Naya smiled and wore the garment with pride; even when the world didn’t make any sense, even when her home didn’t make any sense, she could put faith in the things she’d earned.

The walk to the Fort was familiar and grounding, and Nayavota shared small talk with her loved ones along the way. It was hard to tell who shared her bittersweet smile, her half-hearted laugh, but she squeezed Mama’s hand in hopeful solidarity. If anyone understood what Naya was going through, it was her.

Warmth rushed up to meet Nayavota as she limped inside the Courthouse, already scanning the crowd for her second family. She wanted to run up to Darkness and throw her arms around him, but she hesitated. Something… Something held Naya back. Nevertheless, the silver Cadet pressed on, and she greeted Darkness and his family with warm smiles and well wishes. She turned to go, to run and hide from the strange, anxious feeling bubbling up in her chest, but Luca addressed the crowd before she could.

Seeing the Hushhowl children take center stage made something click in Nayavota’s mind. She counted the number of deer fur cloaks, the number of fox fur cloaks, and frowned. How many of these luperci did Naya trust? All of them, she thought immediately. Then, another question floated through her mind; how many could she trust? That question was harder to answer.

Nayavota wanted to be happy for Casa’s children, and she was, but the scent of blood came back to her before she could stop it. And Naya understood, for the very first time, why Mama was always so afraid.

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POSTED: Sat Feb 09, 2019 7:08 pm

The two Hushhowl pups rushed forward at their names. Excitement was clear on their young faces. As the two settled beside him Luca smiled to each, being sure to give them a moment to enjoy the spotlight a little as a pair before he started talking to each. As the crowd began to quiet again he realized it was time to start. Looking to Pushok he motioned for him to step forward, “We’ll start with Pushok.” He started, watching as the boy eagerly moved forward a step or two. “For you I have chosen someone who has proven themselves to be a valuable member of Casa, one of the members of the Brotherhood. Honrin will guide you, teaching you to help the pack the same way he has helped the back through his diligence in working on the land and with the animals.”

He gave time for the crowd to react, and he motioned Honrin forward to stand beside his new apprentice. Truly, Honrin had taken a lot of responsibility in Casa, proving himself time and time again to be a valued member. Now he would be given another opportunity. Changing his attention to Temnota he spoke again, “Temnota.” He gave the boy a moment to step forward for his turn. “For you I have chosen our newest Chief Cleric, Veri. I am sure she will guide you with a stern but gentle hand, as she has many youths in Casa.” Locking eyes with Veri he nodded for her to join them. He would give the new pairings a moment to enjoy before he moved on.

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POSTED: Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:26 pm

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Rumpa usually preferred to avoid the whole pack-summoning thing altogether if he could help it. This time, he couldn't help it. Sighing as he tugged on his purple rank cloak, he wondered yet again just what those children saw in him. And, he supposed, something could be said about himself allowing them to drag him into their ceremony.

So at the summoning howl, he entered the fray as just another pack member. He was swimming around the outskirts, loathe to truly mingle with his community, but he couldn't help but gaze fondly at the four Hushhowl children who'd befriended him. The little dark girl - the only girl amongst them - caught his red eyes and beamed at him with pure joy. It warmed his shriveled heart to see her so happy.

Across the room, the russet officer stood beside his siblings, beaming with pride at the newest batch of younglings to gain mentors. He remembered his own with Remus and Myra. The thrill of it all was intoxicating and only made moreso by the fact that a niece and nephew of his own were amidst the four to begin their journey to adulthood. Ah, they grew up so fast.

Starlight wriggled excitedly with her brother and uncles. Only one of them had shifted yet, but this ceremony was proof that their turn was coming sooner rather than later. And all she had to do was wait.
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POSTED: Tue Feb 12, 2019 3:00 pm

575OOC PP of Rurik approved by Rath.

Though the children involved in this mentorship ceremony had no blood relation to the creamy gold healer, she pulled all the stops as appropriate for her station. Dressed and ready in full regalia, armor and cougar mantled cloak, she spent the last few moments giving her mate the critical eye for his garments as well.

She brushed fur and minor debris from the black dress linen shirt he wore, smiling softly, and readjusting the collar of his Cadet cloak. He gazed down at her with an inscrutable bicolored look, and slowly he smiled back.

He raised both hands to gently clasp hers, pulling them down from where they fussed to in between them. I don't believe I've said so before, blatantly, but I'm proud of you, Veri. I know, this is a day for the kids, but it's one of your first as part of the Council, and you've more than earned it.

