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Summer Plot - Week 3

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Time in its infinity stopped for her and revolved in a slow languorous torture and every breath that rushed through her chest bounced about inside of her skull echoing from her bones. Every stalling step was one more away from safety, away from her and her indomitable spirit. Honrin's eyes were wide and so full of fear, sobriety coming to the mind but not the body, his arm fell away and she watched the hope drain from his gaze. His mother could not save him, not this time.

The beating of her heart was a hummingbird's against the lump in her throat, despair colored everything she saw, drowning out the colors of life around her. Every booming crash thudding in her ears blocked out the sounds of everyone else with their own battles. The howls and calls to arms were gone and she was caught in her own torment.

Honrin had Temo's handsome face dressed in white, the same jovial smile and quirking eyebrows. It was pain over and over again, a madness tearing in her chest, shaking loose the wildness from the north.

So when Iorek arrived, the bear-sized behemoth tackling the object of her murderous fury the woman sprang forwards with no recognition of mercy or parley. Nothing gentle existed within her and she barged aside her own pack-mate with the brunt of her shoulder to get to him.

Her teeth sunk into flesh and the dog-woman became a monster. She ripped and tore, and the man screamed loud enough to make her ears ring with the sound and still she did not stop. Chunks of his flesh and skin were sheared from his whole, bones crunched and broken between her jaws. His screams were wrought louder and higher pitched and his free, usable hand beat at her head, clawing at her face. The woman was snarling, growling with malicious malevolence. She would tear him to pieces.

Blood was warm and pungent on her fur, against her neck and splattering onto her face. It ran in rivers across the ground as she tore flesh and skin from bone and left him a gasping bleeding mess with his innards spilled from his gut and the crux of his throat torn free. Wet sucking noises burbled from his chest and more blood gushed from the gaping wound in his throat. The woman was cold inside as her jaws slid one last time about his neck and with a sharp twist his spine was severed and the lifeless corpse slumped against the sodden red earth.

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OOC NPC 5 is dead.

Thankfully it didn't take long for aide to come. Although Guin wished none had come at all, so as to keep her current damsel state to herself, she was grateful when a dagger was thrown in her direction. In no time her hand snatched the weapon up and went to work on the ropes in which encased her ankles. The knot work was good, and intricate, but even the best of knots stood no chance against a sharp blade. A couple times she nicked herself in her hurry to be free, the dagger slipping further than she intended to dig into her own flesh. Her hands were tacky with a few small trails of blood when finally the rope snapped apart, allowing her legs to separate and stretch.

Now free, the warrior princess turned her attention to Luca and his adversary. Ghost green eyes glinted dangerously as she silently stood and ripped the cloth from her muzzle. By now Luca had grasped the arms of the female Syndicate, holding her in place. Perfect. Guin's lips peeled back to reveal her canines as she ducked her head and ran at them. In seconds she was behind their opponent and jumped on her back to drag her down. "Bitch!" they snarled, one purple eye glaring at Guin with hate. "Karma's a bitch, and so am I!" Guin snarled back.

With no warning Guin lunged, jaws wide, and sank her teeth into the female's throat. They gasped and jerked, but with Luca holding their arms they had no escape. She beared down, feeling the blood coat her tongue as their heart betrayed them by helping Guin kill them. Her teeth met bone, able to go no further, and she twisted viciously, just like she would with a piece of prey she'd hunted to break its neck. There was a sickening snap and their body went limp. Guin released them to look down and see a flicker of life still in those purple eyes. "Who's unsteady now?" she asked coldly, and watched as the spark left their gaze.

