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Summer Plot - Week 3

POSTED: Sun Jul 30, 2017 8:07 pm

It felt good to have everyone back home, safe where they belonged. Although Isaac and Arthur had been rattled by their capture, but were finally starting to get back to their normal selves. The Lune had to admit he was thoroughly impressed by the group that had retrieved them. Everyone had returned home unscathed, a small miracle from Fenris as far as Luca was concerned, especially considered how clumsy Arlen had been the past moon. It has surprised him to see the two new faces they had brought back, unexpected extra’s with a bone to pick with the Syndicate. After some deliberation Lyris and Luca had set the pair up in one of the guest rooms, with the offer of housing and food for now. They shared a common enemy and experience, getting them back on their feet was the least the Cavaliers could do for Theo and Josephine.

In the evening air Luca wandered towards the front gates. Much to his surprise his eyes landed on two guards, not just one, and a broad smile appeared across his muzzle. “Evening Theo. Keeping Howland company?” The dark clothed dog snarkily replied, “If you consider his silence company. Does this guy ever talk or is he a mute?” Before Luca could open his mouth to respond Howland’s low voice responded, “I ain’t no mute. Didn’t your mama teach you not to talk to strangers or did you miss that lesson dollin’ up your fur.” Caught off guard Theo stood, mouth agape as Luca snickered in pleasure.

A snap of a stick nearby quickly ended the trios moment. Freezing, ears perked, they stared at the forest. Slowly Luca drew his axes, Howland lowered his spear, and Theo crabbed a spiked baseball bat he had leaned against the wall. In the distance a few coyote yips, Sylvie’s, warned them of what they had already suspected – The Syndicate was here. Luca and Howland raised their voices in unison, it was time for action.

OOC: Dated July 24. Please state in your OOC section which Syndicate you are going for (1- 6) and if you refer to any NPCs. Descriptions of Syndicate are up to you. Do not kill during the first round. Only one kill per character after round 1. Please read the News Post for the most up to date information about the summer plot. Two new NPCs will be introduced next round! 300+ words


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The she-wolf kept odd hours at the best of times but in circumstances were security was threatened she slept even less, woken frequently by the twitches of her overactive instincts or in some cases not sleeping at all. Even the trees must bow when the wild howled hard enough and the woman surrendered herself to the rest that she needed. Jace did not linger long though, only a few scant hours before her eyes flicked open and the light shining through the open entrance told her that night was beginning to fall. She could hear the sounds of Honrin as he sang drunkenly to himself not too far away. It was a common thing to hear now, and the arctic woman huffed out a breath.

She could almost drift, in a state that didn't much call her, listening to his deep baritone in her mother's tongue, letting it almost lilt her back to sleep when it abruptly stopped. That was not unusual for he often fell asleep mid-song. The awareness swept over her though, a prickling of her fur down her spine just an instant before strange voices and a strangers scent invaded her tranquility. A howl went up as she leaped to her feet and through the shining gap in the leathers, awake with adrenaline already rushing her veins.

The lupus woman barely made it a handful of strides before she spotted the reason for her son's silence. He was being dragged away, the inebriated male fighting weakly against another tall dark colored wolf. He was holding Honrin's mouth closed and her son was too intoxicated to resist. Rage shot through her, pure and crystalline and the hair about her body rose, bristling and her yellowed teeth were bared.

He didn't notice her, too preoccupied with his victim until she was but a few feet away, the woman let forth a snarl, her eyes wide and wild and utterly without mercy. He snarled back at her and the only thing stopping her from leaping to tear apart his body was the dagger held to Honrin's throat,

"Yah stay away, yah come closer and i'll kill 'im.!" The fury that swept her was idle and so very helpless, and she could only watch with such grievous pain lancing in her chest as her firstborn son was dragged away from her. She could only follow in vain snarling anger, his eyes bonded to hers and the weak attempt Honrin made to reach towards her.

ooc - Npc1

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Iorek is fighting NPC 1 (Well, tackling him)400+

Two shapes padded outside of the fort. Iorek was in his massive Optime form. He was still shaky after the incidents that had happened and wasn't wearing his typical flower crown. He had been attacked a few days prior and he was afraid that the demon would come back and attack him. His dreams were haunted by the yellow eyes and the incident that had scarred him. Sometimes, he was back in the first fight and the dead eyes of Tark. Sometimes, in those dreams, he wasn't able to stop himself and attacked Teagan. The wolfdog was just starting to regain his former glory.

Riley walked beside him. He was armed to the teeth: a bow and a quiver of arrows, a pair of scimitars under that, and knives on his thigh. He also wore one of his battle outfits, a a black ensemble that was different from his typical red outfits. But, he always wore his goggles that were pushed up and kept his hair out of his face. He was quite small compared to the giant next to him, but there was fire in his green eyes. The Syndicate had killed his horse, and that didn't sit right with the hybrid.

