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POSTED: Tue Mar 24, 2020 9:45 pm

The golden male had been surprised by the response to his letters inviting others to join in Casa’s fun. Given how smoothly the diplomacy summit had gone before the snow and quakes, he had hoped that his invites would be successful, but he couldn’t help smiling at the excitement of his members as Mistfell Vale, Del Cenere Gang, and New Caledonia entered the Fort Gates. This time the packs were greeted with less obvious security. With Salsola not responding to the invite Luca had given the all clear to allow all packs the opportunity to hold onto their weapons. Of course, as the other packs found their rooms in the Courthouse, or set up camp around the Fort, he checked to ensure that the handful of Brotherhood members were rotating around, keeping an eye on the now busy epicenter, along with posted guards on the watchtowers.

The evening and night passed without cause for alarm, and as the sun began to rise Luca stirred and prepared himself for the day. Word was sent out about a morning address to take place in the town square and he wanted to be quite prompt, as to not leave guest waiting. With purpose he primed and prepared his appearance, wrapping his chest plate around his torso and pulling his purple cloak around his collarbone before heading to the middle of the Fort.

He arrived to a handful of early risers, clearly awaiting the address. Promptly, he found Aldora and gave her a knowing smile. This would be a great opportunity for her to mingle and learn more about the other packs. A tournament was a risky move for some, it would expose their weaknesses and strengths as warriors, but Luca believed in his Cavaliers. They were strong. He was more curious about the warriors the other packs would present in the coming two days.

Motioning to the Sola to join him in the middle of the growing crowd he let out a howl, calling all guests and Cavaliers to join them. As wolves, dogs, and coyotes arrived he caught eyes with a few guests and smiled, giving nods of silent welcome until it was time to begin the proper announcement. Swallowing he began, “Cavaliers and Honored Guest,” he spoke, his voice ringing over the crowd as they began to hush. “Sola Aldora and I are proud to welcome Mistfell Vale, Del Cenere Gang, and New Caledonia to Fort Kingsbury once again. The winter was long for us all but today we gather to celebrate the return to spring with a friendly competition.”

He took a pause for a moment before continuing, “We will start today off with Close Combat in the external pasture followed by Archery. If you are signing up for an event please see myself, Sola Aldora, or one of our assistants in the Great Hall of the Courthouse after this announcement. All are welcome to observe. Remember this is a friendly competition, but fight well and shoot straight for glory! With that, all in order, may the tournament commence!”

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POSTED: Thu Mar 26, 2020 3:11 am

[[Ezra with yNpc Fiorenza.
They both can be referenced being seen arriving to CdC on Fantasy all dolled up with mane flower ribbons and braided buns. They can also be referenced being seen in and staying in the Courthouse, and present to watch events that do not conflict with the Horse Races.
Fiorenza is wearing a simplified, olive, wool version of This.
Ezra is wearing This with Frithr necklace from old VN.]


Pale hands, red from working through the night, finally lifted the sash up for her to see,” You can open your eyes now, Princess,” Chuckling in the depth of his chest, marbled gaze peeked from behind the darker olive belt that fluttered a bit. His smile only grew as her groggy eyes opened from the bedside, curious as to what he was doing. When she could finally focus, she nearly jumped out of the bed.

“Papa, it's done?” Topaz sights widened as a delighted gasp lit the room, her body moving across the room far more sleepily than her voice let on. A hand caressed it's surface until Ezra handed it to her, freeing his hands to get the dress that Orin and he had created in a crunch.

“Arms up,” The loving coo had her flustered with what to do with the sash in her hands, until she relented it to the bed and put her arms up to the ceiling. The woolen olive dress had been made of textile that was meant to be used for trade, but his daughter and family would always come first. It's length slid down her arms and piled on her shoulders, while her nose rose from the collar. Her father stepped aside to gather the belt as she tugged it rightly into place.

She spun enthusiastically with the fabric, a gift for her first shift that had been a little more traumatic than Ezra would ever have wanted for her. More than anything, he was thankful that a fear of horses hadn't instilled in her because of it,” Hold still, now, my Dear,” A father's warm laugh stilled her as he fashioned her sash around her waist,” There. Now, see the fit. Does it catch?”