The deed done, she lurched backward a few steps, the pain of her wounds coming back twofold, as if to remind her of their presence. She reached back a hand to cover the wounds in an attempt to staunch whatever bleeding there might be. "Thanks," she gasped at Luca, lightly panting as a way to manage the pain. They weren't severe, at least she didn't think so. She could still fight. Deliberately she bent to the ground and raked at it with her claws to reach some dirt, taking a handful and then plastering it to the wounds. It would dirty them, yes, but it would absorb the blood and hopefully clog it. She hissed between her teeth for a couple seconds as they stung, then lowered both her hands and walked, with no limping whatsoever, toward where her short sword had fallen. "Let's go," she told her Lune as she picked it up. There was sure to be others in need of aide.
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Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end

His dark eyes watched as the stranger shook his head to regain his senses after having the black wolfdog drop from the branches to land on top of him. Not spending a lot of breath on talking, Run. Temo, in the one and only moment of chivalrous fair play, gave him the only chance that the coydog will have to leave under his own power. He knew the warning would go unheeded and the look that he got back in return as his opponent stood up and looked him over and deciding that a mere stick would be no match for sharpened steel, slowly pulled a sword slowly from it's scabbard and let the soft sound of a blade being slowly removed from the scabbard be his answer.

The wood wright now warrior stood at ease with his staff in one hand and one end resting on the ground next to his feet. The distant sounds of clashing weapons faded into the background noise as he stared into the eyes of his opponent and focused his mind for the fight. A slight smile tugged at the corners of his mouth when the blood curdling scream of pain and death went by them and produced a flash of fear in the orbs that he was focused in on. At that moment, when those eyes flicked off of him to the direction of the scream, Temo had been around long enough that he knew he had won the fight even if the other had quickly refocused back onto him.

With all of the confidence of a young warrior that had spent most of his life practicing with steel going up against one that was beginning to grey around the muzzle, sprang at Temo with the sword in the lead. A step to the side and a tap of staff to sword to deflect, an easy move, but they were only just getting started.

The first few seconds of steel clashing with wood passed by with the attacker trying to get into Temo's defenses and Temo parrying the attacks and getting a few stinging blows in with the faster maneuvering of the staff over sword. The confidence of youth with steel quickly fading until blade edge met wood over Temo's head and cut almost all the way through the dark warrior's staff. With the knowledge that he finally took out the inferior weapon, the coydog smiled and quietly said "Prepare to die, old man."

Not today, was all Temo voiced just before he flexed his muscles and snapped his staff the rest of the way into two pieces allowing the sword to fall the rest of the way to his shoulder. The blood barely got started welling around the blade when the two pieces of staff were swung around with such speed and force that not only did skin bruise, but a rib cracked and the intruder grunted in pain. Temo no longer pulling his punches, started putting all of his strength into his blows. The swordsman tried to defend himself valiantly against the black whirlwind but it proved fruitless.

Bruised and battered, the interloper measured his length out on the ground with Temo's last blow to the back of the shoulders. The sword laid near by with the coywolf trying to reach for it. Temo stepped over and picked it up and then swung it expertly up and around and point first straight down into the ground right next to his opponents muzzle, severing some of his whiskers. Blood trickled from the nostril and ear as the looser slipped into unconsciousness while his life blood pooled around the sword.

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"You're going to be happy," said Life.

Her blade pressed tight against his skin and it threatened to burst with the pressure of it. As his vision returned - and with it, the reality of his situation - he felt his heart race. She was much lighter than his brother, Remus, yet even her weight was enough to firmly pin him to the ground in the state he was in. The pressure of her body against his lower spine and pelvis brought tears to his eyes completely unrelated to the fear and hopelessness he felt at the situation.

Screams, one by one, lit the night on fire. They rang in his ears as strongly as the tang of blood reached his nostrils. A single hot tear escaped his eye and trickled down his face to land in his dark hair. "Aw, the poor little boy wants to go back home to his mama? Well too bad-"

A new and different kind of scream ripped through the air, far nearer and far angrier than any else they'd heard so far. While his opponent jerked in reaction, Arlen screwed his jade eyes shut in anticipation of the worst. Instead of the sensation of teeth or metal ripping through his flesh, the crushing weight was dragged off of him kicking and screaming by a familiar dark figure.

"D-Damon!" The name was coughed out through lungs hampered by pained ribs. While the woman and Damon scrabbled for dominance over the knife in her hand, Len twisted onto his belly to push himself up with his hands and knees. He was slower than he'd hoped to be, a pair of mismatched paws appeared by his face before he could even gather his limbs beneath him. Without waiting for permission, he reached his arms around his friend's neck to bury his hands in his deep fur. Grabbing hold of the loose skin, he hauled himself forcefully to his feet with a groan. "I just couldn't wait without you. Sorry to leave you out of the fun."