The pair heard howls and then the green-eyed male was the first one to act. "Come on!" He yelled and then ran towards the sound. The red-eyed recruit paused for a second. He didn't like fights and he disliked the idea of violence. Especially because of the monster under his skin and the fact that he was scared. But, the Rockateer wouldn't take the beast's version of no for in answer. "Your pack mates are in trouble! Come on!" He yelled before sprinting off and the crimson-eyed Cavalier had no choice but to run after the male.

The massive yearling soon lost the quicker jackal-dog and soon veered off in the wrong direction. But he heard a commotion and then peaked out from behind the trees. He recognized some of the scents as Jace and Honrin. But there were unidentified smells as well. A man was holding the white hunk with a knife to his neck and the fearsome female couldn't get to him. No one was going to hurt his pack mate! Fire ignited in the feral giant's blood.

The brown behemoth bounded from his hiding spot, the black bastard started dragging the white male away which put him in the exact place that he was headed. A roar echoed through the beast and the man turned in surprise. Just in time for him to be pounced on by three hundred pounds hybrid beast. The beast tackled the man, sending all the air from his chest as he landed. A loud snarl echoed through the beast, but then he came back and gave a confused look to the arctic woman. What was the chocolate saddled brute supposed to do.

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Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end

High up in a large tree, Temo watched what he could from the vantage point as the shadows grew long and reached to the east with the sun sinking towards the horizon to the west. Surveying the area, he could see the encampment that he had built with the assistance of his mate, the drunken singing of his son drifted through the air and he silently sighed to himself. between the camp and his current perch was the gates that led into the fort. He was not able to view every trail from this vantage point, especially given that there was a forest that was in full leaf for the summer sun. There was no perfect spot where he could cover every access to the heart of the pack but every pair of eyes keeping a lookout helped.

He could feel the uneasiness building in his bones. It felt like something was about to happen but he did not know what it was nor from where it would be coming from. Temo sat perched on a thick branch, the occasional turn of an ear was the only movement he made as his nose tested each breeze that drifted by and his ears homed in on every sound they heard. Each passing moment the shadows grew a bit longer and the uneasiness continued to build.

The call to arms was of no surprise to Temo when it came through the tree tops to his ears. All of his senses were already on the alert when he caught movement among the underbrush that lined the forest floor. He watched as someone slowly moved along a trail in a manner that told him they were not there to make friends. The breeze finally wafted up the scent of the prowler as they drew closer to his tree, He minutely adjusted his weight and balance to ready himself for the attack. With exquisite timing, Temo stepped off the branch and into the air allowing the greater mass of the planet to pull his mass towards it with an unsuspecting body in between them.

The snap of a twig was the only warning that the stranger received but it was to late. The swivel of the large ears that denoted that there was some coyote ancestry followed by the head turning as the brown and white trespasser looked up just in time to see a large and black fuzzball with claws and teeth plummet straight at them. As he fell, everything seemed to move in slow motion as Temo watched the head turn up towards him and the eyes grew wide with the surprise that a luperci would be climbing trees and jumping from them. There was a slight shift in weight as the stranger tried to move out of the way, but the laws of gravity was still in effect and pulled Temo faster and he landed right on top and knocked the interloper to the ground. He neatly dissipated the rest of the kinetic energy by rolling to the side and sprang up while his hand reached behind his head and pulled his staff from it's sheath on his back.

Dropbear Temo dive bombs npc #6 | [wc —526] template by hilli
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"You're going to be happy," said Life.

After a certain incident, the red Stryder had taken to staying much closer to home. He'd been caught in five separate traps and beaten to a pulp within his own borders in the span of only a few weeks. To say he'd gathered a rare appreciation for the walls that kept him safe was an understatement.

He sat at the edge of his bed, jade eyes staring into the distance without really seeing anything. Slowly, he felt his rear slip off the mattress and mindlessly, he shifted his feet beneath him to catch his weight so that he didn't fall too harshly. Now seated on the floor with one arm resting on a raised knee, he laid his head in the crook of his elbows, wide eyes sightlessly glaring. It was times like these when he could be found expressionless but focused that the boy was truly at his most vulnerable. Around his family and packmates, he'd taken to wearing smiles and laughing to hide his distress at his defeat. Even the recognition that his first mission had gone flawlessly did nothing to appease him.

It was as his mask slipped and the tired numbness set in that a duet broke his silence. Arlen moved to shoot up in a single movement, only to feel sharp pain throughout his abdomen knock him back against the bed, elbows catching him from falling to the floor again. His chest heaved at the sudden jolt and he cursed himself. The swelling had vanished, the cuts begun healing, and the bruises fading, but the soreness and bruising of his bones had yet to dissipate. Growling, he pushed off from the bed and surged to the door, stumbling a little in his haste as he stooped to grab his belt and cinch it around his waist.

