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Pack Thread - Earthquake

POSTED: Tue May 12, 2020 8:29 pm

Word Count: [+6] OOC: Anyone free to join and post their scary earthquake experience!

It was not often in recent times that the Sola could find herself outside of the Fort with some time to herself. It was these precious moments that meant a lot to her; solitude could sometimes be such a beautiful escape, and one she would take whenever the opportunity revealed herself.

So, in the midday spring sunshine, she laid prone in the fresh, sweet grasses of the Silent Meadow. Some may find it morbid to lounge not far off from the final resting places of those who had passed, but for her, it brought it closer to her elders. Small yellow buttercups bloomed around her, and it was quiet, serene.

Just a few paces away, her mare munched half-awake; all that was to hear was the soft breeze in the high foliage, the breathing of her horse, matching with her own, delicate spring bird-song. Her hands rested behind her head, one leg crossed over a bent knee, as she daydreamed. Aldora was still young at heart; she had to put a brave, strong face up now for her pack to see, but she was still… just Al. There were very few now who saw the true face of the Knight.

A single lavender eye opened, and her bouncing leg paused, as she realized something had changed in the forest glade. It took her a moment to figure out what it was, but then it hit her… the birds had stopped singing.

In fact, besides the breeze, it had become eerily silent. Propping herself up onto her elbows, grass clinging to her thick tresses, she looked over to Eowyn to find the mare standing stock still, neck craned forward, ears swiveling.

Then she heard it too; a far off rumbling, a sound so deep she could barely recognize it as an actual sound and not just a feeling in her gut. Her fur stood on end and she leapt to her feet, Eowyn! She barked.

The horse, broken from its trance by its master’s voice, turned to look at Aldora, and then the world was rent asunder.

She managed to leap forward and grab Eowyn’s bridle before the horse could bolt, but then they could do nothing more than stand there as the earth became a tidal wave of sound and motion. Aldora have never experienced anything like it before, she could actually see the rolling in the ground, the whole of the dirt moaned like thunder. The trees shook, birds took wing, all around her leaves were shaken violently to the ground. She was horrified, frightened beyond belief; it was like the end of the world, and it seemed to go on forever.

But it didn’t last forever, and soon the earth quieted, though left chaos behind. Breathing heavily, in shock, Aldora was not sure how she found the strength to mount her horse and spurn it towards the Fort. The whole ride was a blur; Eowyn was in a panic and just wanted nothing more than to get back to the safety of the stables. Once they arrived, Aldora saw that damage had been done to the structures that the pack had toiled to take care of and construct, but buildings were just buildings; it was the individuals that mattered.

Dismounting at a trot and letting Eowyn free to find the stables on her own, Aldora rushed to the small blue home she and Minerva shared. It still stood, but seemed awkwardly askew; MINNIE! Aldora screamed, her voice sounding very much unlike her. She nearly pulled the wooden door from its hinges and scrambled into the home to search for her mate.

Close to home I cannot stay
Close to home, feeling so far away

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Once again the old man was feeling uneasy and he had, at least to begin with, had no idea why. Others around in the camp were also experiencing an uneasiness that no one could explain. Mainly because it did not just come about suddenly, but was a slow growth over time so that one was used to it and not overly aware that they were uneasy. It was not until Temo stood outside in the compound looking around when it dawned upon him that there was not the usual background level of noise from the forest population of birds, squirrels, and other critters.

It was like the whole world was holding it's breath waiting for something to happen. The oppressiveness that the air seemed to press down with coupled with the stillness helped Temo to remember that he had experienced this before. The elder now knew what was going to happen at some point, probably before the day was over.

He had no chance to warn anyone before his ears picked up the unmistakable sound in the distance and it was rapidly approaching Wolfe-Denali camp. Suddenly all the birds in the trees around him took to the air in a cacophony of noise and barely the time to grab the wetu's door frame before the ground began to violently shake as if the earth was trying to shake everyone off of it like fleas from a dog's back.

