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A deep frown spread across Keelan’s face as she left the Fort, two long ropes tossed over her shoulder. One of her packmates, Quinn, had been missing since the storm rolled through a few days ago, after stupidly trying to explore Dragon Tail Trail, during the storm. How on earth she and her young friend had thought doing something so reckless was a good idea amazed the hybrid. It was one thing for young fools to get in trouble with their friends, but something else entirely to willfully endanger their lives. The most she had ever done was sneaking away with her lover!

Luca had led the Brotherhood in searching along the trail right after Quinn had fallen as the storm kept raging, but it had been too dangerous to search the ravine until now. He had asked for volunteers to help search and the dark luperci had offered a hand immediately. Now that the last lingering remains of the storm had dried up it was time to put their plan into action. She would lower down one of the pack’s new recruits, Theodora, with one rope and tie her to a tree with another, just in case anything went wrong.

The female was now on her way to join the rest of the search team and do just that, moving swiftly but with confidence as she did. It was a beautiful spring day, belaying what she believed to be their grim purpose. She highly doubted there was any chance of finding Quinn alive, it had been so long since she vanished, but they might be able to find her remains and lay her properly to rest. Still, she mused as she reached the ravine, it was better not to waste time if there was any chance at all the little fool might be alive.
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It had been an uncharacteristic act of bravery to volunteer when Luca had asked the pack. So freshly accepted, she had been expecting to just sit by silently during the announcement—until she had heard what exactly he was asking for. Lightweight? Well, though she had been eating since joining Casa, weight gain takes time. She was still underweight, and the thought of an injured wolf, even one she didn’t know, slowly suffering in a ravine had been enough to rouse her bravery. You wanted to join a pack, Theodora, you better act like it. She had been even more surprised when Luca had accepted her into the group, but maybe he did appreciate having someone who could heal along for the ride.

She had packed carefully, borrowing a pack from another Cavalier that had straps to go over both shoulders, leaving her hands free. She had tied some sturdy, strong sticks to the bottom of it in case they found Quinn and she needed splinting, rolls of cloth tucked away in the bag to secure them or bandage, whatever they found needed. Various medical tinctures borrowed from the pack’s healer Morty, and fresh clean water and some basic food. Of course, and her suturing kit. The day had arrived, and she double-checked her stores carefully before heading out of her room. As she went for the exit of Fort Kingsbury, she recognized the shape of another wolf heading out, two ropes in her possession.

Though she did not know her personally, she recognized another of the volunteers, even if she couldn’t remember her name. Hastening her legs, Theodora ran awkwardly, unused to the pack between her shoulders. She was huffing and puffing by the time she caught up (this other woman seemed quite more competent physically than she did, which made sense given her role) but she did finally get to a point where she was near enough to Keelan to speak.

“Good morning,” she stated, politely, the tone implying that the morning was not all that good. She considered asking Keelan if she felt ready, but decided instead it might seem as though she doubted her, and so she kept silent. Besides, not speaking gave her a chance to catch her breath.

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Cedric's mind had been in a daze ever since the fall of the Court and Cidro coming to Casa. To get over the guilt of failing the other boy, Cedric had pushed himself to foolish limits, giving himself little time to rest and evaluate his thoughts. He would sleep restlessly then begin another relentless day to try and work off the horrid feeling of failure. But then there was the word of Quinn falling down a ravine, being lost to the storms that had raged Casa for the last few days, and the chance that she might be in serious danger.

The Stryder could spend all day working himself to exhaustion, but when it came to helping family, of course he'd step up to the plate. Cedric might not be in the best mindset, but his body was as strong and prepared as it would ever be. He was too heavy to go down himself, something Cedric had to swallow and accept since he wanted to make sure Quinn was safe should she still be in the ravine, so the boy had offered to do what he could for those light enough to explore down below.

Solemnly Cedric walked with the others. He was glad Nora was there, of all people Cedric trusted his sister do her best at finding Quinn and knowing that it was his sibling on the end of the rope would motivate Cedric even more to hold her steady. Keelan was also there, Cedric hadn't seen much of her since their first meeting but he considered her with respect. The other woman was unknown to him, someone new to Casa like Cidro, only under better circumstances. Time would tell if she was capable, although Cedric had enough faith in his father to only let the worthy join the pack. To the new woman's greeting, Cedric gave her a respectable nod, his golden eyes set with determination for the job at hand.
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A couple of days had passed since Risa had run to him asking for help between heavy breathes, but Luca’s frustration over the situation had only grown. The Brotherhood had failed in their search, the gods cursing them with a bloody thunder storm that had soaking into the earth and made it soft, fragile, and unsafe. He was certain that some in Casa were angry at him for waiting. Maybe if he had been younger he would have rushed to the edge, tied off a rope, and barreled into the depths himself. Now, he had a better idea of the lands, and what weather did to them. It would have been foolish and incredibly dangerous to attempt a rescue while the edges of the trail were still dense with water, and chances were they would have lost more Cavaliers than saved. No, he stuck to his gut and waited it out.

Now was the time for action. After a couple days of sun the ground was not crumbly or clumpy, it held as firm as any other regular day. So he called for volunteers, four helpful hands to take a closer look at what was going on below – where Quinn has disappeared. Following a trail of scents Luca was pleased to see that his volunteers had eagerly assembled by the trail, ropes in hand and ready to go. “Good Morning everyone.” He greeted, calling the four to his attention.

Eyeing up the volunteers he decided quickly, “We are going to be safe about this. Keelan and Cedric will lower Theodora and Nora down under my supervision. We’ll tie off the ropes to that tree there,” He pointed to a large thick tree that was along the forests edge, “so there is no canine error.” Turning his golden eyes on Theodora, one of their newest members, and Nora, his daughter, he added, “When you are down there I want you to stick together. There will be no going off on your own. Keep your voices down so you don’t cause a shake in the earth above you and put your noses to work for you.” With that he looked to Keelan, “Lets get ‘em tied then.”

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Nora couldn't help but bubble with some kind of sense of both pride and excitement. It wasn't often that she got the chance to assist with something as important as finding a missing member of Casa. Her father and the Brotherhood had already been out on their own, but now it was a chance for other members to get the chance to help out as well. This was the chance that she had been waiting for. A chance for her to really be a part of the society in her home pack.

It was also comforting to see that her brother would be coming along with her for this group. It was no surprise to her that her brother would wish to partake in something like this. He had a strong sense of duty, and with what little she knew of what was personally going on with him, perhaps it would help him to refocus on some things.

The tan girl trailed along with the group, though kept closer to her family more than anyone else. It wasn't that she wasn't uncomfortable being around the others that had volunteered for this task, but rather just that she hadn't gotten the chance to really get to know them. Even so, it was good to see them both here, willing to help looking for someone in a rather dangerous part of the packlands.

Green eyes focused on her father as he began to explain how everything was going to be done. It was a solid plan, though Nora would like the chance to explore what all was down in this place. She had to take her mind away from that set to focus on looking for Quinn. Perhaps some other time, someone would be willing enough to help her down to more thoroughly explore this place for what it had to offer.

Once the explanation was over, and a nod of understanding had been given to Luca for her own tasks, she padded over to her brother, offering him a smile, "I'm ready when you are Cedric."

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