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It was late morning by the time he finally made his way out of her house. Surely his cocky smirk and free-swinging attitude had nothing to do with him getting some lovin'. Nah, not at all. In spite of himself, Honrin rubbed at the sore spot on his shoulder, teeth in the skin tended to leave marks and bruises.

Not that he was complaining any.

There was an upside to spending the night at Guin's place however, and that was the closeness to all of his chores. His mother refused to pick up and move closer, and not that he would expect her to but sometimes it was nice not to have to trek all the way here at the crack of dawn.

To his own delight, Casa's owned sheep had seen fit to breed particularly fruitfully this year and the bumper crop of yearlings were getting close to harvest time. They were fine looking animals, all healthy with bright eyes and good coats.

Honrin leaned against the fence and watched them for several moments, trying to decide which lucky sheep would be going to sheep heaven today.

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Oh, tears make kaleidoscopes in your eyes
And hurt, I know you're hurting, but so am I
And love, if your wings are broken
Borrow mine so yours can open too
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Kira, too, was a little later to roll out of bed, and it had not been her own bed with Quinn that she had rolled out of. She and Risa had had an... active night, too, with the better portion of the night devoted to the act. As a result, Kira was moving slow, and walking spraddle-legged to avoid her thighs rubbing against slightly chafed bits.

Her beau had nipped and nibbled every inch of her, it seemed, and she was feeling it now although she would never say it had not felt good. Her fingers traced across the line of her shoulder, counting one, two, three... She wandered down the main path leading from the Courthouse, eyes somewhat vacant as she recalled the events of the night previous.

A figure approached from behind, one red ear turning to track the sound followed by Kira's head till pastel greens laid upon one Josephine LaBelle. She was weighed down by a basket of goods, presumably being taken off to the Five Shields, and for a moment Kira thought only to let her pass, but then she changed her mind. Miss Josephine? The dark head swiveled to look at her, Do you think you could train me to cook better? I can make stew but I'd like to learn more. The dog's expression softened somewhat, and she moved the weight of the basket from one hip to the other while she responded. Why, of course! Go and ask Honrin for some meat, bring it to the pub, and we will prepare it together.

Kira thanked her and left her to return to the pub, moving off to find the Labor Head. She checked the stables first, and then moved on to the pastures, keeping a sharp eye out for his colorless fur. As it turned out, he was watching the sheep. She was still moving carefully as she approached him with a small woof, then joined him leaning against the fence. Her eyes roved over the sheep but she could see nothing wrong with them, and after a moment she pulled her eyes away to rest on the male, with an inquisitive, Is something wrong with them?

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