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Hunters Feast - Mandatory

POSTED: Tue Oct 08, 2019 4:30 pm

Eros was aware that today was the day of the feast. An event like this one was hard to miss, given all the preparations that were required. The fiery pelted Damaichu male however, had spent a great deal travelling outside of the territory he had now finally come to call home. His travels were frequent and often long, but he kept coming back. Besides every journey was always in aid of the prosperity of the pack, even though it wasn’t ‘official’ business. For this feast though, he made sure his travels had brought him back to Casa. If there was one thing that Eros liked, it was a party, and yeah, this one was probably not going to end in quite the same way that many of his previous fiestas had, but still, it would doubtless be interesting.

Of course, when he finally made it, he heard Luca’s voice floating out to him and realised he was late, and the Lune had already started giving a speech.

”Ah well.” Eros said to himself, clicking his tongue, and wishing he’d pre-loaded before heading to this party.

He strode into the room with all the self-assured manner, bordering on arrogance that epitomised the fiery pelted male. While his made not move to interrupt the speech, the clicking of his clawed feet were a rhythmic undercurrent to the latter part of his uncle’s words. Eros found a free seat though and sat down, making sure he had a full glass before he looked around the table.

In stark contrast to many at the feast, Eros only wore a belt from which hung his knives. However, today he was well groomed, making the physical presence that clearly helped his seduction, shine through and obvious. His hair was longer than usual, brushed back and contained twists of cream. Picking up his glass, Eros took a sip and allowed himself a silent contented sigh.
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Dawn Hushhowl

Dawn was late, she had been too preoccupied with her attempts at finding something suitable to wear. She had traded several items for fabrics, but her crowning achievement was running into a skilled tailor. She had traded away some of her finer things, just so she could bring back a simple black dress from the outpost as a gift for one of her sisters.

The tailor had done a beautiful job and against her white pelt and silver edges, the black dress would easily be eye-catching. It was easy enough for her to get dressed but doing her braids would take more time than she had. Quickly running a comb through her hair, she figured this was the best she could do. She did her best to tidy the denhouse, having made a mess while searching through her things.

With the denhouse clean, she couldn't procrastinate any longer. She had done all that she could to get ready for the feast, and yet the thought of seeing Armani caused her stomach to flutter. Taking a deep breath, she finally crossed the threshold of her home. The walk from her home to the dining hall was much too short, she had meant to take it slow and prolong this as long as possible.

Before she knew it, and before she meant to be there she was at the dining halls doors. She could hear the Lune's toast, and that only told her how late she had been. She didn't want to draw any attention to herself, ocean gems searched the room for Armani. It hadn't taken her long to find the large woman, and as luck would have it. Armani had an open seat next to her, this thought made Dawn's tail sway happily.

Looking around the room, quietly she had spotted her father and siblings. This would be her first even since she had returned home, and already she felt guilty for wanting to sit with Armani and not her family. As quietly as she could manage, without looking like she was trying to sneak around she had made her way to Armani. Giving the large woman's shoulder a soft tap as she took her seat Dawn gave a soft smile.

She was out of her comfort zone, not only because she had gotten dressed up at all, but because she had wanted to look her best for Armani.

Dawns dress [406]

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POSTED: Tue Oct 08, 2019 10:44 pm

OOC :: Nayavota is wearing her Officer rank cloak and a blue beaded necklace. Her hair is braided like this and she’s wearing a wreath of fruiting virgin’s bower. She’s also decorated her walking stick with several Canada goose feathers.
Words→ 1,047

As her family caught prey for the Hunter’s Feast, Nayavota had worked tirelessly to help skin and tan their hides. She’d scraped flesh and sinew off the skins until her arms hurt, one eye on Lotai and Kjindrah as they played with Tochina. She’d decorated the Fort with Nora, putting her rambunctious sons to whatever work she could. And now that the feast was upon them, she finally got to relax. Well, besides the whole “being a mom” thing.

“What’sa feast?” Kjindrah asked, possibly for the one-hundredth time since he’d learned the word earlier that moon—and the fifth since he’d woken up. Nayavota raised an eyebrow and gestured at the hair tie hanging from her lips. Her hair wasn’t going to braid itself.

Lotai rolled over in bed and cocked his head to the side, one ear flopping against his face. ”It’sa… It’sa biiig meal, wight Mahn?” He looked up at her with increasingly blue-green eyes, and she nodded.

”Right,” Nayavota said, pulling the hair tie from her mouth and securing her first braid. It was tied into the fur beneath it, keeping it close to the back of her head. ”Da Hunter’s Feast is a big, special meal to celebrate all da food we hunted over da past moon—just like I said it was last time, Kjin.” Naya pulled another hair tie from her wrist, put it between her lips, and made quick work of her second braid.

