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The massive Secui shape of Iorek padded through the forest. He was large and bulky with long fur and thick limbs. He was easily a giant by most standards and he was wolfish in design with heavier body and his markings weren't normal for a wolf. His muzzle was broader than a wolf's. His mixed features and his Secui form making him seem even broader made him look like a bear and his rounded ears and bobbed tail made him seem even more bearlike. The wolfdog looked dangerous.

A bird was perched on his shoulders. The bird was a black and white bird with iridescent feathers. The bird had an intelligent look and squawked every so often to keep the beast's head up slightly.

The red-eyed recruit padded through Casa di Cavalieri. He was shaky, looking like something might jump out of the bushes and attack him. His carmine orbs held fear in them. He was as tense as a drawn bow and even seemed bigger because his fur was on end. He was a giant, but he didn't act like one. He shook and trembled with anxiety and fear which was alien to his presence. The crimson-eyed Cavalier wasn't someone that should be filled with that much fear.

The hybrid giant's confidence that had been restored after the loner's attacks was shattered. He was shaken to the core after the giant demon's attack. He was afraid, afraid that the man would come back and attack him again. He was afraid, scared of what had happened. It had broken him and he didn't know how to get back to his former confidence. His flower crowns were gone now, the beast that haunted his dreams had told him that he killed flowers when he picked them. That knowledge had shaken the feral beast even more than the assault.

The brown behemoth caught sight of a peculiar structures. He didn't know what they were, though he was afraid of the new things. He was afraid of unfamiliar objects after the attack. But, he had curiosity that was a flame that couldn't be put out. He padded carefully towards the structures. It smelled like the woman, Jace. why did Jace live out here? He padded towards it a little more confidently, though he was still scared. The chocolate saddled brute walked towards the place.

The massive yearling caught sight of many rabbits as he padded into the camp. It was empty for now and he looked at the rabbits. They didn't seem afraid of the creature and he padded towards them. The rabbits were all the same color and they looked kind of cute. He moved towards the rabbits, filled with curiosity. The rabbits didn't react to him and he walked over to one with the curiously the one would attribute to a baby animal investigating something new, he sniffed one of them. Then the buck nipped the halfling beast's nose.

The carmine-eyed creature shrunk away from the small animal and then laid down. He laid there still as the rabbits hopped around him. Some started investigating him and others didn't look twice. One of them settled down in front of him and the beast didn't know if they were actually rabbits. So, he licked one. Yep, it was a rabbit.

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Domestication had come easily to them she had found, each new brood of kits were more docile and friendlier than the last. Maybe they were simply escaped human stock that were returning to their roots. She did not know and she would not question it, more fortune for her to have easier to deal with animals. She let them roam frequently, the grass and foliage was not something she harvested, although before winter she would store up for them, hacking at the grass and letting it turn yellow.

The arctic woman was an enigma to even her own mate sometimes, although he saw the use in keeping a breeding collection. She would never admit it but she did find them cute, it did not stop her from culling and harvesting them when the time came for it however. She had always been practical.

They wandered, but not too far for she was the provider of food and the protector from predators. They flocked to her presence despite it being she who culled their numbers and skinned them. Any in Casa already knew, her reputation preceded her and nobody would bother or steal from her, the punishments would be dire. She stepped into her hide house, to grab the tea that she had mixed up earlier and arrange a few things.

She was inside for a mere handful of minutes when the awareness crept in that she was no longer alone. The scent that filtered in gave her no cause for alarm though and she watched through a crack in the hides as the giant bear dog approached the hares with all the curious fear of a child. They were friendly creatures and bounded to him, although a few of the pregnant does kept their distance. The stoic woman almost smiled, as the largest buck gave the beast a nip. The Brown Buck was the boldest of the three she kept.

She stepped out from beneath her home and padded forwards, tea still clenched in hand. "Do you like the hares, Iorek?"

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Iorek sniffed one of the rabbits that came close to his nose. He sneezed, a soft sneeze as the bunny fur got into his nose. He liked the fluffy rabbits: they were so cute looking and soft. He did cast another glare at the brown bunny that had nipped him, but then one of the bunnies hopped in front of him and he got distracted. Birdflower chittered and squawked, though the beast paid him no mind. Well, not until the wolfdog heard a voice.

Jace asked him if the brown behemoth liked the hares. His head tilted, but she wasn't referencing anything else other than the rabbits. He nodded and then licked one of the rabbits. He really wished he could hold them or hug them, but his Secui form didn't have the gentleness or dexterity that his Optime form had, so he carefully sat up and then began shifting to Optime for so that he could hold the rabbits. The chocolate saddled brute was sitting cross-legged in two-legged form.

The massive yearling was very gentle with the rabbits, petting them gently. The magpie on his shoulder squawked in disagreement with the beast's shifting. Why did the guy shift without telling him! The bird greatly disliked the feeling of bones and flesh changing under his claws. The beast paid no attention to the bird, more focused on the rabbits. Heck, the bird could have thrilled directly into his ear and the feral giant couldn't care less.

The red-eyed recruit looked up at the arctic empress. He had so many questions about these rabbits, or "hares" as she had called them. They were so interesting to the hybrid beast. They didn't run away from him and they were cute and cuddly. Wh-Why h-hares s-so...s-so f-friendly? H-Have n-names? Wh-What th-they f-for? The crimson-eyed Cavalier asked.

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