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The court room was filled with Knights and two that had wronged them. Grynn and Teagan had been asked to give a verdict and both had been cold but for them this was closer to home than others may think. She knew from time to time things like this had to be done.

Before Luca even had a chance to speak on their decision the room erupted to life. Brita screamed going for her brother. She could understand in a way, they were so bonded it didn’t matter that the bonding wasn’t healthy. Grynn didn’t move though to many hands trying to contain a situation was unnecessary. The red hued woman just watched. She watched her fellow pack-mates and listened. Their pain was felt within her and she knew just how they felt.

Wrong from right was a hard thing to distinguish. Putting evil to rest was good yes, but Brita.. Grynn watched the woman and looked to her brother. She attempted to lock eyes with him before more began to speak. Luca was wrong in this judgement, she never disagreed with him ever he was smart but this this was dumb. She looked at Teagan and Rurik, Jace caught her attention too.

She took a breath and looked straight at Luca. “My lune this is insanity.” She stated her tone flat as she spoke. She never stepped out like this but she had to today. The safety of Casa lay on the line, the things that went through her head bounced between death and good will. “Our safety is on the line with this woman free. We know little about them and where she might go back to.” She spoke looking at her brother. “We can’t just turn her loose.” This was where the boundaries blurred for Grynn good vs evil help her or kill her. Death was her true choice but it sounded like Luca wasn’t having it. She couldn’t believe she was even sayin this. “I took an oath, she’s a victim.”

Both Uryu and Armani nodded. “She is a victim.” Uryu followed. “We should be helping her.” He spoke. Armani looked to her uncle. “It’s safer if she’s here.” Grynn spoke. The known evil was better than her returning with an army. Though she wasn’t opposed to killing her either as long as she knew where she was and could watch her. Grynn crosses her arms a stern look on her face, she didn’t like this one bit.
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TL;DR Iorek and Riley both want Brita to leave. Rushed post, sorry
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Iorek was still bristling in anger, in rage after what Brita did. She harmed a person close to him and she had already taken a part in harming people he considered to be his friends, in his eyes. He stood, still ruffled and obviously pissed off. His face was contorted into a snarl, nose wrinkled and lips pulled back to reveal the tips of his teeth. The wolfdog would have sprung, but Jace looked like she had it and he didn't think that she would want another getting in the way.

And then another man, Veri's mate stepped forward to help her and then spoke, calling for the death of the enslaved woman. In all honesty, the oversized healer agreed with it. The woman seemed to be too far gone and call him biased, but he didn't think that she could be saved. She harmed the golden medic, someone who was clearly trying to help her and had stood by and watched as pack-mates were harmed by the monster, something unforgivable in the beast's eyes. The hulking hybrid would agree that the woman should be put to sleep.

And then the Secanti female spoke, disagreeing with her mate. The woman spoke up, defending the woman that had just ripped her eye out. The feral nurse couldn't understand why she was doing that but listened to her speech. While the woman was victim as well, unlike the other victims of the Nightshade, she had hurt someone, possibly maimed the Officer. The massive medic still stood by his original stance, the enslaved woman should at least get a peaceful death, and if she loved Raine as much as she seemed to, she would be at peace in death with him.

The brown behemoth's ears flattened as he heard Aniki's assessment. She was wrong about some things. while he did agree with not killing the woman - well he wasn't exactly thrilled that she existed - he did not agree on some things. What she said about Myra made his fur bristle and a small snarl rumble through his chest. The girl was the daughter of the Lune and she was a good person, a child that didn't know any better. The monster's sister was a grown woman, obviously she should know the difference between right or wrong. And she seemed to know the difference. And then the Officer went on to point out that no one had reached out to her, well how could they have known? And also, they tried to help her in this trial but obviously the woman didn't want to be free from her captor. The chocolate-saddled brute stuck with his original stance.

And then the Lune asked for a vote from the Cavaliers. And then the same man as before put forth the motion that they were to send the woman away. And the large Luperci saw wisdom in that. While part of him did agree that it would be cruel to put the woman to sleep, sending her away seemed a lot more agreeable and good. And then the canary-eyed Sworn put forth her opinion which the beast agreed with, just as he had with the arctic queen's vote as well.