Fiorenza moved about a bit, bent at the knee and reached up. All in all the fit was working fantastically,” It's perf-” Before she could finish, the call resounded, ”The Lune!” Frantically turning to her father, who already had the brush in his hand and the ribbon plucked from their belongings, she hurredly inquired him, ”How is my hair?”

Her anxious dancing only brought him a softer smile as he waved her over,” As if you've just woken,” A laugh sung from his throat as he ran the brush through her hair and caught any snags. The both of them cleaned up and donned their best, leaving the Courthouse with pep in their step, Fiorenza's eyes alight with curiosity and the stunning display of all the folks that had come from every corner to meet.

Making a point to dip his maw to those that knew him by defunct pack, acquaintance, friendship or trade, he filed himself nearer to those of MV. The blue of his loose shirt billowed with his movements, a dagger entrapped, sheathed and tucked away at his waistline, and his daughter hooked to his elbow, thankful that he was with her in all of this. When they'd found their places, the two long-limbed dogs looked up to the Cavalier's Lune and their host for the Tournament.

When Luca's announcement rang out the crowd fell to hush, followed by the signal for the tournament events to begin, the two Mistwalkers clapped politely at the finally, delighted by his well wishes. While the crowd still showed their cheer for the Lune's speech, he turned to the young maiden at his arm,” I should sign up,” He chuckled and Fiorenza made an impish face at him, the air of doubt in her features with a playful rise to her brow.

“Oh? With that old foot of yours?” She jested, giggling to tease him,” I don't find they might have a crafting event, Papa.”

His laugh rose as she presented a challenge without outright speaking it. Young as she was, she still knew of his old injury as it had pestered him all winter long. He was willing to aggravate it on the expense of a friendly bet,” Your old man still has life in him yet,” Hugging her tightly with one arm, he jostled her a bit,” Let us see what they have in the way of horses, shall we?”

“Papa, if you mess our clothing with mud, Mother is going to be so cross with you. That shirt is new!” Fiorenza urged, reminding Ezra of the face of his mate and the ring on his hand.

He'd never been one to come come clean from much of anything, and this was a special occasion, “Bah, a stain should be my trophy!” He knew the love of his life would be just as happy to see him home and know him as the victorious jockey, much more than she'd be upset about a shirt. Brushing a stray strand from her face, the two of them carried on, laughing and enjoying the breadth of the fair weathered day, while meandering on to sign up for the events.


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POSTED: Thu Mar 26, 2020 4:30 am

[[Zetsubou's outfit. He can be referenced as being seen/staying in the Courthouse, and also watching events that don't conflict with hand-to-hand.]]


Black locks were swept up quickly in his hands while black, leather cord dangled from his teeth, still a bit wet from the trip to the steam baths he'd taken bright and early in the morning. Finally, he was able to don his new coal undershirt, as well as new matching jambeau to keep his pants tucked in nicely. All in all, the cleaner cut look of his original drab was improved, and Zetsubou didn't have to fret about exposing the worst reminder he'd ever had.

With his hair tied back, he dropped the rabbit lined cloak over his shoulders. An event like this? Prime place to show his pride in the pack that had taken him in, when they truly didn't have to. He wouldn't take his new home for granted, and would flaunt that cloak with more pride now, than he was nervous to show when he'd first come to them.

Zetsubou was one of the few already in the center of the Fort, sitting neatly on the edge of the burbling fountain. He had a lot to prove to himself, more than anyone else here, but surely a success in the events that were planned would tip a few Cavaliers in his favor. Even so, his eyes were sharp. Between the previous day and following night, it was clear that he was a little more fidgety than usual. A very similar action to his first days within Casa's safe walls. As far as he was aware of, Salsola hadn't come to claim their participation in the Tournament, and everyone was granted arms for it.

The mahogany bastard was no exception.

Glinting quietly beneath his cloak, fashioned to his waist with a single cord, were two iron tekko with sharp studs and a single blade that aimed toward his back.

Ease befell him, however, as the Lune made his appearance. A dip of the First Cadet's maw came quietly, to be seen or unseen, but the respect was still present for his commander. Rising from his seat, he moved nearer to the front of the crowd as it assembled and made sure to stand to the side so that the shorter souls to his back could see all they wanted. It was hard not to feel the rise in his heart as Luca riled them all up for the fun that was sure to come. A dark hand clenched beneath his cloak as the corners of his maw turned upward just slightly.