Kjindrah giggled uproariously and squeezed his half-brown eyes shut, as if making his mother repeat herself was the funniest thing in the world. He celebrated this feat by bouncing over to Lotai and jumping into bed, squealing as he collided with his larger brother. Nayavota plucked her shiny, blue necklace from the bedside table and left the pair to their wrestling.

The pale Officer put the necklace on as she walked, wiggling her head until it rested comfortably against her chest. All she needed was her wreath and rank cloak, and then her and the boys were ready to go. Naya tried to treasure the simplicity of it while it lasted; soon, she’d have to get them dressed up for pack events, too.

”Lo, Kjin, stop eating each udder’s ears and let’s go!” Nayavota called out from the open doorway, shrugging her rank cloak over her shoulders. She smoothed out the deer fur collar as her sons sprinted across the wetu, bumping into her legs with childish abandon. ”Tank you for running into me,” she said sweetly, earning another chorus of laughter from her boys. Naya placed the carefully-crafted wreath of vines on her head, shot a stern look at Lotai before he bit the edge of her cloak, and limped out into the sunshine.

The silver knight flitted from family member to family member as they walked to the Fort, closely followed by her sons. She poked Papa in the ribs when he told a bad joke, tugged on Mama’s braids, and encouraged her sons to run circles around Honrin’s ankles until he picked her up and physically made her stop; Jacelyn was next, and he didn’t want his sister harassing her too. Nayavota licked his face in retaliation and was swiftly dropped.

By the time they reached the Courthouse, the boys had begun to lag behind the larger adults—even “Mama Terokla,” who was more than happy to take her time. Nayavota scooped up Kjindrah and Lotai before handing them to Honrin, promising to take her yawning sons back once she was seated. She followed her family into the warm, delicious-smelling building and searched the room for everyone she wanted to talk to.

Most of the pack had already arrived, or so it seemed to Nayavota. Pushok was still missing, but she tried her best to ignore it; she could worry about him more later. She began her rounds around the dining room, squeezing Darkness’ shoulder and kissing his cheek as she passed the solemn male, but was swiftly interrupted by Luca. Naya huffed softly and waved at Cedric and Nora from across the room, no longer able to make a beeline for them; she had to grab her sons and find a seat.

The Officer took a seat between Darkness and "Great Uncle Arlen," settling in with Honrin’s help before he disappeared to the head of the table. Lotai and Kjindrah squirmed in her lap, craning their necks to look at all the mouth-watering food. Naya kept firm hands on both boys in case they tried to scramble onto the table; she doubted the seriousness of the Hunter’s Feast would have stopped her when she was their age.

The Lune raised his cup for a toast, and told a tale of Casa’s history. ”Listen, Lotai,” she prompted, directing her larger son’s attention to Luca. Kjindrah was already captivated by the toast, hanging off of the Lune’s every word with childlike wonder. Nayavota couldn’t blame him; it was just as good, if not better, than the leader’s usual speeches.

Naya searched for a cup to toast with and smiled as Arlen handed her one half-filled with mead. "To da future!" she cheered, before Kjindrah threw his head back and smacked her in the chest. The cup jolted in Nayavota's hand as he howled in excitement. Lotai, not one to be left out, joined his brother before she could stop him.

After quickly shushing her young sons, Nayavota began the arduous task of trying to feed herself with two, curious puppies on her lap. It only took a few minutes of struggling before she handed Kjindrah off to Arlen—”Great Uncle Arlen knows all about Casa’s history, ask him,”—and Lotai to Darkness—”Дедушка can feed you, right Darkness?” He needed a distraction from his missing son anyway.

Naya took a deep breath. With her sons occupied, she piled a handful of kabobs onto her plate and took a sip of mead. It burned going down, but it tasted good, too. That’s what life was all about, she supposed; taking the good with the bad, and always moving forward.

“To the future,” indeed.

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Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end

The walk between home and the meeting hall was uneventful and enjoyable with the rare moment where the family was actually all together at the same time instead of everyone being busy and off doing a myriad of chores and tasks. Temo filled the quiet moments with his usual bad jokes that elicited laughter from the young ones and groans from the adults. The jabs in the ribs did not deter the attempts at his brand of bad humor and more often then not, helped loosen his repertoire of the worst ones from his memory.

The evening shadows had gotten long as Temo arrived with the rest of the family at the designated party room. True to his heart as a woodwright, he arrived as he always does for functions such as this one, dressed in his leather work belt with the bandolier style belt that he added years ago to hold more tools and, true to his warrior training, a collection of self defense weapons intermingled with the various tools of his trade as well as a few that were secreted away from searching eyes. Temo made his way towards the far end of the table where there were still several empty chairs that awaited occupancy.

