[M] I wanna shelter you, but the beast inside, we can’t hide

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CdC Newspost Week One wrote:Syndicate's Revenge Plot:
Attack and chase away trespassing figures.

Syndicate attackers #notsorry700+

A massive beast padded along the borders. He was huge, easily big enough to be considered a giant. He was in Secui form, but he was still pretty big, easily over four feet at the shoulder. He stood almost at five feet when he held his head up, but at the moment it was held down. A pretty magpie perched on his shoulders, squawking every so often to keep him from running into trees. And there were calls to slow down that the beast ignored.

Iorek was feeling better for once. The talks that he were given were helping him. He wasn't as scared and as usual, though he was still a bit anxious. It wasn't as bad though. He was a bit happier for once. He walked, a pink and white flower crown on his head. He was free from the fear and it showed. But, good things never lasted for long. There was trouble ahead. And this was trouble the wolfdog wouldn't like.

The brown behemoth fluffed when he heard a loud thud and a familiar-sounding voice yell a word that he had no idea what it meant. And then a familiar mocha-colored shape dressed in a black outfit crash through the trees with some bags in tow. His eyes were wide and frantic and he was afraid, as afraid as the chocolate-saddled beast had been for once. He began shifting up to Optime form, taking no time at all. Birdflower squawked as he felt the bones shifting under him. Once the male was back on two feet, the magpie demanded that the bear boy put him up high and the male obliged, putting the bird in a tree limb.

Riley crashed through the bushes. He stood in his shorter Optime form (Only about five feet tall). He was more jackal than dog due to his quarter dog and three-quarters jackal breeding. His fur was mocha-colored with a white side-stripe that was disguised under his clothes. He had a darker mask around his eyes and a plush tail that was the same color as his mask with a white tip. He was panting and only had his knapsack and his cross-body bag. He wore his goggles that pushed the hair out of his eyes. His bright green eyes were wide in fear as he drew his scimitar.

"R-Riley!" The massive yearling said as he came closer to the hybrid. It took him a bit to recognize the fear and he too became afraid. He hunched lower and stood next to his friend. The male looked behind him to see the massive male behind him. If it wasn't these circumstances, he would be looking more closely, but right now he was happy that the male looked big enough to take on these bastards.

"Fuck, they got Percy! He's only a bit away! The fuckers shot him!" The Rockateer yelled as he looked at the looming male. He heard the undergrowth crashing and then the hybrid giant howled, warning of an attack as a pair of Syndicate males burst through the trees. One was brown, black, and white and the other was of paler hues. The two were armed with knives and the pale one had a bow and arrow. The hybrid beast actually seemed to cower a bit.

"There's the fucking twink, Dalek!" The pale one barked. He made a move towards the green-eyed male and a vicious snarl echoed through the red-eyed recruit. He was terrifying to say the least with his hackles raised as his massive size. But that was all just a front. He was very scared and didn't want to hurt anyone. A twin snarl echoed through the jackal-dog as he stuck close to the male. The crimson-eyed Cavalier hoped that his patrol partner came soon.

"And he has a fucking guard dog, Anakin!" The brown one said with a laugh. He made a threatening move towards the masked male and then the fluffy monster swiped at him, missing him but that was what he wanted. He didn't want to fight. Not again.

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