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Pack Thread - Earthquake

POSTED: Thu Feb 06, 2020 8:56 pm

Hello everyone! Did you survive the shake n bake? Open post order! This is a non-mandatory pack thread.|| WC: +4

Her eyes flung open and she sat up quickly in bed with a fright.

What was that? The words were barely out of her mouth when she realized she must still be asleep, as the world itself seemed to be shaking with an eerie motion, like the waves of the ocean underneath the soil.

A moment after that she realized that she was very much conscious, and sat with hitched breath on the bed-fur beside her mate, as their home, dark and cozy, seemed to shudder and breathe as if it were alive. Her mind, still in the throes of sleep, was terrified.

Aldora realized that Minerva was awake as well, just as frozen beside her as the earth itself rocked this way and that. It felt like a lifetime before things stilled, though she could still hear the rolling like thunder continuing across the land. It had, of course, only been mere seconds.

The Sola stood quickly once the quake was over; several of the well placed baubles on Minerva’s shelves had toppled to the ground; something fragrant had been spilled, and the home was filled with the scent of herb and spice. Aldora made her was to the door and pushed it open and peeked her head out into the frosty air of midnight. Already she could see fires and candles being lit in other homes and Courthouse windows as she was sure others had been jostled from their sleep. Taking a deep breath, she tried to quiet the thumping rhythm of her heart, and shed the sheath of fear that had gripped her.

Turning back to her love, who remained in their bed with a blanket bunched up in clenched fists under her chin, the Knight gave a small, strained smile and a wag of her tail, It’s alright. It’s just an earth shudder; I’ve heard of it before but never experienced it…. She walked over to the girl and bent down to squeeze her gently on the shoulders, It’s alright. She echoed.

The earth was quiet after, save for a few small rumbles that threatened but never climaxed; Minerva fell back into sleep or so she believed, but Aldora laid beside her awake and watchful. Then, when the sun began to rise, she stood and donned her rank cloak, and strode directly into the town square. There may be those who were still frightened, who had run, or there may be damages to attend to. The Sola raised her head and called out a gathering song to her pack-mates.

A soft fog settled, lending the pink light of morning and other-worldly glow, and as others began to gather she began to speak informally, Is everyone alright? Is everyone accounted for? She asked, quick and ready to get to the heart of any misfortune that may have befallen her pack.

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POSTED: Fri Feb 14, 2020 3:59 am

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His dark eyes snapped open when the rumble reached his hears moments before the shaking started. The elder had been feeling uneasy for the past few days and sleep was not an easy thing to find, and when he did, it was light. As a result, Temo was instantly awake when the first signs of the tremor plowed through world around the Wolfe-Denahli camp and the ground beneath the pile of skins that he and his mate called a bed. Memories of the time of the Red Star went through his mind as he sat up, but the ground shaking did not feel the same as it had done back then.

This was not his first rodeo and he did not try to stand up knowing that he might get knocked off his feet with the shaking. The old dog stayed put while the shaking changed from an up and down motion to a slightly slower and with a side to side motion. His ears twitched and moved as he listened to the sounds of stuff falling, others in the camp being rudely woken up as well as the low growl of the ground as it complained about having the kinetic energy waves jostling it about.

Although a small part of him found it frightening, however he was mostly fascinated that the solid and normally unmoving earth could move in such a fashion. After the motion stopped, he listened as the noise disappeared off into the distance as others were getting up to assess the damages and swap stories.

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POSTED: Thu Feb 20, 2020 5:29 pm

When the earth was young, and the air was sweet


Nayavota bolted upright and grabbed the arms of her lumpy, old chair. An otherworldly rumbling gripped the world, punctuated by falling objects and muffled voices outside the library. For a moment, everything felt strange and dreamlike; Naya half-expected to look out the window and find the Courthouse rocking in the middle of the bay. Instead, dappled moonlight illuminated the dark room, bobbing side to side along the scuffed, wooden floor. Everything looked normal—beside the shaking.

The Officer grabbed her candles before they fell over and shot an arm out to steady the bookshelf next to her head, saving its meager collection of books. Her mind jumped to the scariest thing it could think of, of the way the ground shook during the Red Star, but there’d been no giant fireball in the sky portenting their doom; this was just an earthquake, like the ones from Mama’s stories.