"How cute!" The woman crowed at them. In her hands, a pair of fighting knives gleamed coldly only instant before she hurled them at the boys. Len immediately dropped back down to his knees and trembled at the sound of it passing above him. The red prince gritted his teeth in fury. I will not let them do this to me again!

He gritted his teeth in frustration at his own cowardice and weakness. His left hand slowly drew his rapier out of its sheath, though it shook in his hands. I am not a coward.

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OOC NPC 2 is dead.

Veri wanted to advance toward her target as he stumbled backward, nursing his newly injured thigh, but at the same time she could not leave Isobel defenseless. As sly as this man was, he might be able to slip around her defenses and attack her daughter directly. Within seconds of his hasty retreat, however, the decision was taken from her hands as a familiar face stepped forward from the shadows directly behind the Syndicate male. By the look in his eye she knew the intruder's fate would be a bloody one. His smile only cemented this fact. Instead of attempting to help her mate, Veri took a few steps toward her daughter and bent her knees slightly in a wide stance just as Rurik released his screaming howl of bloodlust.

The sandy male's reaction was comical almost as he spun to see what should have been a normal wolf, but may have appeared to resembled a demon. Isobel tried to get up, to help, but Veri held out a hand for the coywolf female to stay put. "Don't worry. He's got this. He might not know friend from foe right now and you'd get hurt." she told her daughter quietly, mixed blue eyes never straying from the fight. She watched to see what injuries her mate accumulated, to know ahead of time how to treat them. His pain processing dropped when he was like this; he likely barely felt anything the Syndicate member could deliver. Some might have flinched as her mate's words reached her ears, but no such motion came. Her daughter did, however, her green eyes wide with terror as the man she'd known as a gentle and caring drunk turned into something to fuel nightmares.

Veri spared a glance for Isobel, a spear of sympathy striking her heart for a moment that her daughter had to witness this side of Rurik. Few had, and even fewer had survived it. Well, no one survived, really. By the time her eyes turned back toward her mate, he was stalking the sandy pelted intruder as they scrambled backward on the ground to flee. This was a mistake, for when he flopped over to stand Rurik pinned him in place with a dagger through his calf and lodged into the ground. His next mistake was reaching for the dagger to remove it. His reward was another damaged arm. As her mate kicked the Syndicate onto his back, Veri knew what came next. "Sweetie, look away. You don't want to see this."

Thank Fenris, Isobel obeyed her warning just in time, also covering her ears to block out the sounds of flesh being torn and the screams Rurik's victim uttered as he died. Veri never looked away though, nor did she flinch during any of the cries of agony. When his eyes finally lifted to meet hers, she met them confidently. Her head shook in response to his question. "No, I'm alright. The arrow he shot hit Isobel, it's superficial. But you're hurt too." She stuck the tip of her sword into the ground, grabbed her medicine back from where it had fallen by her daughter, and made her way slowly toward him, still never removing her gaze from his face. "Let me look at those." she murmured to him as she drew close; she could see the trails of blood going down his side from where she stood. She was nearly within arms reach of him and she began to extend her hand to touch his shoulder.

In another part of the battle a dark furred figure charged into a silver vixen, snarling his rage that she dare not only attack his home, but his best friend too. She cursed at him loudly as he crushed her knife hand between his jaws viciously, rendering the hand crushed and semi useless, the fingers would always look mangled and feel weaker if she managed to escape and heal. The claws of her free hand ripped across his muzzle multiple times, opening lines of liquid crimson in his fur that threatened to blind him. Before she could get better purchase on him, however, he removed her current weapon from her grasp and retreated to Arlen's side, standing beside his red furred friend protectively while still keeping an eye on the Syndicate female.

She started to pick herself up at the same time that Damon felt Arlen's fingers sink into the fur around his neck. There was a tremor in those hands that caused ruby eyes to flick toward the Stryder and give him a once over again to make sure there was no new injuries. Damon couldn't help a grin in response, despite his worry, only to have their slight reprieve interrupted by the silvery woman as she mocked them and threw her knives in their direction. Arlen dropped to the ground to dodge his, Damon skittered to the left. This put distant between the two pack members, but it gave the black male a new angle on his friend when Arlen drew his rapier and he noticed that tremor again. Was his friend afraid? Based on the glimpses he'd seen of how Arlen had been found, he didn't really blame him.

