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Leadership: Luca Knight, Aldora Knight
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Casa di Cavalieri lays claim to the northeastern half of Whisper Beach where all members reside an old fort, named Kingsbury, which protects a small village from intruders. Inside Kingsbury nature has remained undisturbed giving the village a very peaceful and secluded feeling. The territory has a few rich forests as well as fields full of various wildlife and flowers, as well as claim to part of the Bay of Fundy.
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Casa di Cavalieri Information Portal

Fri Oct 26, 2012 11:23 am

Casa di Cavalieri Information Portal
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Sola/Sole Lune
Luca Knight
Sailor The BrotherhoodWeapon of Choice
The Council
War Lord Lead Diplomat Labor Head Pack Advisor Keeper of Whispers Chief Cleric
Teagan Stryder FalconerAmbassador (SL)The BrotherhoodWeapon of Choice Veri Secanti HealerAmbassador (CdM)The BrotherhoodWeapon of ChoiceRurik Ivanov
The Brotherhood
Honrin Wolfe-DenahliiHerdsmanHerdsmanAmbassador (MV)The BrotherhoodWeapon of Choice
Aldora KnightArtisan (Vocals)HunterThe BrotherhoodWeapon of Choice
Morty BarberHealerThe BrotherhoodWeapon of Choice Makoto RidleyBlacksmithWeapon of ChoiceThe Brotherhood Guinevere Callow-KnightCarpenterThe Brotherhood
Honored Elders
Jace WolfeGuardsmanHunterThe BrotherhoodWeapon of Choice Temo Wolfe Temo WolfeWeapon of Choice Jace Wolfe
The Officers
First Officers
Isaac Coblentz Cook (Butcher)CarpenterWeapon of Choice Howland Reeves Guardsman Darkness HushhowlFisherWeapon of Choice
Second Officers
Leoris Steinmeister MerchantArmorsmithWeapon of Choice Tessa Raskin FisherSailorWeapon of Choice Darius Pierson TailorWeapon of Choice Arlen StryderJokerWeapon of Choice
Callum Knight PupsitterWeapon of Choice Minerva Griffith Spiritual AdvisorHerbalistWeapon of Choice
The Cadets
First Cadets
Theodore Hudson BarberWeapon of Choice Josephine LaBelle CookWeapon of Choice Night Hushhowl Remus Knight Quinn DamaichuWeapon of Choice
Nora Knight Nayavota Denahlii Cedric Stryder Dusk Hushhowl
Risa Rivera Rumpa Nightshade
Second Cadets
Ovidiu Alaric Ivanov Kjintora Wolfe-Denahleigh Qyska Denahlii
Kira Damaichu Dawn Hushhowl Weapon of Choice Rurik Ivanov Weapon of ChoiceVeri Secanti Mercy Nightshade
Leonidas Attaya Day Hushhowl Eros Damaichu Munroe Knight
Remus KnightWeapon of ChoiceNight Hushhowl Keelan Kearney Uriah Greyfire Besekel Greyfire
Tristan Callow Jhiral Sian Damaichu Bhasu Marino
Owen Knight DamonCook Arthur Knight
The Recruits
Seira Greyfire Nomos Greyfire
Junior Cadets
Candid Reticent
Pushok Hushhowl Orion Knight Temnota Hushhowl Starlight Hushhowl
Borya Hushhowl
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Re: Casa di Cavalieri Information Portal

Fri Oct 26, 2012 11:26 am

View our website for full information on Co-Ranks. Hover to view translations.
Pupsitter Scholar
Callum Knight
Healer Herbalist
Veri Secanti, Morty Minerva Griffith
Spirtual Adviser
Minerva Griffith
Animal Husbandry
Stable Master Herdsman
Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii
Teagan Stryder
Food Management
Hunter Fisher
Jace Wolfe, Aldora Knight Darkness Hushhowl, Tessa Raskin
Damon, Isaac Coblentz, Josephine Labelle
Joker Artisan
Arlen Stryder Aldora Knight
Laborers & Craftsmen
Barber Carpenter
Morty, Theodore Hudson Guinevere Callow-Knight, Isaac Coblentz
Blacksmith Armor Crafter
Makoto Ridley Leoris Steinmeister
Groundskeeper Guardsman
Jace Wolfe, Howland Reeves
Farmer Tailor
Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii Darius Pierson
External & Trade
Merchant Scout
Leoris Steinmeister
Sailor Scavenger
Luca Knight, Tessa Raskin

Pack Ambassadors
View our website for full information on pack ambassadors.
Cours Des Miracles
Veri Secanti
Mistfell Vale Salsola
Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii Teagan Stryder
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Re: Casa di Cavalieri Information Portal

Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:24 pm

Game InformationMaintenance
Game Scores
FIRST: Teagan Stryder 1,998
SECOND: Callum Knight 989
THIRD: Aldora Knight 796
Jace 202
Arlen Stryder 201
Luca Knight 150
Veri Secanti 121
Arthur Knight 100
Rumpa Nightshade 62
Dawn Hushhowl 16
Previous Game Scores
Morty 196
Nadia Ancientfire 260
Lyris Stryder 1058
Iorek 2,370
Indi Knight 710
Everett Moreau 449
Rohan Damaichu 175
Myra Garcia 399
Aniki 363
Khyren 104
Howland Reeves 282
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