Nayavota’s walking stick clattered to the ground across the room, conjuring up memories of the strange, tired circle she’d made around the library before “resting her eyes.” She knew better than to get up; wherever it bounced to, Naya would find it when the shaking stopped. If the shaking stopped, added the small, frightened voice in the back of her mind.

Papa had been one of the first to know something was off, plagued by some strange uneasiness that seemed contagious; it had spread to Mama, then Honrin, then her, before winding its way through the rest of the Wolfe-Denahlii camp. Lotai had tried to be optimistic, suggesting that maybe they’d all just eaten something funny, but it was hard to ignore how oppressive the feeling was.

Naya had felt it before the blizzard, too. Some strange, primal rumbling in the back of her mind that told her she needed to be ready for anything—good, restful sleep be damned.

The world finally, blessedly stilled. That… That hadn’t been so bad. Some stuff fell over, sure, but she hadn’t heard anything collapse. Nayavota moved to push herself to her feet, to run home and check on her kids, but something stopped her. Was it really over, or would she be knocked off her feet halfway out the door? The pale knight resolved to wait until she felt more at ease; she could even rest her eyes again, knowing that the Wolfe-Denahlii camp had survived worse last moon...

Aldora’s howl woke the Officer from a dead sleep, her face half-pressed into a puddle of drool on the arm of her chair. Stumbling to her feet, she tracked down her walking stick, limped out of the library, and joined the growing crowd in the town square; it was only then that Naya took a moment to rub the sleep from her eyes. When was the rest of her family going to get there? Clearly the earthquake hadn’t been enough to scare them—if it had, she’d have been woken up by Mama instead.

Speaking of family… Nayavota’s sons whooped in the distance, racing through the gate before Howland could fully open it. It was hard to believe they were young adults with mentors already, especially when Kjindrah was so keen to throw snowballs at and talk back to his. It was all in good fun, because her kids were good kids, but it sure seemed to wear on the poor guard; Naya had been an absolute sweetheart to him by comparison.

"I’m fine and my boys look fine,” the knight said, gesturing to Lotai and Kjindrah as they made a beeline for her. ”Some books fell in da library, but I don't tink anyting else was damaged.” She supposed the bookshelves could have cracked parts of the wall behind them, or that a shelf or two had come loose, but she hadn't seen anything concerning. Crouching down to kiss her sons, Nayavota prepared herself for the amount of mind-boggling, rapid-fire, unanswerable questions they were about to ask her.

And some of them would even be about the earthquake.

And the mountains kissed the sky
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it's alpha and omega's kingdom come

Day slept outside for the rest of the night, she could not bare to go back inside the Hushhowl den and risk the whole thing collapsing on her. The earth’s unprecedented shaking had deeply frightened the usually unshakable Hushhowl Cadet – whatever had happened was not natural. She knew not what could have been attacking Casa, but whatever it was, she knew she needed to spend the rest of the night vigilant, ensuring that some otherworldly beast did not come to slay her pack.


Aldora’s summons came as a relief to the Cadet, who had whiled away the hours afraid and on edge. Day had shakily patrolled the Hushhowl camp since the great quake. She told herself and any others who saw her out there that she just wanted to make sure they all were safe, but a little voice in the recess of her mind told her that she was patrolling because if she stopped to have a quiet moment, fear of the unknown would consume her.

The moment the call broke through the ever present thrumming of her own heart, Day wanted to laugh and cry all at once. She was so happy to hear the call of a leader for her heart and soul desperately needed the balm of an alpha’s guidance. Without thinking twice she pealed off, sprinting the entire path from her family’s den to Fort Kingsbury, not slowing or stopping until she reached the town square.

Aldora. Temo. Nayavota.

Day was shocked to discover that she was one of the first few Cavaliers in attendance, especially because many lived within the Fort and she had come from the Hushhowl home. Instinctively, the panting female sought out the Sola and took up a place near the woman, her calm and commanding presence soothing the wolfish nature within Day. For a time the Cadet remained silent, save for the heavy breaths that puffed from her mouth over a bobbing, pink tongue.

What was that last night? What happened to us? Day questioned when she finally caught her breath. Where is everyone? Why is there hardly anybody here yet? Are they all dead? The quiver in her voice accentuated her dread. She needed to know – she could not protect herself and her family, her pack, from an enemy that she didn’t understand.

Her doin' a freak out. 300+ words

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