Veri lifted their hands to kiss his knuckles, humming softly. It's only thanks to you, my love. I know you don't think so, but I truly wouldn't be here without your support and influence. she smiled beatifically up at him, stretching just a little to press an affectionate kiss to his cheek, even as he tried to scoff softly at his insinuated importance.

He didn't get the chance to refute her, however, as then Luca's howl rang through the Fort to summon all pack members, though it didn't come from the usual venue. This made one of her brows quirk up, but she gave a shrug just as Alaric blasted by them, his own Cadet cloak fluttering wildly behind him.

Come on Mama, Papa, it's time for the kids to be paired! with that, he disappeared through the door and sprinted toward the gathering group of adults. Veri chuckled and shook her head, awed at his boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Having heard Rumpa getting ready as well, Veri ushered her mate along from the house, allowing the younger boy to close up the door before he too made his way along.

Hand in hand, the pair entered the crowd of canines and patiently waited side by side for the announcement to begin, which it did with a brief introduction before Luca called up the first two, Temnota and Pushok. Without meaning to her grip on Rurik's hand tightened with anticipation, both cream ears rotating sharply forward. To his credit, her mate only squeezed back without saying a word, knowing how much the two boys meant to her.

The first to be paired was Pushok, and their Lune had chosen Honrin as his mentor, bidding a pleased smile to cross her lips as she, too, approved. As one of their new Brotherhood, and also a previous mentor to her son, Alaric, she knew Honrin would be good for Pushok.

Next to be announced would be Temnota, and Luca wasted no time in doing so. To her pleasant surprise, he named herself as Tem's mentor. Golden eyes of the Lune met with her blues, motioning her to come forward and join them, which she did with a gentle nudge from her mate.

Beside Temnota, she crouched lower to the Lupus Hushhowl boy to place a hand on his scruff and smile encouragingly. Let's see what kind of trouble we can get into, hm? she murmured to him, winking conspiratorially.

Veri Secanti

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POSTED: Wed Feb 13, 2019 12:04 am

He could hear the activity of Casa right outside the second patient room; it had become his little den while recovering from a prolonged illness brought about by a foolish idea and ended in two separate nudges of fate. The man's recollection of time gone-by was less than pristine; weeks if not months have flowed by in a blur of treatment, sleep, mild hallucinations, Maja bothering him to 'stop stinking the room out' and frequent wanderings to wherever he could. Despite being so close to the very heart of Casa, Jhiral felt utterly ignorant, and all the lesser for it.

It was impossible not to hear and heed a summons for the entire pack, for just as fellows were called from a pack long-gone, he could hear a gathering right in the main hall, squeaking feet and clicking of claws making his ears twitch irritably, ruefully huffing at how noisy the people where, what with it only being the literal center of Casa.

Veri was his link to this place, a constant presence against the occasional Luperci that came and went, she'd know why there was so much fuss, a kind, knowledgeable person such as herself could sooth any worries... or he could get up and see for himself, and face the prospect of a crowd of unfamiliar people crammed into one chamber.

That alone had the blackened hermit roll over and hiss through the gaps of his lips, stiff limbs popping as he pondered actually not wasting away further.


The stranger hesitated, rising from the oh-so comfortable bedding, belatedly inspected himself in the little mirror and made himself actually presentable, or at the very least he could avoid looking like something had been dragged in from the snow via the nearby river. At some point he had a Cadet's cloak... he couldn't remember when, or why, but Veri had told him it was something to do with the pack's hierarchy?

He was just happy to have something else to cover himself that just so happened to look quite clean and suitable, that and he had recently taken to feeling the soft rabbit fur to sooth himself... it was quite soft to the touch.

At some point the resident forest-shade crawled out from the second patient's room, shuffling in silently, donning his hat, cloak and all, a contradiction of sheer height for his species, and a listless sort of bemused spectator as he stayed as far from the throng as possible, standing between the dining hall and first patient room, squinting his eyes at the commotion.

Where was Maja? Where was Naya, Veri?

'OI' Oh, Maja was already here, strutting closer from behind one of the pillars and already tutting in her avian tones, clarifying the obvious, at which point he recognised just one or two faces, and Luca in the middle of all this, talking about... puppies, Temnota, a mentor, and Veri? How nice, yes, Jhiral did manage a confused hum of approval, even managed to see the golden pelted woman in all her finery, looking quite different from whenever she had to experience the joy of caring for a decayed mute.

It dawned on him this was one of Casa's important... rituals? A pack of warriors, initiating the guides to the young, a new generation of able bodied... what was it, knights? The man blearily yawned and lent himself against the wall, content to mildly watch and listen, peering and trying to find the few recognisable people here.
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