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POSTED: Sun Apr 03, 2016 11:00 pm

For Luca & Indi bab! Backdated to a while before the meteor. (+400)

After finishing what was in need of her that morning, Lyris had taken the rest of the afternoon to go on a hunt. She left the humble house where her family was rooted and shifted to the skin of her birth and childhood, stretching long and well with the satisfying cracks along her back. The mother hadn't been allowed much opportunity to roam or veg in her Lupus form, and to finally have the chance was refreshing. Lyris first took a detour to check the Fort, and after catching sight of both Indi and Teagan at one point, engaged in whatever it is growing pups do during the day, she departed for the hunt. It was midday, and the snow had been reduced to a thin frost, so the blooming grass crackled with satisfaction beneath her toes. It was also a nuisance, however, when she stalked up on rabbit or vole or whatever else might find its way unfortunately close to the huntress. Nonetheless, Lyris managed to adapt to the situation, and was soon on her way home with two fat rabbits dangling from jaw, fur warm in the sunset light.

Returning the catch to the pack store, Lyris returned home to note the front door was cracked. Needing not shift, the mother stuck her nose inside to see the white, fluffy tail of her koi-colored daughter disappearing deeper into the house. The Stryder pulled her head back, considering, before turning and making her way to the Courthouse, hoping Luca was there.

Lyris entered home fully, in Optime this time, noting that Teagan was still out and about. She knew to be home before nightfall, but there was still at least an hour before then- and knowing Teagan, she would stay out until last minute. It was a bit surprising that Indi was already home, as she was under the same curfew, but Lyris had a suspicion as to why. She'd told her mate to wrap up and come home as soon as possible, not really explaining why. The Lune just sighed and agreed, knowing arguing with Lyris would be pointless. Sticking her head in her daughters' room, the mother spoke. "Indi, why don't you come to Luca and I's room for a sit?" She asked, not waiting for a response, half-suspecting it to be whine-y and refusing. Stepping into her and her mate's room, Lyris adjusting the one crumpled blanket on the mattress and sat, legs crossed, leaning forward to roll her dagger over in her hands as she waited for her daughter and Lune to arrive.

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When Lyris awoke and started her morning the golden Knight slowly rolled out of bed. His mate was almost always awake and ready to begin her day before he was, being slow going in the mornings as he was. From the side of the bed he heard the house door open and close, signalling that Lyris was on her way. Quietly he pulled pants up over his hips and slipped his red shirt over his chest. Standing up he wrapped a belt around his hips, being mindful of his axes in the halters. With a lazy wander in his step the Lune made his way out of the bedroom, through the living room and out the door.

The first task for the morning was done between yawns, his cream hands reaching down into the chicken coop to collect eggs from the hen’s nests and gentle place them in a woven basket. Once it seemed like ha had collected all of the eggs he delivered them to the cold storage within the Courthouse’s ground floor. Feeling satisfied that he has spent some time doing something laborious for the good of the pack the axe wielder made his way up the stairs and into the Guida office where he began to add the tallies of the eggs he had collected to the logs.

While updating the log book Lyris’ while face appeared in the doorframe to instruct him home, much to his surprise, but the topic she spoke of was something they both knew would have to be approached eventually. For weeks now their daughter’s relationship had been on edge and Indi’s bubbly personality had taken a turn for the worse. Finishing up his work the father closed the book and with speed in his step beelined for home.

Luca entered the home just as Lyris’s tail slid into their bedroom, hearing Indi’s grumbles only confirmed that his mate had called her to their attention already. Silently he joined Lyris in the bedroom, taking a seat on the edge of the bed as they waited for their daughter to join them.

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