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Word Count → 000 :: ooc stuff here

Borya had been quiet for a while now. Though his silence wasn't to say that the boy wasn't thinking. Inside, his mind was alive with waves of emotions clashing in turmoil and ideas on the mystery that plagued him. Pushok was still missing, and the gap left in the Hushhowl camp was too obvious for any of them to ignore. And then there was that shadow in the rain. Borya followed his family into the depths of the pack, glancing around nervously at the faces he recognised, the worthy members of Casa. He tried to draw himself away from thinking about how he differed from them all. How everyone was so strong, and Borya was so weak. Small smiles lifted the boy's face as his family made idle conversation, but every now and then Borya glanced to the bountiful feast, the deer that decorated the dining table.

Borya knew one of these deer was brought to the pack by that shadow. A gift, or something, from a figure that hadn't appeared since. The boy was drawn by his curiosity to seek them out, but to do so would mean to leave the pack's lands. And if Borya couldn't muster the courage to do that in order to find Pushok, then he couldn't morally do it just to give into his own personal interests.

Thoughts for another time. For now, Borya tried his best to listen to the Lune, talk with his family, and feel worthy of this place that kept the small boy so safe.

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OOC -Slight use of Cidro approved by Abby

Through this magnifying glass, I see a thousand finger prints on the surfaces of who I am.

"There, it's done." Cedric announced, pulling his large hands away from the hair he'd neatly pinned back against Cidro's head, watching with focus to make sure the braid he'd wound around didn't fall out. Satisfied with that, the man delicately tucked a few orange flowers into the braid, before standing up to let his love know he'd finished. Much of their preparation time had been spent with Cedric messing around with Cidro's hair. Perhaps he was just enjoying the fact that it was growing long enough for the Knight to mess with now, or maybe Cedric knew his own preparations would take little time at all. His own mop of white hair only needed a single push of his hand to get into the right position, and in terms of outfit, the Stryder wore nothing but his rank cloak. Orange eyes that almost matched the fur now lining his cloak waited for Cidro to rise before leading them towards the Courthouse. It was a few steps from the house, which gave Cedric plenty of reason to not rush his time.

The dining room had been set out in magnificent fashion. Cedric glanced around to the decorations, wondering if he could match a style to it's creator. The smell of the cooked food drew his attention as he guided Cidro to his seat. But Cedric could only look at the bountiful hunt with regret. He wasn't a good hunter, as Cedric liked to bare his weaknesses in the open, so he'd decided to not partake in the many pack hunts that had happened throughout the first autumn month. Because of that, the man hardly felt worthy to eat what was set out before him, but for the sake of a special occasion the Stryder could do his best. As he realised the sitting arrangements would have him separate from Cidro, Cedric made sure to leave the smaller man near those he knew well before moving to take his place with the rest of the Brotherhood. With focused eyes, Cedric smiled a little as his father spoke so proudly of the pack, a pride Cedric had carried all of his life.

Casa was strong and thriving thanks to the might of those living here. Perhaps Cedric couldn't hunt, but he would do all he could to protect the pack that shone with so much pride.

Cedric Stryder
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Things just seemed to be going so wrong recently, leaving the Hushhowl matriarch feeling as though she had no control over anything. With more family members having been attacked by Shaamah, she was near her wits end and wanting nothing more than to bring an end to his torment one way or another. The very knowledge that he was anywhere near Casa made her stomach churn and her blood boil at the same time. Then there was the fact that the boys had learned how exactly they came into the world and Pushok disappeared. Why he would do such a thing was a mystery to the woman. The boys didn't choose their mothers fate, nor were they at fault for it in any way, but if all he needed was time alone to process, that much she could understand.

Still, it pained Dusk to know her brother was out there somewhere and she spent quite a few days out searching for him. His trail had long run cold and no matter how far she traveled or how long she searched for, she couldn't find any sign of him. All she could hope was that he would find his way home soon.

The disappearance of her brother was more than enough to make her forget about the things Greed had said. She had pushed him and his selfish ways to the very back of her mind, knowing full well he was not worth even the time to think about him or be upset. After all, there were far more important things she had to be worrying about at the moment.

Dusk had done what she could to help add to the food for the feast, but in all honesty, she hadn't been doing much around Casa recently. Most of her time had been spent traveling around Souls, searching for Pushok. As time kept drawing on though, she realized if he wanted to be home, he would make his way back to them. She could only hope he only needed time and he would be back.

The white woman had donned the black dress she had worn to the ball quite some time ago, prepping herself so she would look presentable at least. Feeling ready to go, she followed after her family to where the feast was being held and quickly spotted her father at one of the tables. Paws swiftly carried the woman over to where her father sat, a hand reaching out to rest on his shoulder as she sat down beside him. There really wasn't a need for words, she could easily see he was having a hard time. Well, a harder time than usual. This was really the first big event in Casa they had attended without her mother and now with her brother gone as well and a couple of her siblings at the outpost, she was certain he was hurting. The look on his face already said it all and it was why she took up the position her mother had held, feeling the need to be the rock her other family members could lean on for support. Her hand moved to rest on her fathers hand for just a moment, looking to his golden eye. There wasn't much emotion on her features, there was no need for a fake or forced smile for her father. He would know she would be there to help support him no matter what.