He felt his comrades run around him, their weapons in hand and a hardened gleam in all their eyes. Unlike the night of the spy mission, Arlen's face didn't bear a foolish grin. This time, it had a cold and righteous fury. He wanted revenge for the pain and confusion they'd made him feel.

He ran as fast as his injured legs would allow him, glancing left and right as packmates met enemies in battle. In the distance, he saw a group of familiar faces, Jace's uncharacteristically distraught. He followed her bi-colored gaze to see Honrin in the arms of a black male, knife to his throat. Momentarily, Arlen turned to run towards them but saw the brown behemoth tackle their enemy to the ground. A sour taste filled his mouth. Jace and Iorek could handle themselves. He didn't feel like having to deal with friendly fire tonight.

As he came to this decision, a sharp blow to his shoulder spun him around and threatened to knock him to the ground. Only a swift re-positioning of his legs into a wider stance, body bent at the waist to account for the sudden imbalance, saved him. The woman who'd collided with him lay on the ground, silvery fur spilling out captivatingly in the moonlight. She tossed her head as if to clear it, long hair flinging out of her face, and the black-clad woman met his green eyes with sharp orange ones. The two stared at each other, waiting for the other to move. Taking the initiative, Len's hand whipped to the hilt of his rapier but her leg shot out and he was on the ground, ribs screaming out against the abuse, his pelvis throbbing in agony, and head splitting with the blow of the ground.

When his vision cleared, her muscled legs straddled him, one hand on his throat and the other holding a dagger to his eye, trailing it across his freckled fur. Her smile was sadistic as she giggled at his dumbfounded expression. "What? Did you expect to win this, little boy?"

Arlen is losing the fight against npc2. Somebody save him. [649]

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OOC cNPC Damon is helping Arlen with npc 2. Veri and yNPC Isobel get caught up with npc 4.

A black head shot up from the sound of the cry, his focus intense as he gathered the message it conveyed. Lounging by the fire forgotten, the black halfling sprang to his feet. "Ma! Isobel!" he shouted, shoving his shoulder into their respective doors. Veri came out of her room already dressed in her leather armor, buckling the belt which would hold her sword in place on her hip. "Go, we'll be behind you." she ordered her son. On his way out Damon grabbed his weapon, leaving the door open behind him as he went. The healer grabbed her medicine pack and shoved it in Isobel's direction. "You, carry this. Someone may need a medic out on the field. You have your weapon out and ready, and you stay behind me at all times, do you understand?" the coywolf nodded, green eyes wide at the change in her mother, but she obeyed. Veri unsheathed her sword and led the way out of the house at a run, her ears on high alert as they twitched in all directions.

Veri followed Damon's scent as best she could, but he'd run so fast out of the Fort it was hard to pinpoint it. A familiar twang sounded somewhere to their left, followed seconds later by a shriek of pain from her daughter. The healer spun to see a barbed arrow lodged deep into Isobel's thigh. Both of the coywolf's hands gripped around the wound, whimpers streaming from her muzzle. A quick glance revealed the arrow to be attached to a string of rope which undoubtedly led back to the archer. Before the string could be tugged upon to cause her daughter more pain, Veri brought down her blade on the shaft to cut it. "Leave it in. I know it hurts sweetheart, but it'll bleed worse if you take it out. Just bare with me honey." mixed blue eyes never left the foliage around them even as she comforted Isobel. She'd kill them, whoever had thought it was a good idea for the Syndicate to come back for seconds, she'd tear them apart for their decision which led to her baby girl being hurt. And maybe that was her fault for telling Isobel to come with her, but with enemies in the territory, not even the Fort was safe.

"Oh the poor baby, did I scratch her? My bad. I missed; I was actually aiming for her heart." a snarl echoed from Veri's maw as she brandished her sword. She didn't hear the quiet footfalls as they circled around them and came up behind her daughter until they were right on top of them. "Such a shame to waste a pretty female like this." the Syndicate male crooned, one hand poised to caress Is obel's cheek. Eyes wide, Veri turned to face him. How'd he just do that? Her daughter flinched away from his contact only to freeze at the kiss of cold metal to her throat. Isobel swallowed. "Mom will kill you if you hurt me." threatened the younger female bravely. Veri felt a rush of pride for her daughter, although it was cut short by the laugh that emanated from the sandy pelted male. "Oh, this is your mummy? And why on earth should I be afraid of her, hmm? She's harmless. Just like you. And just like the rest of your little high and mighty pack."

