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POSTED: Sun Aug 27, 2017 2:30 pm

Let's get this show on the road 300+ Optime | Night | Late August | Medico Office

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A massive Optime beast stood in the Medico office. He was a hulking creature, easily over seven feet tall. He was broad-shouldered and shaggy, almost bearlike in appearance. He had a hunched feral posture that lowered his head only slightly. His fur was tan with a mixture of brown hues. His forearms were wrapped in bandages and he wore a pink and white flower crown. A magpie perched on his shoulder, squawking and chittering every so often. He had flowers woven into his mane and a satchel that hung over his shoulder.

Iorek was a budding healer having been one for a week or so. He had started his apprenticeship barely days after the final showdown between the Syndicate and Casa di Cavalieri. He just didn't want to fight anymore, he hated the violence. Good people had died in the last battle, Clara was one of them. The woman that had made him his pants. He had already learned basic wound first aid and the wolfdog had shown that he was a quick learner.

Currently, the red-eyed Recruit was just tidying up. It was late, but he feared the nightmares that came from the last battle and the nightmares of the demon's assault that had resurfaced. He didn't really have anything to do here, no one to heal. He could organize things, but he didn't know how the healers organized things around here. He had already made sure that they had enough bandages. So, the crimson-eyed Cavalier pulled a book out of his satchel and began reading.

The massive yearling liked reading. He was starting to get better at reading more than picture books, but he still enjoyed reading them. He was starting to read more book about information and he was currently reading a small chapter book that was quite easy to read There was another book in his bag, a book about flowers. But, the boy would read this book first. He sat down on the bed and continued to read. Birdflower looked over the feral giant's shoulder but soon lost interest.

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OOC - He's cut himself across his shin and made a bloody mess everywhere! And yes, he looks like he came straight out of a scooby-doo cartoon when he's "breaking in"

It was just a little cut. A scrape really! He could definitely make it home without an issue and his mother would never know! Right? Wrong. The instant he put weight on it, he knew. Groaning, the boy moved to sheath the bloody, offending rapier. The point wobbled around the mouth of its scabbard, teetering between in and out. Hesitantly, he pushed it down, only to feel a sharp nick across his fingers.

Well, that was one more injury for the books. A wet giggle escaped the red boy, followed immediately by a putrid burp. "Whoopsie daisy!" Naked rapier still in hand, he staggered out of training rink, occasionally sinking the blade into the earth and using it as a crutch. Callum would have killed him if he'd seen it, but what the old coot didn't know wouldn't hurt him!

Arlen trudged towards the Courthouse in a daze. The buildings swam past him in a blur, sometimes moving so swiftly and other times not at all. It wasn't until he made it to the door and leaned against it that he turned and looked back. Even in the dark, he could see the zigzag tracks of blood he'd left on the steps. "Das not gonna be fun to clean." Well, it'd have to wait until morning anyway.

He pushed the doors open, waltzing inside confidently before slipping on a puddle of his own blood and falling down with a smack. His blade was sent skittering across the floor, forgotten the instant it left his hand. Red now coated his shin, knees, palm, and had been smeared across his lovely green tunic. Had his clothes been a lighter color, he would have looked like a murder gone wrong.

Slowly, he picked himself back up (falling a few more times along the way) before making his way to the clinics. He sniffed around for Morty or Veri. They'd patch him up alright, but only after telling his mom and dad and lecturing him forever. The Stryder squinted into corners of the door, wondering if he could see a light flickering in the cracks. Cautiously, he opened the squeaky door slowly and pushed his head inside. Without looking around, the rest of him followed suit in a caricature of a stealthy break-in. He walked on the tips of his toes, limping every time he put weight on his injured leg and hissing fiercely. "I gotta be quiet," he told himself. "Or I'll wake up all the people!"

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POSTED: Sat Sep 02, 2017 7:46 pm

Time: Night
Place: Medico Office
Adornment:Flower crown
Oh boy
Word Count:

Iorek had advanced quite far in reading do to his practicing and lessons. He graduated to harder chapter books with not many pictures in them but with more words. So far, he could get the gist of the story despite it being a bit confusing for him. He didn't know what a "bakery" was, or "cake", or "bread". But, he could understand some things. The children in the story were orphans like him. Also, the lady in the bakery was a mean woman who didn't like children and refused to take care of the little boy, Benny. He couldn't understand why one would abandon a child like that. Humans were weird creatures. There didn't seem to be any packs or anything> But the wolfdog continued to read anyway despite the confusion.

The brown behemoth was reading about the children sleeping in a haystack when the smell of blood hit his nose. He looked up from his book slightly alarmed. Was the Syndicate back? Or was it a pack mate that accidentally opened a healing wound? He really hoped that it didn't require him to stitch it. He didn't know he could or would be able to do it. Albeit, Morty only described the process of stitching wounds and that had already grossed him out. The chocolate-saddled beast sniffed the air just as a familiar figure staggered in.


Arlen looked like he had walked straight out of a battle. He was all bloody with a cut on his shin. But, the smell of alcohol was still present in his scent. He seemed to be drunk. Had the Stryder been sober, the red-eyed Recruit would have felt sorry for him. He disliked the sharp-smelling liquid from the brown bottles after having had some, passing out drunk, and waking up with a hangover. Having known the consequences of drinking, the boy didn't understand why people did it. A disappointed look settled on the crimson-eyed Cavalier's face that bordered a disapproving.

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