He was ready to prove himself to Casa, if even just a tournament. One by one, he would show them all what he was made of.

As those around him cheered in their own way, he folded his arms quietly and dipped his muzzle once more to the Lune. After that, it didn't take long for two-toned eyes to scan the Cavaliers, those of the Vale and the Ashen, for any dangerously familiar faces that might hold the mark of an infamous hand.


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POSTED: Thu Mar 26, 2020 5:02 am

[[Wayne can be referenced as camping outside of the fort in a fur and hide tent, spending time with Cochise in the stable, and watching the events take place.]]

With a crooked gambler and a lackadaisical waltz, a rather aloof appearing Ashen made his way from his tent at the howl that sailed from within those tall, stone walls. Still, the coffee piped steam from it's hot mug, cupped gingerly in the pale hands of the ex-ranger, and he sipped as he strode to hide the stray of his eyes. Deep in the belly of the Cavalier's heart, the very Cavaliers that had sent aid, and the very Cavaliers that were made of quite a bit of wolf from what he'd seen. It was a political game to remain polite enough, and here of all places, Wayne needn't forget who he really was.

Good intentions, and all that.

Making his way up in the middle of the crowd, he looked around a bit for any of his own and offered a wave, before icey eyes slipped forward to the Lune's decree,” Let th'games begin,” He lifted his mug to the Lune's compelling speech, and sipped to it. Friends were friends, after all. Better to be friends of these men than enemies. Not that the Ashen couldn't take 'em. He chuckled before swallowing his drink, and nearly choked it up his nose when a certain man caught his eye.

That's the guy. The guy from the thing!?

"Joh-," On instinct, Wayne spun around looking for the emerald eyes of his partner in crime, but strangely as it were, for this trip they were split," Ahem," John bet to keep his stay at home, while Wayne had gone off to promote good relations or whatever the hell they called it now days. His sleeve was his napkin as he wiped the dribble from his nose, still windedly coughing with a pitched wheeze as he proceeded to make himself scarce of the ruddy wolf man while the getting was still good.

Slipping free of the crowd and back through the Fort, aiming for camp, he sipped away at his drink, while he made a quicker pace to leave than he'd wandered in with. Man, John was going to enjoy this news. That man he'd lobbed that metal at in Amherst? None other than that meat-head's dummy goon, and the seeds that were planted to get rid of the Ashen both. Now, that was a while ago, of course, but the idea that man aligned with the Cavalier's was enough to be suspicious of them all.

All the sudden, he was a lot more interested in watching the events go down, rather than just having a reason to snoop around the Fort for a bit.

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POSTED: Fri Mar 27, 2020 5:42 pm

OOC -stuff here

I want to take shelter but I'm ready, ready to fight.

A boy, weak from birth and unable to fight, was tremendously excited about the prospect of watching a tournament. Whilst Borya wasn't one for violence, he relished watching a battle, akin to watching a dance. His yellow eyes were born to observe, and his hand it seems was born to write down what history became before him. That was what Borya could do, and it was what he aimed to do for Casa, for anyone really. So much history was lost in memory and in the deaths of those carrying them. But books, they were close to eternal, a means of marking moments in history for all to respect. Borya wanted to gift this tournament with the chance of being remembered for generations to come.

Partner in his endeavour, Tlama stood proudly next to Borya, holding in her hands the papers that Borya would construct the tome upon. As many gathered for the announcement, the giant bear woman was entrusted with the task of finding the pair a good spot to watch and listen. Whilst waiting for a gathering, Borya sketched upon the first parchment the scene before him; the Lune and Sola standing before pack's united in the interest of fair game and honourable battle. Charcoal scratched along paper until finally the Lune addressed the audience. Tlama handed a new sheet of paper over in time for Borya to start writing down the words their leader spoke, hoping to catch an essence of his voice on paper to add to the history books.

With announcement made, Borya smiled up to his friend, watching Tlama observe those from the other packs mingling with others from Casa. He was a bit surprised that his giant friend hadn't shown interest in taking part, but then again Borya had no proof that Tlama was a formidable fighter other than her size and the hefty club she carried around. Her lack of interest in battle was something Borya could certainly understand, though part of the young Hushhowl hoped one day he could see the bear woman in combat, see her shine like any other knight.

