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POSTED: Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:56 am

love like winter

The low light of a winter’s evening burned dimly in western sky, the sun a tired soul flirting with the otherworld as it neared the horizon. A pair of aqua eyes peered at this sunset, so like the ones she frequently witnessed in the Court, but so different. There was a hush on the land… that old, familiar hush of a world made slow and lazy by the cold.

The horse nickered gently and shook out her snowy mane, rattling the lead which Moon Moon’s hand clutched. The woman, so rarely at such peace with herself and her surroundings, reached out a hand to place it on the mare’s neck to calm her. Hush, she crooned gently to the creature. No complainin’ now, I know ya like sunsets too. She would put the creature in the stable soon, but not before the stars above awoke. To see the woman in this moment would be to witness a calm, serene and well-composed Luperci… and in that observation one would be so dreadfully wrong.

Though Moon Moon practiced with the horse almost daily now and strove to strengthen their bond, she was still not a very good horseman, and instead of being perched atop the dark mare she stood with her footpaws thrust into the snow next to the animal. The creature had borne her to Casa – the first time she had successfully made such a journey with an equine companion without Mads’ help – and she was grateful for the trip. Still, she was just as grateful to be off the horse and to rest her sit-bones. It never occurred to Moon that she might be turned away at the borders, but luckily Luca knew that she had enough family ties here to permit her to stay for a few days.

The horse was laden with packs. Not so many that one would confuse the Damaichu mother for a merchant, but she did bear more than just the basic survival items. Kiss Me hung from its leather saddle loop in a spot where Moon could proffer it at a moment’s notice, and tucked away in her leather and woven-cloth sacks was her stash of art supplies. Hopefully she would find people looking for some work here… even if winter left her with a depleted selection of paint and pigment.

Two ears twitched at the sound of a snapping twig. Moon failed to tense up, but the mare did so in her place. While Kebira was a placid and obedient creature, she was also in a new land that smelled of predator and was on her guard. Moon Moon in her infinite stupidity failed to notice, and a moment later, Kebira’s fear rose and with a great clatter, the mare went tromping off through the snow without Moon Moon.

Hey! What gives! Kebira! Ya dumb... Moon cried as she bolted after the creature, though soon the mare disappeared into some trees. Now it would be a wild horse-chase through Casa to catch her…

OOC Takes place the evening of her arrival, but after she's OKed her stay with leadership. Her horse Kebira is with her. Sort of. || 500

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