I-I.. I agree with Teagan a-and Jace. The scarlet-eyed Officer said and then saw how everyone else justified their vote so he took a breath and focused on his feelings towards the Nightshade pair to help him speak clearly. B-Brita knew about Raine's actions and she didn't try to warn anyone. Sh-She stood by and watched three children harmed by this m-man, and sh-she seems to know the difference between r-right and wrong. A-As we saw, she's a danger to others, a-and V-Veri offered to help her b-but she didn't take the offer. Sh-She threatens the safety of this pack and she shouldn't s-stay here. The crimson-eyed Cavalier found that he had spoken just as much as some of the others before him, maybe even more. And then Riley spoke.

I agree with sending her away, but for her safety. If she stays she'll be in a place where people will view her as Raine's accomplice and in the same negative light. She should be allowed to start anew, in a place where people will not blame her for what he has done. The malachite-eyed Cadet said. While his mother had been a slave, he'd never seen her like this. h absolutely despised her masters and found comfort in his father. He didn't want to kill the poor woman, but agreed that she should be sent away.

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It's always darkest before the Dawn.

OOC: Night does not vote

It was hard for her to admit in front of everyone what had happened, but it needed to be done. She didn’t want to watch that monster go free and be able to hurt anyone else. It needed to end.

Everyone began speaking, declaring that Raine would be put to death, but then they started speaking up about Brita and what would happen to her. Veri tried to claim that the woman was a victim as well, then Brita actually attacked Veri who was trying to defend her! Night could feel her heckles rise before she calmed again, listening to the others. Some spoke of killing her out of mercy because she was a victim as well. That struck a chord with the dark fae, considering how many times Raine told her how he was grooming her to be his just as Brita was his. Would they have been considering killing her if he had managed to get her on the same level as Brita?

She had listened to most speak, but she needed to voice her own opinion. There is not a doubt in my mind that Brita was fully aware of what Raine was doing. Or at least what he had done to me. Her eyes fell upon the woman for just a moment before moving back to Raine. He would send Brita to get me, to bring me to wherever he wanted me at that moment. She knew what would be happening and did nothing to stop it. She looked back at the others, her eyes stopping on Rurik. I don’t hold it against her though. Raine had kept me quiet for this long and would keep telling me how I would be just like Brita, that I would be his and be loyal to him and him alone. Night paused for just a moment. If he could train me like that after a couple months, I can only imagine what she had to endure during the years he’s kept her. And I can’t help but wonder if you’d be deciding my fate as well if Raine did have the chance to make me like Brita as he wanted. The dark fae glanced up at Brita. I say it’s her choice. Let her stay with us, or start a new life for herself outside of Casa. She deserves to make the choice herself.

Having said all she needed to say, Night headed to the back by Honrin once more, but not before glaring back at Raine one last time. He had taken so much from so many, he deserved his fate. Brita, on the other hand, was another story.

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OOC: Everett agrees with Night and does not vote.

Emotion was thick upon the air, its omnipresence a suffocating blanket over Casa di Cavalieri. To unravel and identify the individual components that formed the dark cloud which loomed above the pack was a time-consuming task. Everett had little time for such thoughts, however, as the news greeted his ears. One of their own had been hunted down like a common prey animal for heinous crimes. His rage was quiet, and his features expressionless. Silver-tipped hackles rose as the words reverberated in his mind; abduction, harm, rape. His strident footfalls thudded against the earth as he mounted the Fort’s steps.

The scene before him slowed his pace; the pack had gathered together, arranged in small groups with space cleared at the front. Ears folded against his skull at the cacophony that typically accompanied such gatherings. With his diminutive height, it proved difficult to witness what was happening. Luca’s strident tones cut through the air like a sharpened blade whilst Everett moved through his packmates to gain a good vantage point.