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POSTED: Mon Mar 30, 2020 9:34 am

There had been a buzz around Casa di Cavalier for days now, as excitement jolted through the pack lands. She couldn’t personally remember Luca inviting other packs to join them in activates so often ever before. Of course, Aldora, or Honrin, or Jace …most others would be a far better source for accurate information on past pack gatherings but two larger gatherings of multiple packs in no more than two seasons seemed rather busy to Minerva. Out of curiosity, she had asked her mate if she knew of any reason why the Lune was pushing for so much diplomacy, but she had only assured her that it was for the best for the pack.

Of course, Minnie felt guilty whenever she asked Aldora about leader type topics. It was difficult not to, given her own natural curiosity, and that it was a part of who her mate was. She was excited for the Sola, and proud as anyone could be of her accomplishments. The herbalist simply could not wait to celebrate their union officially with the pack later in the spring. The decision had been hard, not to go before the pack and announce their mateship, but the timing would have been poor given they had come to the decision so soon after the Sola announcement. No, the winter was Aldora’s time to shine and work on settling into her new role. They loved each other greatly and the spring spirits would sing merrily upon their union later.

Today, however, she was sure that the divine shone down on all of them. As they awoke, four packs surrounded by one wall, she felt energized. Before leaving their home to meet Luca for the morning announcement in the Town Square, she quickly drew her claws over Aldora’s shoulders, flattening any wrinkling her cloak and gingerly tucking in a loose strand of hair before following her out the door. It didn’t take long for the call to come, and Minerva looked around as Luca spoke about the tournament. Naturally, she would not be participating. The whole brave, aggressive, warrior thing was not for her, but she had spent all night praying for the Sola to be happy with whatever the spirits decided would happen today and tomorrow.

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POSTED: Mon Mar 30, 2020 8:38 pm


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The Hushhowls who would be attending the tournament that day all seemed a different kind of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. There was a palpable energy in their den as they all gathered and got ready. They travelled into the fort in pairs and groups and some, such as she, alone. Starlight generally didn't care for crowds or enthusiastic groups of people, but she made a willing exception for this one.

Ever since rumors of it had first gotten spread about, the thought of it sent thrills of excitement down her spine. A chance to fight? A chance to race? This was a chance for her to participate in showing Cavalier pride. Though they were allies, Starlight also knew that this was an event to show their strength to the other packs. This tournament would dissuade would-be attackers as well as bolster relations between the less combat-oriented ones.

Starlight had made a special exception today to put on her clan's traditional eye paint as well as paint her sun tattoo in matching colors. Some Hushhowls wore theirs daily, but Starlight had never been one to pretty herself up on a regular basis. Once the paint dried, she also put on her familiar belt with her sword and her charcoal black cloak. Today was a day to make a good, lasting impression.

She stood among her peers and among strangers, chin held aloft with pride at her grandfather's announcement. A cacophony of cheers hurt the wolf hybrid's ears, but she grinned her teeth in what could almost be considered a smile. These next few days would be ones she'd remember for the rest of her life.

Starlight Hushhowl

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POSTED: Wed Apr 01, 2020 12:27 pm

Going along for the little tourney had been kind of on a whim for Nick, but he figured it was a good way to get out of the Vale for a few days.

Not that he didn't love Mistfell, not at all; but whew, had the winter made the cowboy a tad restless. Just popping out of the territory for a day at a time wasn't enough to scratch that itch, but going to another pack — now that sounded like something he could get behind.

Quite a few of them had saddled up for the journey; Wally and Ezra, notably, and he was curious what the three of them would get themselves into once they arrived.

A lot of the others — some faces he recognized, many he didn't — seemed dressed in their best, and perhaps he was a little under-dressed, opting to go with just his ratty pair of jeans-not-jeans; but ah, well. Nick wasn't the sole one representing the Vale, so hopefully he wouldn't be scrutinized too harshly.

Phoenix wasn't quite sure what to expect of the opening welcome, but he did glean a little insight once the knightly Lune made his address. The Whitesage sure as hell didn't know much about this pack, but as soon as he heard there was a little horse race involved, his mind was set.

