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Leadership: Luca Knight, Lyris Stryder, Aldora Knight
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Casa di Cavalieri lays claim to the northeastern half of Whisper Beach where all members reside an old fort, named Kingsbury, which protects a small village from intruders. Inside Kingsbury nature has remained undisturbed giving the village a very peaceful and secluded feeling. The territory has a few rich forests as well as fields full of various wildlife and flowers, as well as claim to part of the Bay of Fundy.
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Casa di Cavalieri Information Portal

Fri Oct 26, 2012 11:23 am

Casa di Cavalieri Information Portal
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Sola Lune
Lyris Stryder
Stable Master The BrotherhoodWeapon of ChoiceLuca Knight
Luca Knight
Sailor Ambassador (SP)The BrotherhoodWeapon of ChoiceLyris Stryder
The Council
War Lord Lead Diplomat Labor Head Pack Advisor Master of Whispers
The Brotherhood
Sylvie Agnès
Sailor Spiritual Advisor Ambassador (KR)The BrotherhoodWeapon of Choice
Grynn Garcia-Knight
ScoutBlacksmithThe BrotherhoodWeapon of ChoiceUryu Catori
The Officers
First Officers
Morty HealerBarberWeapon of Choice Clara Bates TailorWeapon of Choice Howland Reeves Guardsman Kira RaineHerbalist
Second Officers
Isaac Coblentz Cook (Butcher)Weapon of Choice Julien Gauthier Sailor Callum Knight PupsitterWeapon of ChoiceVeyra Damaichu Veri Secanti HealerAmbassador (CdM)Weapon of ChoiceRurik Ivanov
Teagan Stryder Falconer
The Cadets
First Cadets
Tennyson Knight Arthur Knight Xavier Indi Knight
Rurik Ivanov Veri Secanti
Second Cadets
Armani Catori Isobel Damon Veyra Damaichu Callum Knight
Uryu Catori Grynn Garcia-Knight Shtiya Hartt Attaya Lycaon NonakrisGroundskeeper Weapon of Choice
Munroe Knight Kasiani Leone Asuilaak
The Recruits
Oberon Brita Raine Nightshade Everett Moreau
Iorek Jace Wolfe Temo Wolfe Temo Wolfe Jace Wolfe --
Junior Cadets
Candid Reticent
Arlen Stryder Myra Garcia Remus Knight Sian Damaichu
Aldora Knight Rohan Damaichu Night Hushhowl
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Re: Casa di Cavalieri Information Portal

Fri Oct 26, 2012 11:26 am

View our website for full information on Co-Ranks. Hover to view translations.
Pupsitter Scholar
Callum Knight
Healer Herbalist
Morty, Veri Secanti Kira Raine
Spirtual Advisor
Sylvie Agnès
Animal Husbandry
Stable Master Herdsman
Lyris Stryder
Teagan Stryder
Food Management
Hunter Fisher
Isaac Coblentz
Joker Artisan
Laborers & Craftsmen
Barber Carpenter
Blacksmith Armor Crafter
Grynn Garcia-Knight
Groundskeeper Guardsman
Lycaon Nonakris Howland Reeves
Farmer Tailor
Clara Bates
External & Trade
Merchant Scout
Grynn Garcia-Knight
Luca Knight, Sylvie Agnès, Julien Gauthier

Pack Ambassadors
View our website for full information on pack ambassadors.
Northern Packs
Krokar Sapient
Sylvie Agnès Luca Knight
Southern Packs
Inferni Anathema
Cour des Miracles
Veri Secanti
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Re: Casa di Cavalieri Information Portal

Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:24 pm

Game InformationMaintenance
Game Scores
FIRST: Teagan Stryder 1196
SECOND: Lyris Stryder 958
THIRD: Callum Knight 680
Indi Knight 610
Myra Garcia 299
Arlen Stryder 288
Luca Knight 50
Veri Secanti 21
Previous Game Scores
Clara Bates 349
Morty 196
Nadia Ancientfire 260
Rohan Damaichu 75
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