The darkness that dwelt within his mind wished to view the face of evil with his own eyes. It was true what he had seen and heard long ago, that monsters lived within canines. The fact of their natures was undeniable. Luperci were born killers, who hunted to survive. At this very moment, the air was rife with hatred and anguish as snarls rent the once-peaceful Courtyard. Everett stiffened as he listened to words of the accused man, Raine, and the responses his words drew from those gathered. The scholar’s stomach twisted at the murmurs of vengeance and the whisper of painful retribution.

Everett struggled to contain what he overheard. Familiar faces broke apart from the crowd to voice their condemnation of the man held pinned between Howland and Jace. the grey knight, Remus, brother of both Myra and Arlen, spoke first. His words told of how his sister had been attacked for her resistance toward the dark prisoner. He gasped at the mention of the poor girl losing her tail in the process. Who did that to another, to a child? Pale eyes, hard as chips of frozen eyes bored into the Nightshade man, before he turned his face away. The man did not deserve to be looked at.

To his great horror, Arlen being next. The silver male’s blood ran cold as he heard those words spoken by his young friend aloud. The Stryder had been taken to the beast’s room, forced to drink and - No. As he continued, he explained how he had come to be found in such an appalling state by the river. It had not been their enemies who had beaten and broken the boy, it had been one of their own. No, this could not be… Arlen cast his eyes downward, and the scholar longed to see the glimmer of youthful exuberance within their depths again, and feared he would not see it again.

Everett wished to join the young Knight’s side and comfort him, but a sense of respect prevented him from doing so. The poor boy had suffered so greatly, and likely did not want to be crowded by well-meaning friends with pity in their eyes. It stung the male to accept this as it was. Those days spent laughing at his friend’s antics and dodged behind the red-youth’s back after he had riled Jace, he would cherish for the rest of his life.

Amidst the back-and-forth of the trial, he could not help but notice the distress it had upon one of Casa’s youngsters. He was thankful that she was silent throughout, in that he hoped the beast had not laid hands upon Minerva. Everett padded toward her, and watched as she closed her eyes to block her surroundings out. He rested a hand gently upon her shoulder, and if Minerva did not flinch from the contact, it would remain there. Concern clouded his eyes at the tension he felt from his simple touch. The thought of leaving another to suffer in silence appalled him.

“Minerva,” Everett said softly, as he paused for her response. “These are dark days for all of us. The adults are finding it as difficult and upsetting as you no doubt are.” He lifted his head as others raised their voices, and turned his gaze on the fair-pelted girl. “It is horrible that you have heard… what has happened in our pack. I wish it could have been otherwise.” he tried to conceal the bitterness he felt from his voice, but it still caught in his throat. How could one not feel something toward this whole abhorrent mess? The scholar could have turned the knife of his anger on those who were supposed to protect the pack’s best interests. Truly, he did not blame them for not noticing the serpent amongst their midst. “I am with you.”

A female that Raine had brought to Casa was mentioned next, and shrank beneath the weight of his crimson orbs. Everett narrowed his own eyes at the prisoner as cold anger bubbled from his stomach; how dare he accuse Arlen and Honrin of deceit! His features betrayed that old pain that he contained inside, but the situation worsened as Night approached from the hushed pack. She explained that Raine had threatened Myra if she revealed she had been attacked, and his gaze lingered on the fresh scars that crossed her breasts and brow - they were revealed to be the beast’s handiwork, no less. The daemon stirred and grinned in the corners of Everett’s mind, if only it could get its claws into the bastard…

The scholar subtly shook his head to rid him of these intrusive thoughts, and found his gaze rested on the miss-matched eyes of his tutor. Nothing had prompted him to look her way, and yet she appeared to be aware of the torment that hid beneath his skin. Everett could not explain why this thought occurred to him, only that for a heartbeat he felt as though the woman had read his thoughts. He nodded once, and turned his head to observe Veri as she spoke for the enslaved sister. Brita, she was called, should be counted as one of the Nightshade man’s victims. For the abuse she suffered at his hands had led to a twisted love for her tormentor.

