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A feral beast padded into a very humanized place. He was over seven feet tall, though his extremely hunched posture deducted his normal height. His arms were curled up towards his chest, almost like a t-rex. He had shaggy fur that made him seem even bigger. He was broad-shouldered, built like a tank. His ears were small and rounded and his tail was a fluffy bob. His paws were large and a rough mane ran down his back. He had a broad snout that was only a bit longer than a typical dog such as a Newfoundland. His fur was a mess of brown hues on an off-white canvas and he had red eyes. A pretty flower crown adorned his head.

Iorek had never seen something like Fort Kingsbury. It was more grand than the city, but it still scared him. He had been raised in a feral lifestyle and in a place where humanity hadn't made much of a mark. He padded through into the structure, looking around in awe, his body rigid in fear. The wolfdog stopped at the entrance, gazing up at the huge ceilings.

After the initial shock, the brown behemoth began moving. He looked around, his crimson eyes gazing at the walls and then stopping at an entirely new structure. The stone was cut into little floors that went down into the ground. He didn't understand what these things were called, though after seeing a brown-furred woman walk down them, the hybrid beast walked down, copying the way the woman had.

The scents of many people and the strange wooden walls in the stone was very new to the red-eyed recruit. He sniffed around, not exactly sure what this place was. He didn't know what to do and he didn't see anyone he could imitate. The bear boy stood, a massive statue with a confused look on his face.

OptimeDayJulyFort Kingsbury, near CR3

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Grynn was on her way to the courthouse to drop off a few weapons she had finished re-edging. These were the last few that were in need of care. As long as she kept up on things they never got to bad. As she made her was to the building she saw a brown wolf sitting there.

The Knight lifted a brow slightly as she made her way. She stopped and cleared her throat. "Can I help you?" The red head asked as she looked over that male. Good sized but why was he wearing flowers on his head?

"My name is Grynn, I'm one of the brotherhood members. Are you lost you must be new." She spoke as she set down the swords she was carrying. She had noticed since New Dawn fell that they were getting and influx of more feral wolves. Though was that a bad thing? Maybe so, maybe it wasn't.
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Optime | Day | July | Fort Kingsbury

Iorek stood at his massive height, almost bigger than the wooden metal thing. He was very unfamilliar with such humanized places and he had no idea what even half of these things were called. He didn't know why these people didn't have dens like he was used to, though he hadn't a had in a while. He'd been moving around so much that sometimes he didn't have a den to sleep in. And in his new home, he ha been sleeping in anywhere with shelter. Where did these people sleep? The wolfdog didn't know.

The massive yearling saw a brown and white woman with red hair come in. He cowered slightly, though the woman was quite tall. He'd never met a woman this tall before and his cowering made him shorter than her. He did look at the things she held in her arms. He'd never seen such items before and in his observations, the hybrid giant almost missed her question. The items were shiny, and he liked shiny items.

The red-eyed recruit didn't know how to answer the woman's question. How could she help him? He gave her a confused look and shrugged. What could the woman help him with? He had no idea what these things were, and the woman could help him with. He looked at the woman's face as she introduced herself and thought the crimson-eyed Cavalier was new. She was correct, and the male wondered how she knew.

"I-I Iorek. I-I n-new." The brown behemoth stammered and then looked at the items the hybrid lady had put down. He bent down, wanting to touch the edge. He didn't know what it was, nor the danger it posed. The chocolate-saddled brute didn't know much about these items. He didn't know what these tools were used for. He reached for the edge of the silver item.

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