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Backdated to the 21st

Armani stoked the fire once again as it had begun to cool. The tournament was now upon them in a few days time. Those who were looking forward to participating had been coming and banging at the blacksmiths door. She had to admit she didn’t mind all the worn her down a little.

She needed some help at this point. Though she realized she hadn’t yet made friends with the other blacksmith trainee Starlight. Though they had spoken a few times she hadn’t taken the chance to really work with her and get to know her. Armani huffed she really was a stranger in her own home. She was reclusive and made no real attempt at anything other than this. She only interacted with others here or there never attempting anything more.

She groaned as she picked up the sword. Why did she even come back? She thought to herself. Why had she bothered for anything if she was just going to hide herself away. She looked over the blade and placed it into the fire. There were some deep dings and other damage she would need to beat out before refining the edge of the blade. She watched it for a moment as she lost herself to the dance of the flames. Armani took in a breath she would just have to work on her lacking qualities and be better, not that she thought she could change herself.

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Use the forge, anvil, and other tools in the blacksmith shop to sharpen and reform a packmate's weapons, or, create something.

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The news of the upcoming tournament had set Star's blood on fire. She had taken to practicing her sword skills with a new vigor. This practice of course had spawned the thoughts that only blacksmiths thought. She began to take note of the wear and tear on the practice swords in the armory, how they dented, chipped, and broke. And soon enough, her own faithful sword showed its first sizable dent.

Starlight thought she might cry. She cried for little short of death and abandonment, but for this sword, she thought she might. It had watched her grow up, pass her First Blood, defend her honor, and grow into the woman she was today. She knew that the blade wasn't destined for the graveyard just yet, but she was disheartened that her carelessness had led to this.

Bare blade in hand, Star strode to the forge with an urgency. She wasn't quite familiar enough with the practice to be able to do this on her own and she prayed that Leoris or Armani was there to guide her in saving her best friend.

Fenris came true for her that day. "Armani," she called and lifted her blade so that it would catch the older woman's eye. Star's yellow eyes caught site of Armani's tasks and they lit up. Fenris Almighty had given her quite the blessings indeed, today. "Can you show me how to fix dents in a blade so I can fix mine?"

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