A smirk lifted one corner of Veri's mouth. "Harmless, huh? Why don't you ask the others that tried attacking us how harmless we are. I killed two of them myself." her boast got the response she wanted, a narrowing of his carmine red eyes as he turned his focus entirely onto her. "That's right. Up close and personal too, with this very blade here. I looked into their eyes as their life bled away." her grin widened. "And I'll do it again to you for coming near us again." Isobel opened her jaws and lunged, snapping them shut around the fist that held his knife. He howled as her teeth sank in and locked, his free hand cocking back to punch her right in the face. At the same time, however, Isobel's short sword cut across his thigh. Veri surged forward to take advantage of the distraction a second too late; his blow landed, and although she could see Isobel made a valiant effort to keep her hold, the unseasoned coywolf crumpled to the ground cradling her left eye. Veri's blade whistled as it swung with deadly intent at his throat. He managed to evade with a jump backward, but only barely thanks to his new handicap, and the tip of her weapon snagged across his chest. She couldn't advance without leaving Isobel unguarded.

Elsewhere, a black figure swerved through the territory with a deftness that belied his halfling bulk. He could only think about one thing as he blazed through the trees and underbrush; Arlen. Ever since his best friend had been found that day Damon had been itching for a fight. But more than that, something was wrong with his friend. Maybe he was just sensing the distress from the current situation with the Syndicate and Arlen's...brush with them. He didn't know, and he hadn't had the time to really think about it in between patrols and his concern for the red Stryder. He just knew he was worried about Arlen's wellbing right now more than he ever had been before. It was with relief that he finally caught his friend's scent and swerved to follow it. The sight that greeted him might have looked erotic had they not been in the middle of a battle. As it was, Damon's lips peeled back around the sword scabbard clamped in his jaws, an angry fire taking over his usually kind ruby eyes.

He made not a sound as he approached, no snarl, not even a growl as he whispered over the earth until he was mere feet away. Then he released the darkest, most anger fueled sound he'd ever uttered. It summoned the female's head up with a snap, orange eyes meeting his and widening slightly before she was bowled over, his now empty jaws clamping on the hand in which held her dagger. He continued to drag her away from Arlen, and despite his grip on her hand she used the other one to scratch and slash across the top of his muzzle in vain attempts to make him let go. To the contrary, he beared down on her even harder, roughly shaking his head, until he felt a few bones crack between his teeth. "Let go of me you savage beast!" she snarled at him, her previous composure lost as her sharp orange orbs flashed their anger.

Always the gentleman, he prepared to do just that, but first he pried the dagger from her bloody fingers and flicked it away with a forepaw. Quick as a flash, he released her and spun around to reach his best friend. Once at his side, Damon sniffed over the red furred male, keeping one eye on the silvery female. He could have finished her off but that wasn't really his style. His muzzle was covered in a multitude of scratches from her claws, some deeper than others in her desperation, but in the end he'd caused her a lot more damage than she had. "How rude, starting the party without me." he told his friend quietly, standing close to offer support should it be needed. His blade lay a few feet behind the Cavalier's, but Damon thought he'd be just fine with his claws and Arlen's rapier.
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Optime | Evening | aNPC: Indi (+1,328)

Teagan and Indi are going after NPC #3

Syndicate’s Revenge Plot

With the chaos and tension that had been building over the past few weeks, Teagan had been quite doubtful that they’d seen the end of Syndicate. Sure, the rescue mission had been a success, but, something in her gut had told her that it wouldn’t be the end of it. The report had sounded too…easy. One lone guard? And they were sleeping too? Something hadn’t been right. Where was the brain and tact they had had when they had taken Arthur and Issac hostage? What about the ones that hurt her baby brother after the fact?

And then the rescue party had returned with two additional Luperci too? Needless to say, the Stryder had been highly suspicious and cold to the two guests of Casa di Cavalieri. She didn’t trust them as far as Myra could throw them.

Indi had been the one to suggest a patrol. Both sisters had been antsy, and the evening jaunt would help alleviate some of the built-up energy. They’d donned their usual attire, and had done well to take their personal weapons with them should they run into trouble. The sisters had been in the midst of returning from their patrol from the northeastern border when they heard the call to arms. With nothing more than a single glance at each other, the Stryder-Knight pair had put on a burst of speed.

Hearing the warning yip made by her ex-mentor, Teagan had no doubt what the commotion was about. Syndicate. They had finally come, and they had done exactly what she’d predicted they might do; attack the Fort.

Teagan’s blood burned hotly in her ears and she could feel the anger swell in her muscles. She wanted revenge, and she would make sure Syndicate felt her wrath tonight. They had hurt her brother, that annoying, innocent, Indi-admiring, dweeb of a brother of hers. They had taken away that infuriating smile, that arrogant confidence of his. They’d hurt him, and tonight they would pay.