The old man was having difficulty in staying upright and standing while the whole world was trying to rip itself apart around him. Some branches could not hold up to the strain breaking and falling while a tree or two uprooted and toppled when the ground liquefied and lost their grip on the roots. All he could do was wait it out before he could go check on the others as well as their horses.

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Jamie dipped his feather quill into his ink as he wrote down his thoughts. He had always found the scratching on the parchment to be soothing, so he liked to find time every so often to go into his room and spend some time writing. When he was finished writing, he would let his parchment dry and then place it into the drawer in his desk.

As he dipped his quill once more, he stopped suddenly. Something didn't seem... right. His ear perked up and he looked around his small room wondering what was going on, before he felt it. A deep rumbling, similar to what happened earlier in the season, but much, much more fierce.

He stood up as he heard the building shake and things around him began to clatter. He raced to the corner of his room, away from anything that could fall, hoping the building wouldn't collapse on top of him. He watched, pressed against the wall, as his ink bottle shook its way off the desk, spilling the dark liquid everywhere. Next, his coatrack fell over, his highland cloak and weapons scattering noisily.

Soon the rumbling stopped and it seemed he was safe. With a sigh of relief he took a look at the damage. It wasn't so bad, but he would need to fetch some rags to clean up the ink. While he was ok, he wondered if other canines and building faired as well as he did. Jamie hastily picked his scabbard off the floor and headed out of the building to see the damage.

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Among all the stars I see
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Damon could see the light of the morning as it filtered into his refuge, a dugout den he'd found within the corpse of trees at the northernmost edge of the fort wall. He now lay curled in a small patch of dirt in the back of the den, his eyes dry but his heart heavier than the heaviest metal armor they had.

He and Arlen had fought, and they'd fought badly. He'd been buzzed the night before, and he'd come home, and he'd started to vent about Darius, and the alcohol had loosened his tongue...and he'd let slip that he'd followed Arlen back when he'd left the pack after Raine's Trial.

Arlen had been absolutely livid, the most Damon had ever seen his mate so infuriated, and for an individual prone to flairs of attitude and tantrums, that was saying a lot.

They'd fought, Arlen might have raised his voice a little (a lot). Instead of escalating into a shouting match, Damon had meekly bowed out and left the house shortly after midnight, leaving the building to Len's devices.

Since then he'd gone through stages of anger, hurt, frustration, and betrayal. Why couldn't Len see the reason behind the darkling male following him? He couldn't just sit there while the man that held his heart left the pack and journeyed with only a sack of supplies and his cow, Arlene.

His feet were like lead tucked beneath him, and he had no motivation to move today, or maybe not even tomorrow either. Maybe he'd stay here for the whole week and just slowly disappear so he'd stop making mistakes and hurting the one he loved most.

An abrupt stillness came over the world above him. Nary an insect buzzed, nor a bird chirped. It was like everything had been put on pause. Damon lifted his head to look at the entrance more closely, his ears flicking back and forth as he attempted to catch any noise at all.

For an eternity that only lasted a second, the world hung suspended, eerily peaceful.

It was ended with a sickening lurch that rolled his Lupus form onto his side. When he tried to look around, everything was violently shaking and bucking to and fro in a frightening display of herculean strength, the very earth itself groaning in complaint as it twisted and writhed.

He'd been through several earthquakes now and he knew it was better to stay in place and simply wait it out. This was his default choice, despite how his thoughts shot in alarm to his mate, out doing chores or alone at the house.

His decision changed, however, when a terrifying crack like a booming lightning bolt shattered the air above him, followed by ominous creaking. His ears pinned to his head as he looked up and saw the soil at the roof of the den raining like water drops to the floor, and his instincts screamed at him to run.

Damon got up, and he tried, but the bucking of the ground beneath him made progress of any sort damn near impossible. He crawled toward the entrance, desperate to get out, to flee, as a shadow started to descend across the sunlit world in front of him.

