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Better think twice
You train of thought will be altered
So if you must falter, be wise

Her attempts prove fruitless. Quinn frowned at the flint-tipped weapon in her hand, again she had managed to spear a fish only to have ti simply fall off the end as she'd tried to lift it out. Her teeth bared to the ocean and she growled, frustrated. The young woman kicked at the ocean's waves and sent a glimmering spray flying.

It didn't make her feel any better.

There must be another way! She had heard Honrin talking about spear fishing, although rather than asking for more details from the man she had overheard speaking, she had simply run off with a half-cocked idea, again.

Annoyed, Quinn sat down in the sand and tip-tapped her fingers against her leg. The ocean washed in and out, wetting her already damp fur, and she stared off into the distance.

Maybe..? But would he have time to spare to help her? Quinn bit her lip, Nana Jace and Pa Temo were always busy and she was loathe to disturb them. Nana had always said though, no one received help without asking for it, the most he could do was say no, or tell her to come back later.

This new idea lodged into her skull, Quinn erupted from the ground in a spray of wet sand and was off like a cork from its shaken bottle, the spear clenched tightly in her fist.

Quinn ran all the way to where Jace and Temo's camp was, and only settled into a walk as she passed the boundaries, breathing hard,

Pa Temo? Are you here?

Blue eyes peered about, looking for the older dark man.

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Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end

He could feel the years were catching up to him. Each year, it took him a little bit longer to do things like splitting, hauling and stacking fire wood for the winter months or repairing the buildings and fences of the Wolfe compound. Having to stop more often to rest and catch his breath. The sore joints and muscles that took longer to recuperate than they used to years ago. There were herbs for easing the pain and he considered going and getting some before the aches set in. Plus it would give him a chance to catch his breath while getting the medicine.

The elder came around a wetu from where he was taking a breather after splitting and hauling firewood from a nearby fallen tree. Yes Quinn, I am here, he knew the voice well and could tell that there were questions within the query. What do you need help with? About that time he got a whiff of the wet, fishy smell of ocean and spied the flecks of sand stuck to her fur. Perhaps you want me to toss you into the creek for a bath? he provided a possible answer for her with a tone of laughter in his voice.

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