desolation comes upon the sky

air blast & chaos

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blood in the breeze

She thought she had seen Hell. She had not.

The morning was very, very still. At first light, Lyris relished in it. But as the day drew on, something cold slithered into the pit of her stomach. The red eye- for she could never call it a star, it never seemed like one to her- was watching her all day, and she thought it had gotten a little bit bigger each hour. Lyris was certain she was making things up. Her mind tended to do that, traumatized as it was. So she ignored it. But the feeling would not shake.

The Cavaliers seemed to feel it too. Duties were done without their usual hums or eagerness, and conversations were, for some reason, quieter than they had been. It was as if they were all trying not to disturb the sleeping dragon- or whatever it may be. Lyris did not like the mood. She did not like the hovering sense of doom, the hushed whispers that constantly uttered the words 'red' and 'closer'. But it was all for good reason. They did not know it yet: but it was all for good reason. And they discovered this through a giant rip in the carefully stitched fabric of daily life. That night, the eye exploded.

* * *

Her scars burned as violently as they had the day they had been given her. They were the only element of Lyris that was not shielded from the suffocating heat, and now they were dreadfully torched. But she hadn't long to cry in the ruthless lick of flame against her skin, because the ground began to shiver. The huntress, expert of balance and the surest on her feet, fell to that shaking earth. It was something that had jumped out of her night terrors, and she briefly thought she was dreaming. Screams rent her ears, and Lyris clawed at her head, unable to bare the shrill sound she had heard one time too many. The horses cried, too, and somewhere she was sure her daughters were alone, terribly afraid. But she could not move. Lyris had every ability to, but she didn't want to face this hellish nightmare. This was the apocalypse, and she could not move.

* * *

Lyris spent the entire quake on her knees, but after several minutes- that felt like eons- it was still again. The screams turned to mumbles of vague pain and fear, and she dared to stand. Walking did not hurt, but she had to concentrate to not touch any of the mars on her body. Not even the ink on her leg could be spared- black came away smeared on her fingers when she touched the fur surrounding her tattoo. The crest of her family was dripping black blood, and she had to concentrate on not falling again. Lyris only allowed herself several seconds of recuperating before she began howling and searching, calling for her mate and her children. The Corpo came to any member she saw, first assessing to see if they were alright, and then asking if they had seen her family. None of them said they had. They thought that this was the end of it; certainly that was the worst the red eye could do. They were oh so wrong.

Her first impression was one of shrieking, and so she looked up. Lyris had a third of a second to process the wall of black that was coming before she was taken by it. The Cavallo felt as if she had been punched in the gut by a club, and then was thrown backwards, her back slamming against the wall of the stables. It rained glass, then; beautiful shards fell from where they had once been imprisoned, descending for no time at all before being blown by the wind of extreme speed. Lyris felt a brief sensation of fire on her shoulder before it became deafeningly silent. She fell, again.

Coughing on her hands and knees, she tried to regain the breath she had been stolen. Then she assessed her arm; only a shallow cut, but one still blooming with blood. Lyris spent a solid minute on the ground next to the stables, her face in her hands, her unbreakable resolve dangerously close to breaking. She felt as if the sky and the earth was betraying her; she couldn't trust either anymore- she didn't know what was next. But she felt there was something. If the red eye could do all this, what was stopping it from any more? The Corpo stood and attempted to walk, shamefully realizing that she had stumbled. Lyris did not stumble. Gritting her teeth, the woman looked out over her beloved Kingsbury, and had to hold down her retch. A third of the trees from the garden had been quite literally ripped from their roots and toppled. The majority of the houses and shops were missing significant amounts of their roofs, and their supports were sagging. Holes were numerous, in both the buildings and the never-yielding Fort wall, and the ground was glittering with glass. The worst of all, though, was the state of the horses and the Luperci. Some were fallen, some were helping their beloved, some were bleeding; some were burned. The horses were crying, making the most awful noises, some bleeding from glass or missing hair from burns. Lyris lost the support of her knees and used the edge of the nearest building instead, resting her forehead against the stone to hold back whatever break was trying to bubble to her throat. Her haven was in ruin, and she didn't know how to put it back together. How could they ever put it back together, when it was only going to get so much worse?

((900+)) Feel free to skip to the last part after the asterisks for details on the air blast. Sorry for length! Get ready for some chaos, Cavaliers. This isn't even the worst of it. **Also, do take note that this is all happening around 10pm at night!

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