He didn't have time to curse, not even to lurch backward and out of the line of fire; the jagged trunk of the tree that'd proudly stood above the den now broke through the ceiling and crashed to the packed ground, striking his right hind leg and pinning him in place.

A wolfish cry of pain erupted from him as there was a sickening crack that emanated from his leg, drowned out by the roar of the world around him but he could hear it regardless.

It hurt, worse than anything he'd felt before, but it didn't matter, he had to get out.

He had to get to Arlen.

Damon lay panting in distress, collecting his wits and waiting out the earthquake until he could struggle onto his front paws. Pain shot through his leg and up his spine, prompting wolfish whines and whimpers to fill the den around him.

He twisted, shoved, and dug at the tree and the earth around him to free himself, intent on nothing else but releasing his leg and getting outside. Too long it took to get enough space in the dirt beneath his leg to slide it free with painfully grit teeth.

He didn't notice but his paw pads were bloody from how frantically he'd dug and scraped at the dirt and the bark of the tree to wriggle from under it. Now he just had to get past the entrance, which was also blocked.

Without hesitation he limped to the closest edge he could where the dirt thinned out and began digging again, clumps of soil falling from the gauges he tore with his claws. Balancing was awkward on only one hind leg, but he made it work. It took an eternity, but he saw more light opening up and dug more frantically.

He didn't notice the wrench and tear as his claws caught on roots and bits of the tree that'd collapsed, the warmth of his blood as it coated first one, then the other paw from pulling a claw clean from its root.

Eventually there was a hole big enough for his large frame to just barely fit through, and he forced his way into it heedless of his leg.

He was through, and he was running, limping with every step but going full tilt as much as he could.

Pain, pain, pain, Len, Len, Len, the throbbing of his leg fell in sync with the pound of his heart, the mantra of his mate's name repeating through his skull.

He didn't even stop at the small stream that wound through the Fort, didn't even try to swim, it would be too slow; he increased speed with grit teeth and gathered himself to jump.

Seconds later he was thumping onto the dirt on the other side and continuing on, his broken leg held aloft from the ground as he ran on his other three legs as fast as they'd carry him.

Arlen! his cry filled the Fort, and he saw others, members of the pack emerging here or there to check on everyone and evaluate the damage. But he didn't care, all he wanted to see was his beloved red Stryder and curl around him to never leave him again.


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The day had been relaxing, lounging above the smith Dawn curled into her massive frame. Armani found peace as she slowly ran her fingers through her lover's alabaster hair. Her throat held a love like purr as they snuggled. Spring had finally settled upon the land and there were plans in the works for their home. She found herself excited and ready for the next step of their lives. Reaching out for the cup on the small table near them she stopped. Her hand hung in the air as she looked out the window.

The birds and insects that seemed to vanish, sound seemed to cease and a sinking feeling that was primal began to creep in. Lost in what felt like forever before the realization hit her. The wooden cup collided with the floor as the building shook. Armani felt her stomach lurch as she tried to get a grip on the situation at hand. She just stopped thinking allowing her body to do as it wanted instinct and protective nature over took her as she pulled her small mate into her. She turned herself kneeling over her mate. “I’ve got you.” Armani’s voice almost shook as she made herself a shield protecting Dawn in case the ceiling came raining down like their belongings.

Months of work making this place her home now we’re tossed and destroyed as the earth violently shook and roared. Dark ears were pinned to her head as she waited for it to stop. Items from the shelf above collided with her back. “Are you ok?” Armani asked as she didn’t dare to move though the earth had stopped. “You’re not hurt right?” She had been hit by a few things that had fallen from the shelf and table. She had tried to focus on not moving as she heard everything on both floors falling. The poor smith down stairs was a mess she could tell just from the sounds.

Slowly she stood pulling Dawn up with her. She could hear others outside calling for others and seeing what was going on. She moved to the window as she looked out on the pack feeling for the second time fear of this nature. Only this time her father wasn’t hear to tell her all was well, she had to be that rock.

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