The words Luca spoke just barely registered with the woman, her own thoughts elsewhere at the moment. She was at least there, perhaps she would actually partake in the festivities in a little while. For the moment at least, she had other things to preoccupy herself with.
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я буду звездой

He kept close to his father, still stinging with his sound defeat during his First Blood. He didn't want to dress up and make merry and pretend to be happy. At least that was how he felt as Darkness ushered him into his nice clothes and then out of the door.

The rowdy atmosphere washed over him however, and he soon found himself smiling just a little bit. Occasionally he looked around for Pushok and still didn't see his pale coated brother. Hastened to take a seat, and arranged to sit by rank, Tem ended up separated from his father and sisters and instead sat himself next to Kira, staring about himself and smiling shyly when she looked at him.

She squeezed his hand briefly, and he felt little butterflied erupt in his stomach.

To cover his nervousness he reached forwards and took a sip of his drink, only to mildly choke on it and splutter ungracefully. Thankfully the dark fur obscured his blush, the heat rising in his cheeks.

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POSTED: Fri Oct 11, 2019 5:13 pm

A few years ago Tristan had done nothing but cause problems when a feast was due to occur. He would go out of his way to find a means to enter the dining hall before it was ready to secure a perfect spot or perhaps snatch a few pieces from the fresh plates before others arrived. Tristan had thrived in the busting hall of others chattering away, and he'd drawn any he could into conversation just to tell jokes and enjoy the company of friends.

Now Tristan dreaded the idea of a feast. He would attend, it would look bad on the Callow if he didn't and he'd promised Izrian to be there with her, but there was no skip to the man's step as he prepared himself for the dinner to come. He'd washed his clothes and rubbed lavender into the fabrics and his hair in the hopes the smell would keep him calm. Tristan looked the part of an eager party-goer, with his hair brushed and clothes clean, but joy didn't reach his hazel eye.

Even so, with haste Tristan made his way to the Fort from his distant home, arriving amongst others and disappearing into small crowds until he found his place at the table. With his one eye, the Callow glanced to the faces he knew, giving small smiles or some smirks to those the man knew well. With Luca's speech, Tristan reached for a drink, flinching as he went to drink. Although guilt ate at him for thinking so, Tristan sniffed at his cup, making sure the contents were purely as they were supposed to be. Perish the thought of anyone in Casa poisoning him, but there was no stopping old trauma's from surfacing even in the most ridiculous of circumstances. With his drink cleared, Tristan took a sip, and remained silent as he merely listened to others speak.
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He'd known the feast was going to happen well in advance, as did every other Cavalier. He and Damon had even gone hunting in an effort to help bolster the bounty and Casa's supply for the winter. Why then, had he allowed himself to be so very very late? Because there are some parts of yourself that would take an act of Fenris to change, and Rurik being an untimely piece of-

Being late was just as much a part of him as his ears and tail.

He was sitting on his couch half asleep, thinking about what he wanted to do tomorrow, when it dawned on him. It came slow at first, with him thinking about how he could go hunting again. Then he remembered going hunting with Damon. Then he remembered why they went hunting. Then he remembered the feast. The feast. The feast that was today. Right now.

He was on his feet faster than lightning and scrambling to find his rank cloak and sword. He hadn't bothered to clean or polish the blade or care for his cloak. Thankfully the cloak saw little use so it was just a little dusty, his sword needed some love, which he would have to postpone for a different day. He strapped his belt on, sheathed his sword and tossed on his cloak. He wondered for a moment why Veri had left him this long, but the thought didn't gain traction as he reminded himself that she was likely one of the first ones there and had important counsel things to attend to and couldn't be bothered to remind her laze of a mate to show up; she wasn't his mother after all.

He moved as quickly as he could without actually running towards the court house. As he drew closer he caught the end of what sounded like a toast by Luca. The resounded chorus of "To the future" that echoed out of the court house soon after confirmed that. Now that he knew he was late he didn't want to be seen walking straight in, no no. He would much rather sneak in through a side window and pretend that he'd been there the entire time.

He made his over over to one of the windows that looked like it went into a storeroom of some kind, peered in to make sure it was unoccupied, and used his sword to gingerly pry open the window. Once it was open he hoisted himself inside, slid it back closed, and made his way out to the main room.

Doing his best to go as unnoticed as possible, specifically by Luca and the counsel, he made his way over to the table that seemed to be designated for Cadets and sat down and proceeded to mingle quietly.
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