Before he could decide on an action to take that would protect his friend, the silver vixen charged him with another knife in hand. Damon snarled and launched himself forward to meet her, snapping his jaws repeatedly as she abruptly skimmed by him, hooked an arm around his throat. Her momentum allowed her to swing up onto his back and grip his sides like a vice, hard enough that his ribs began to hurt. He growled and bucked viciously to get her off, the strength of her legs however kept her in place for the most part. He paused just a second to catch his breath, she took that opportunity to rear back and plunge her knife into his left shoulder.

Damon howled in pained anger and shot forward once more. His movement was hindered by the jabbing, slicing pain of the blade embedded in his muscle, but not enough to stop him. He started spinning in a tight circle, then switched to the other direction. Each time he reversed he felt her grip loosen a little bit at a time. As a last ditch effort he jumped as high as he could manage and twisted so his back was toward the ground. Too late she realized what he intended, and he came down on top of her hard. The knife twisted in his shoulder has he dazedly scrambled to his feet, shaking his head to clear it. The silver female lay on the ground, more dazed than he'd been since the impact had smacked her head against the ground.

Damon curled his lip as she struggled to sit up, attempting to pull yet another knife from a sheath. He batted it away with one swipe of his paw and stepped closer. "You should have stayed away." he told her matter of factly. No warning, he lunged and ripped her throat out in one fatal swoop. Her corpse collapsed in a crumpled pile and he spat the piece of meat from his maw, making a face. Meat was meat, and it didn't taste particularly bad, but she had been an enemy, and a Luperci. A couple seconds passed before the pain of the knife in his shoulder returned with a vengeance, urging a whimper from his muzzle. Damon turned to face Arlen, searching his friend's face in concern. Carefully, he limped toward the red Stryder, putting as little weight on his compromised leg as possible. "You alright man, she didn't hurt you anywhere?"
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aNPC: Indi (+977)

NPC #3 is dead.

Blood splattered as her sword cut through the thin flesh that made up the man’s fingers. He reeled back, dropping his halberd and screaming at the fire that shot up his arms. His hands were covered in crimson, as was the handle on his weapon and the ground between them. If he’d dared to look, he might have seen the bones that made up his precious digits. He was lucky that, from the angle she’d struck him, her short sword did not provide her with the power to remove them entirely.

He stared numbly at his own hands, as if trying to comprehend if he still even had any fingers left with how much blood covered them.

With the Syndicate male rendered defenseless and distracted, Indi struck out. Her spear sliced down the side of the wolfdog’s thigh, causing him to start as he remembered that he was in the middle of a fight still. He turned, yelping at the continued barrage from the sisters. Indi struck out two more times, this time, in jabbing motions aimed at the man’s torso. He dodged, his collar jingling with each movement he made.

When he spotted an opportunity, he dove, his crimson hands outstretched to take back his abandoned weapon. A sharp kick in his side sent him sprawling though. And, even as he scrambled fleetingly to nab his halberd, his fingers were too slick to even get a proper grip on it. Rolling in the dirt, his yellow eyes snapped upward, finding a pair of glaring canary staring him down.

Indi moved behind her sister. With a flick of her own spear, she sent the halberd clattering in the dirt, and well beyond reach for the Syndicate member. Teagan stepped forward, and the male scrambled backward, his bloody fingers leaving a trail in his wake. “You’ve lost,” she bellowed, “Surrender!”

“To the likes of your lot?!” One of his hands slipped, sending his shoulder harshly into the ground. He grunted, baring his teeth up at the tall warrior princess. “Never!” The man suddenly jerked to one side. His hand, following with the movement, threw dirt and blood that was aimed for the Stryder’s eyes.