When they had arrived at the Fort’s outer walls, it was already in chaos as Cavaliers defended their own against the invaders. One pair being Jace and Iorek as they tag-teamed on a tall, male wolf. The fierce, mother-bear looked ready to rip the Syndicate man apart limb by painstaking limb, and, as Teagan passed them, she could easily guess why. A glimpse of Honrin’s white coat stood out amongst the shadowed wood. She and Indi continued without stopping. Having work with both Jace and Iorek before, Teagan had no doubts they had their situation covered against one unlucky Loner.

In the distance lied the sister’s primary target of concern and one they rushed to help. His red coat made him impossible to miss. And the fact that he was on the ground made their protective, older sister instincts go crazy. Indi twirled her spear readily in her hand and Teagan withdrew her sword. Sapphire and Canary narrowed dangerously on their brother’s attacker.

A blur of movement out of the corner of her eye alerted Teagan to an oncoming attack though. She turned and planted her feet, her sword raised just in time to block a halberd from cutting her down. The force of the blow jarred her arms and sent sparks where metal bit into metal. The long, sharp, curved edge of the halberd’s head was hardly a few inches from her head. Had she met the haft any lower than where the metal began, her head would have been split open. “Huh, yer pretty quick fer a knight,” the halberd’s wielder rumbled, clucking his tongue as his pale eyes narrowed onto the Stryder.

He was a tall, lanky thing with broad shoulders and a muscular upper torso and thighs. Leather bracers were wrapped around each arm and shin guards donned his legs. A leather vest acted as his only source of protection for his body. The male’s feathering on an otherwise short coat led to the assumption that he was likely part wolf, part dog. A burgundy collar was worn around the man’s throat, a bronze pendant clinking noisily against the ring it was looped through.

A sharp exhale of exertion caused the Syndicate male to pull back just in time to avoid being struck by the butt of Indi’s spear. The koi-colored sister had turned the moment she had heard the clang of the pair’s locked weapons and had gone to her littermate’s aide. While her attack hadn’t struck him, it had been enough to force him away from Teagan. “Daddy’s busy right now, sweetie, you’ll have tah wait yer turn,” the stranger chided, not amused to have been disturbed by a second Cavalier joining his fight.

Both sisters’ lips curled to reveal their ivory teeth and the dance began.

The male turned, changing targets and swinging his halberd down towards Indi’s legs, trying to catch the koi-colored girl and send her to the ground. Ever nimble on her feet though, she stepped back before he could catch her. Teagan stepped forward now that their weapons were no longer connected—and her head no longer in danger of being cut in two—twisting her sword with the flow of her movement. She struck diagonally and downward, across wolfdog’s unguarded back. The sound of ripping leather as her blade tore through the measly material was a threat of what could have been.

He hissed, but the armor had done its job. Without it, Teagan would have severely cut him, with it, he felt the butterfly kiss of her sword’s edge. He thought her inexperienced to have targeted his torso instead of his unguarded limbs or lower back, but, the Styrder had her reasons.

Quick as a snake, he pulled his halberd back. The action was so quick that Teagan had only had the chance to twist her blade enough to deflect it from plummeting into her stomach. Instead, it was pushed slightly off course. Once more, the sound of metal scraping across each other echoed out, and the halberd’s sharp point caught Teagan in her side, ripping cleanly through her off-white tunic and cutting her side. Crimson blossomed immediately from the strike.

Teagan’s grunt alerted Indi to the fact that her littermate had been hit with the move, and the Knight hastily dished out her own retribution. She twisted her spear, letting the crimson ribbon attached to the bladed head wave distractingly as she brought the deadly end around to meet the Syndicate member in a thrust aimed for his face.

“You two ‘er ah right pain in mai ass!”

He anticipated as much, however, was not fast enough to avoid the bladed edge. His halberd was thrust forward, its pointed head cutting into the outer edge of the young woman’s thigh. Meanwhile, Indi’s spear nicked his cheek.

Fighting two against one, he had to keep his wits about him.

Wanting to keep the momentum going, the Syndicate male brought his weapon back, twisting it so that he struck away Indi’s spear from his face. As he pivoted on his heel, he brought the head’s curved edge so that went for Teagan’s sword arm while the pointed butt kept his back guarded from Indi. Once more, the Stryder’s weapon came up to protect her, steel meeting steel.

She was prepared for him this time though, and struck back with enough force that it off-balanced the wolfdog male who was still in mid-motion of turning around to face her. Having to regain his footing, Teagan pushed forward. Her sword provided the barrier she needed to force him back, and when she gained enough distance with a harsh shove, she swung, her blade coming down.

The male howled as she hit his unguarded fingers.

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OOC Guin is ambushed by npc 5. Somebody save her hungover ass.