Tohopka was gonna have a field day with that, no doubt about it. His apple-green eyes caught sight of Mister Vahn just yonder, and with a pep in his step, the hybrid followed in suit so he could cast his hat into the ring.

[+277] woop woop! nick can be referenced watching some of the other events <3

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POSTED: Wed Apr 01, 2020 1:42 pm

The return to Casa di Cavalieri was under similar yet different circumstances, but she was nonetheless pleased to be back.

Instead of traveling with the caravan of diplomats, she made the journey with another sort. Bellad, as far as she knew, hadn't even heard of Casa before the tournament's announcement, but even still, he seemed eager to travel as Caledonia's healer should anything go awry. Although eager was perhaps too strong a word for it; his ailing brother had just learned to walk again, so it was a tad more difficult to pry the latter Songthorn from this miraculous event.

But Fennore assured him that Amon would have everything covered, and her word was law. So with that, they were off, she on horseback and he on foot. Thalion was laden with supplies: her bow and personal items, as well as Bellad's small store of herbs and balms. It would take a day and a half, given the stallion couldn't go at his peak speed without leaving the wolf in the dust. But, in a way, having this opportunity to venture from the Realm was rather... refreshing. Representing Caledonia favorably was a must, of course, but she would be doing so under different circumstances than the Summit some months prior.

He had a nervousness about him; anxiety, more aptly. The same sort of jittery feeling one always had about them when they visited a new place, full of unfamiliar faces. Occasionally she would address him from Thalion's saddle, looking down with soft eyes and words; a betrayal of her otherwise impeccable air, but it had seemed that, as of recent, Bellad coaxed out this gentleness. Not especially often, but it did appear in light of his insecurities.

With spring came the thaw, and at long last the coolness of winter was behind them. A perfect opportunity to don something other than a wretched cloak, then; and Fennore was indeed a sight to behold, clothed in a dress of vibrant magenta that matched the ferocity of her eyes. Delicate twists of fire cascaded down her back, and at her beck and call was the Starseeker, still not accustomed to the idea of garbs himself but nonetheless groomed according to her specifications.

They were housed just as before for the Summit, though there seemed to be a lessening of guardianship this time around. It was still very much a diplomatic event, all things considered, but the aspect of sportsmanship seemed to relax the tension.

Arriving for the Lune's address, she listened with perked ears as he welcomed all the gathered packs. Events for the day were even more interesting, and the latter was in line with what she was told to expect: archery. Her tail lashed behind her, and she passed a glance to her companion, as if to non-verbally affirm her intentions.

The Sunwarden would be proud, surely, that she would show off whatever skill she had accrued with her bow. Not that the ghost of his opinions had much sway over her anymore, but it was a passing thought. Whether or not it was up to par with the rest of the contestants was yet to be seen, but as the cheers broke out, the Oeglir made a beeline for the sign-ups before she could second-guess this decision.

fen can be referenced watching the other events :D [+558]

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Word Count → 000
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Inara could barely rest the night they arrived. It was one thing to fight to defend ones life but here, she is representing the pack and it's strength. It caused her stomach to knot and swirl in ways she had never felt before. She had left the sleeping quarters before the sun had peeked from the horizon. She stretched to get her body to flex properly and to get out the tension that had formed. Inara was putting a lot of pressure on herself, but for right cause. She wanted to be New Caledonia's best security and to do that, she had to fight the best. To show the other pack's, even though, Caledonia had strong members that could take on strong packs.

After her stretch she sat and meditated to clear her mind as best she could. The birds becoming more active as the sun brightened Casa. She knew the time was closing in and she had to fight harder not to let her stomach knot up. She couldn't perform her best if she was nervous and anxious. But Inara could not help it. She never did anything like this. Having a bunch of other's watch her as she showed what strength in combat she had. The gypsy bit at the idea and opportunity like a hunger dog, and yet now that the time was here she felt like she was going to vomit from nervous anxious emotion.

The Lune's call broke her from her own mind and back to her surroundings as her eyes shot open. Shit! She wanted to be there before everyone else, but that wasn't going to be the case now. She got up and ran (from the small secluded zone by the gardens and small river she found within the Fort) to the square where the announcement would take place.

Her brown eyes found the familiar face of Fennore and she gave a small smile. Inara had to remember there was more than her here to represent New Caledonia and everything was going to be okay. It had to be.

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