Teagan’s head jerked and her eyes instinctively closed as her brain registered debris flying towards them. Indi growled, and the Officer spun at the warning, dodging the enraged Syndicate male as he attempted to tackle her knees. As she turned to meet him again, her sword came down, striking deep into the taught muscles of the man’s back. The flimsy armor, already weakened from her earlier blow, didn’t stand a chance with the second.

Her blade, driven with cool anger and meticulously sharpened for battle, cut cleanly through the remainder of the material and into the wearer himself. The man howled, rolling so that his back was no longer exposed to his aggressor. He struck out like a rabid, injured animal; with his teeth and claws.

Wild and without any clear goal to his furious swipes and snaps, the sisters could do nothing at first but simply avoid the flailing limbs. After a few seconds, their eyes met; canary to sapphire and sapphire to canary. Teagan lunged forward, causing the male to lash out at her sudden proximity to him, desperate to protect himself from any further cuts or attacks on his person.

Claws raked her shins, but, before the male could latch onto her, Indi came down upon him with the length of her spear, slapping the man across his torso. He yelped, and his flailing limbs temporarily ceased at the stun. Teagan took advantage of the opening, descending upon the man with her full weight.

Her knee came down sharply onto his sternum, further knocking the air from the angry wolfdog. The Stryder’s sword rested threateningly against the male’s throat as she bared her ivory fangs at him once more. “Yield!” It was his last chance.

He snarled, one of his hands curling as he swiped, aiming for her injured side. His blood mingled with her own as his bloody digits hit home.

It was Teagan who would have the last laugh though.

The Officer’s sword dug into the flesh of his throat and cut; dark, crimson liquid bubbling up quickly as her blade was brought away from him. The Syndicate male’s eyes went wide as he suddenly found it hard to breath. He gurgled and spat, coughed and his body trembled. Teagan rose to her feet, but her eyes did not leave him. He gripped his throat, foolishly trying to stop the flow of blood from it. It did nothing but further coat his hands in crimson.

Indi made a noise, and Teagan’s eyes flicked to her koi-colored sister, remembering the last time they had seen death together. The Knight stood firm, but, in her eyes, Teagan could see the dark cloud of their past looming in them. “Go find Arlen and make sure he’s alright,” Teagan said. Indi’s lips parted as if to say something, but quickly closed them. They shared a look. “I’ll be fine.” Indi nodded reluctantly, backing away and then turning, running off into the direction they had seen their little brother last.

With her gone, Teagan turned her attention back to their aggressor. He continued his desperate attempts to fill his lungs with air, only to further drown them in his own blood.

Yellow met Canary.

His lips curled defiantly. “More…will…c-come…”

Teagan’s face was neutral as she twisted her wrist, plunging the point of her sword down into his open wound. The male spasmed, his hands curling around her blade in his final act before all brain activity ceased and his body went limp.

“Let them come. Casa di Cavalieri will be ready.”

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So late! Also, like have of this is Iorek puking so don't need to read300+

Iorek was surprised by Jace's tackle and he rolled off of the loner easily. Fixing his flower crown back on his head, the beast looked up as he heard a scream. The woman was tearing into the man in the most brutal was possible. Blood and flesh fell to the earth as the woman ripped her opponent to pieces. Wide carmine eyes gazed at the scene with many emotions running through him. Fear, disgust, and surprise were the main ones that he could identify. The wolfdog had never seen such a display and looked away. He was crouched on all fours and held his forearm in front of his face, cowering away from the violence.

The red-eyed Recruit though the woman was finished when he looked up. He looked up just in time to see her tearing out the man's insides. Bile rose in his throat as he saw the man torn into like a deer. And the man was still moving! The boy had never thought that one could do that to another, though the beast himself had torn out a loner's throat. The macabre display was too much for the youngster whom had never seen such a gruesome scene. The crimson-eyed Cavalier felt sick to his stomach.

The massive yearling fell onto all fours as he vomited, his stomach unable to handle it. He coughed up his lunch, the taste and smell making him feel even more sick. Once the heaving had ceased, he sat back on his haunches, moving away from the pile of puke. And then the beast almost stepped on a piece of the dead man. And then the scarlet-eyed boy heaved again as he scampered away from the body part and almost ran into Riley, whom had really no reaction to the corpse except for a raised eyebrow.

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