The sound of a howl startled the liver furred female awake with a groan. Of course they'd decide to attack on a day when she'd decided to start her drinking early. It'd been a few hours now since she'd started and she'd obviously fallen asleep at some point. Still, the alcohol did it's best to rend her skull apart with the incessant pounding of a hangover headache. This would teach her to let her guard down after a successful mission. Teeth bared in a pained grimace, Guinevere forced herself to stand and belted on her short sword as she stumbled for the door. She had to find her Da, had to make sure he...With a pang of realization she remembered she didn't have to worry about him anymore. Under her breath she cursed alcohol with words she'd have been grounded for had her parents overheard, but amongst the commotion her disquiet was lost.

In an urgency to clear her head Guin stopped by the horse trough on her way out of the Fort and splashed the cool water over her face. The headache didn't ease in the slightest, but her thoughts cleared enough for her to function as a fighter. She shook her head to dispel the droplets and wiped her eyes as she withdrew her weapon and charged into the fray. Every pack member she saw seemed to have things under control with their selected target. Through sheer force of will she tamped down on the throbbing in her skull to a more manageable level - she'd catch hell from her pack mates if any of them caught wind that she'd been drinking during a high alert situation - and continued to scan her surroundings keenly with ghost green eyes. A stranger wouldn't know she was hungover just by looking at her, outwardly she seemed as deadly as the rest of her family. Unless you were downwind and could smell the slight tinge of alcohol on her breath. Which, apparently, someone had.

"You seem a little unsteady dearie," Guin whirled around to face the direction of the voice. For a moment the world spun from the speed of her movement and she squinted, forcing herself to remain steady and not sway. She would not show weakness before the enemy. She held her short sword in front of her, gaze roving from left to right for the source. "I'm a rock. I'll demonstrate this by crushing you after I've cut you down." perhaps a bit morbid for a taunting, but Guin wasn't the same pup she'd been the last time Syndicate had attacked. She could still hear the clang of a silver armlet as it hit the stone floor, thrown by her mother in defiance of the leadership's decision to execute the two spies. The Syndicate had had a hand in the rift between her parents.

"Is that so dearie? Well," the voice came from behind her now. Shit. Before Guin could slash out with her weapon, a hand snaked around her head and clamped an iron grip around her muzzle. Immediately after a flash of pain caused Guin's eyes to widen, a muffled cry barely escaping her maw as her back arched away from the source. The blade was pulled out and then shoved back in again. Guin tried to twist herself to freedom despite the pain in her side, her sword hand shifting to a backward grip to stab the weapon backward. To her dismay the attacker lashed out with a foot before she could complete the movement and landed a solid kick across her knuckles, forcing her grip to release on the hilt and skittering the short sword across the ground.

"Let me help you become unsteady, then." a third time the sharp object was removed and then repierced into her side as they emphasized 'become'. They dropped her unceremoniously to the ground on her stomach, but she didn't have long to gather her wits, as they were quickly straddling her back and wrapping a scarf around her muzzle multiple times before tying it off so tight she couldn't part her jaws an inch. A hand dug into the wine tresses donning her head and yanked it back, but the knee in her back kept the rest of her body pinned to the ground. Guin was treated to the face of her attacker looking down upon her, a sneer of superiority on their scarred muzzle. This close, she could tell they were female. A cloth mask obscured the upper parts of her face except her eyes, two orbs of purple just a few shades darker than royal purple that glittered with triumph. Tawny ears seemed to be streaked with mud and dirt, either to mask her true color or her scent Guin had no idea, what she could tell was this was probably a coywolf.

The Syndicate female lurched away for a second to retrieve Guin's short sword. Guin growled, her shoulders bunching as she tried to make an attempt to throw them off. A swift punch to her stab wounds ceased that, leaving her breathless and seeing stars as the pain exploded throughout her side. "None of that now," the other female tsked, yanking her head further back with a handful of hair. They took advantage of her stunned state to tie her hands and feet together swiftly with rope, so tight it hurt to shift any of her limbs. Still, she rolled onto her back and tried to use the power of her legs to kick her attacked. They foresaw this and pressed the tip of her own weapon into her stomach, just hard enough to prick the skin. Guin glared at the other female as they grinned sadistically, hoisting their end of the rope firmly around one arm. "I'm gonna enjoy this part, but I think it'll be a bit of a drag for you," they cackled, then turned and began to pick up speed.

As they had jested, it was a drag. Every bump hurt her injured side and fanned her flames of anger and humiliation even more. She'd never touch alcohol again after this....if there was an 'after this'. She'd also murder this female as soon as she was free. Which, with patience, would be soon, as her claws were diligently working away at the rope around her wrists. Within a couple minutes they'd frayed to dangerous proportions, her efforts combined with the wear and tear of the forest floor. Guin closed her eyes to relax herself, then abruptly strained every muscle at her command it opposite directions to break her bonds. The ropes snapped and her arms were jerked apart, free. Immediately she clawed at the muzzle to get it open. Her wriggling was noticed however, and the other female cursed before she dropped the rope and pounced on top of Guin, her hands gripping Guin's wrists to keep her claws away from the scarf. The liver furred female grinned in triumph seconds before she jerked her bound legs between them and kicked the coywolf Syndicate right in the stomach with all the strength she could muster.

They sputtered and gasped for breath just a few feet away, but it gave Guin a few precious moments to return to her attempts at freeing her muzzle with one hand and her legs with the other.

No one made a damsel out of her and got away with it.
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POSTED: Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:41 pm

It all happened so quickly. One moment he was calling, the next bodies were flying past him into the forest, and sounds of fighting echoes through the trees. Signalling for Howland and Theo to move out he waited by the gate for the flood of Cavaliers to exit, giving each member a snarl of approval as they charged. Once it seemed like those who were awake and ready were out of the Fort he began to push the heavy rusted gate closed. Those inside would have to protect it should they have a siege on their paws. The gate clanged as it came to a halt. On the other side Isaac came running, hollering for Luca to open the gate again. “Stay here ya’ ass. Gather the others for a second wave. I’ll call you if we need it but keep for Fort safe!” The commands were simple, and spoken through a wrinkled muzzle, signalling that he was not to be disobeyed. With a nod Isaac turned, blocking off the rest of the Cavaliers and organizing them as Luca headed into the forest.

Luca moved with grace through the woods, his feet avoiding the crackling of leaves and sticks on the ground, this was his home and he knew it well. In either hand an axe stood at the ready, deadly weapons that acted as extensions of his arm. Golden eyes peered around him, his ears twitching in search of the nearest scuffle. He was not disappointed. Dashing towards a the sounds of a struggle the Lune came upon Guin fighting off a coywolf. He had noticed her less than ideal state as she left the Fort and silently thanked Fenris for guiding him to her side. Looking at her now she didn’t look in fighting condition, bound in a rope with fresh wounds.

With a few quick movements Luca planted himself between the two sparing canines and growled, “Fuck off.” He snarled, leaning forward in a protective stance and ne hand slide to his side, slipping a long dagger out of its sheath and tossing it back to where Guin lay. Fenris knew that Alistair would ring his neck should he return to find his baby girl gone. The Syndicate spat in his direction before leaping, knocking the Lune down in an undignified manner. Fortunately for Luca he held the upper hand in weight and experience, he had done his fair share of dirty fighting in his youth. After the initial shock he dropped his axes, losing the extra awkward weight that would be no good to him in a brawl. Bringing an elbow up he slammed it against the females right eye, causing her to become disoriented. Grabbing her by the arms he easily maneuvered himself into the advantage.

OOC: Round two: time for the killing boys! Luca is helping Guin with NPC 5. Theo and Howland are to find our two new NPCs: Tess and Darius. Anyone is welcome to play out the new NPCs joining a fight with Theo and Howland at their side, or it will be assumed that they surrendered OOCly. Two new NPCs will be introduced next round! 400+ words


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POSTED: Thu Aug 17, 2017 6:09 pm

OOC: Rurik is 'helping' Veri with NPC 4. Someone made a poor life choice. Hint: It was that guy.

The mission had been a success, and he hadn't even needed to kill anyone. The Russian was a bit disappointed by that, but it didn't matter much over all. They had rescued their packmates and returned them to safety, that's what mattered. In typical style, Rurik had spent the greater majority of the day after as drunk as he could get. If you asked him why he would tell you "To celebrate the safe return of our family of course!", which wasn't entirely a lie, but the primary reason was to try and forget the part of himself that had woken up again. He had spent so much time teaching himself to keep it hidden, to keep the pain that haunted him locked away, only for that lock to be broken and the monster inside let out so easily. He didn't want to be a danger to Casa, not again.

Currently he was laid out on Veri's couch again in the familiar Rurik-shaped indent that he had managed to create, doing his best to recover from his all day drink-fest. He had plans to visit his supplier in a day or two since he had drank himself dry in a day, plus the old man probably needed more fur or meat or some other thing that he couldn't easily get on his own.

The room was gently swaying around him as he drifted on alcohol-waves, his arm thrown over his face in a half dozing state. He never could fall asleep completely when he drank, but he was content to just relax and let his mind wander for now. His thoughts drifted lazily to and fro, most often leading to Veri in some capacity or another. At the moment they were walking through a foggy meadow, hand in hand. When she turned to him and let out a two-voiced howl he jolted up right, his recovering brain trying to pick what was real and what wasn't. His nose caught up then and his smelt panic, worry, leather, herbs, Veri, Damon, Isobel. They had been here when he'd fallen asleep and now they weren't. They left in a hurry and hadn't woken him. What could cause such a reaction?

Why had she sounded like that? Is she okay? Where did they go? Her voice was strange. No, that wasn't her. Who then...and why." He felt his hackles rising as his brain slowly processed the meaning, and owner, of the call. A warm sensation began to spread through his belly and his vision began to cloud. They were here. They dared come to his pack and threaten his family again.

Before he knew what he was doing, he was sprinting out the door, following Veri's scent. He needed to make sure she was alright before he moved on to the others. All around him the smell and sounds of a fight flowed, dragging up what he would prefer be forgotten from his core. He felt his thoughts fading, instinct and rage taking their place. He would show these pieces of filth the meaning of fear. He would show them pain.

The Russian slowed when he caught the scent of a third and unfamiliar scent mixing with Veri's and Isobel's. The familiar tang of a bow string releasing made his jerk his head and swivel his ears around, listening through the noise for where it had come from. The sound of the arrow striking home and a shriek of pain drove what ever scrap of reason he had from him. Someone had hurt his family, in their own territory, they would pay. He padded forward on silent feet, his rage having reached that rare point of calm.

He heard talking, Veri and a stranger. Banter it seemed, but it served the purpose of covering Rurik's foot falls. He saw them now, through the trees and brush. The foolish sandy coated male facing off against his warrior of a mate. He would kill the fool for thinking to attack Veri and Isobel. Not only would he kill him, but he would make sure his screams echoed through the rest of the pack land as a message to the rest of his ilk: you've awoken the wrong demon.

The Russian quickly circled around behind the male, keeping to the shadows to remain unseen. He watched Isobel lung and bite the male's weapon hand, rendering it useless. A flicker of pride flared to life for the girl, but it was short lived as the storm he was holding back swallowed it up again. He was right behind the man when Veri lunged forward with her attack, causing the man to evade backwards. Right into Rurik's waiting arms.

With one step forward he came into the small patch of moon light, and with a glance over the male's shoulder to Veri, he let himself go.

A wide grin split his muzzle, showing all of his teeth. His eyes went wide as adrenaline flooded his system. He suddenly felt as if he were burning alive as the need for blood coursed through him. He let a sound cut from his throat, something between a howl and a scream, loud enough that it echoed throughout Casa. The sandy male spun, eyes wide with terror. Rurik grasped both side's of his head and brought their heads together with a crack, sending him reeling backwards, stunned.

Rurik advanced on him, seemingly unphased by the attack. Still sporting his disturbing smile he shouted at the invader. "You die here tonight! Your bones will litter the land! Your blood will flow in our streams!" He had no idea what he was saying, but he wanted it to be true. The man recovered some before Rurik could close the distance between them and lashed out in a desperate attempt to defend himself. Rurik simply stepped to the side, gripped his wrist and pushed up, exposing the man's side. With a quick rip of his claws he tore through the sensitive muscles under the male's arm, causing him to let out a scream of pain and rendering his dominant hand useless.

The invader had recovered from his initial stunning thanks to the sudden pain. With a swipe he buried his claws in Rurik side, trying to make the Russian male let go of his damaged arm, but it didn't work. Adrenaline kept him from feeling the damage. He only smiled wider at the foolish attacker and wrapped his free arm around around the other male's, keeping his claws pinned in his side. "You. Die. Here. Tonight.".

Stepping forward with one leg, Rurik set his leg behind the other's and pushed forward, ripping his claws from his side and sending him sprawling onto his back. The male scrambled to get back to his feet as Rurik stalked after him. "Run! Run from me you coward! I want to taste your fear as I kill you! The demon of Casa di Cavalieri wants to hunt tonight!" The male scrambled to flee, but it was a ruse. When he flopped over to stand up, Rurik scooped up his fallen dagger and stabbed it through his lower leg and into the ground, pinning him there. The male let out another shriek of pain and reach to remove the blade so he could get away, but Rurik caught his arm before he could and wrenched it from side to side, breaking bones and dislocating his shoulder. Now, with both arms rendered useless, Rurik kicked the male back onto his back, another howl of pain escaping his lips as the dagger twisted and came free from the ground, remaining lodged in his leg.

Rurik sat on the males chest and smiled down at him, the moon casting a dark shadow over his features. Only his eyes and bright white teeth were visible to the male. With no preamble or warning, Rurik lunged forward and began biting and chewing at the man's face, relishing in his screams and shrieks of pain, feeling the twitches and he tried to use his broken arms to defend himself, but failed.

It didn't take very long for Rurik to finish off the male, but he screamed in agony the entire time. When he was finally done he looked up at Veri, blood and viscera clinging to his muzzle and dripping down his front, a pool of blood under him and the dead body he still sat upon. His voice was soft when he spoke.

"Are you hurt?"
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