The Lune called those of the Brotherhood to pass sentence upon the accused; Teagan called for his end to come by hanging, with Grynn quick to agree. Everett’s shadowy self pressed dangerously forward, and his muzzle wrinkled as he fought to maintain control. Instead, it watched its fellow daemon through his eyes with glee as Raine struggled and his manner dissolved. Sometimes, it is difficult to tame the instinctive urge to defend one's pack, and listen to the rational mind. The traitor had a cunning mind, and had fooled them all into accepting that he was anything but the broken creature that lay before them. His attacks had been methodical; Raine chose his targets carefully, he would intoxicate them first until they were unable to defend themselves.

No kindness or comfort would be afforded to the dark canine, from Everett at least. The woman he had brain-washed was another matter. As her brother’s punishment was revealed, Brita screamed and fought like a wild animal to reach him. The scholar recoiled from the sight, and dipped his head downward. His ears fell back against his skull as shouts and noises of a struggle as the woman was subdued. When everett raised his eyes, he saw that Veri had fallen and was holding the side of her face whilst Rurik knelt beside her. He released a sigh from tightly held jaws as the stress of the event mounted.

Too many people, too much had been said. The medic’s mate called for a merciful end to Brita’s life, and he felt repulsion at his sense of agreement. The scholar’s thoughts turned to Olivia in that moment, as she had once been his family’s serf before he had freed her. Everett could not begin to imagine manipulating her in the fashion Raine had for his own sister, it was unthinkable. Luca disavowed the choice to kill her, and instead presented the idea of banishment. Cavaliers came forth in support, and each provided a good reason for their decisions. The male nodded and hummed as he ruminate over the path of a stranger’s life. His eyes fell upon Night as she conferred her reasoning, and explained that whilst the slave woman had been complicit in her brother’s crimes, she did not lay blame upon her.

Indeed, it was nigh impossible to comprehend what the woman had endured. The Hushowl daughter concluded that Brita should be given the chance to decide her own fate. A small smile curled at the edges of his muzzle at this merciful act as he added his assent, “I agree with Night. This woman has brought suffering to us, and yet she has suffered in turn. Could we not grant her this small charity, so that Brita might learn to live freely?”

His eyes swept across the pack, before they settled on his Lune. “If she chooses to stay, I will also surrender my time and resources in her recovery. Before I came here and counted myself as a Cavalier, I hailed from a place that kept slaves. I turned my back on my old life and left with a family slave whom I immediately freed. I tell you this in the hopes that my wish to help Brita are sincere.”

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ooc Veri votes to keep Brita in the pack.
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After Veri's stance on Brita was given, and she'd given her posture a moment to calm itself, the sandy gold Medic folded her arms across her chest in wait of Luca's decision, partially to hide how her hands still shook. Aniki made her opinion known first, agreeing with the Secanti matriarch. When the vote for Brita's fate was called, Veri's lips curled as her mate stepped up to speak first. His sidestep to put distance between them had been wise.

Despite her abhorrence to the declaration he'd made moments before, slowly, her muzzle smoothed down in favor of listening to his words. Her brow still furrowed in distaste, but she held her tongue in favor of hearing out the rest of the pack. Her crossed arms never loosened once as Teagan, Mako, Jace, Honrin, Grynn, Uryu, Armani, Iorek, Riley, Night, and Everett all gave their vote. Some surprised her, others not so much.

By the end, Veri's claws were pricking sharply into her biceps. Her good eye had closed sometime during the casting. So far, those in favor of, in her mind, abandoning Brita, heavily outweighed those willing to make an attempt at helping her. Seven called for the abused woman to be cast out of the pack, all giving valid reasons for as such, whilst only three wanted to keep her here and give the aid she deserved.

Finally Veri could hold her tongue no more. She could see the reason in both sides; Keeping Brita here could be for the benefit of the pack as well as for her own benefit. Whilst those who'd voted for the woman to be booted out also made valid points that, had she not intimate knowledge of the kind of life Brita had most likely led, the Medic might have taken those sides.

The sandy gold Medic let her arms loosen and fall to her sides, her uninjured eye opening to gaze up at the Lune confidently. "Due to personal experience, I have reason to believe that casting Brita out is no better than sentencing her to death. We can not assume how much knowledge she has on how to survive on her own, without her master's guiding hand to lead the way. She could starve to death."

Veri straightened her posture, lifting her muzzle just a bit. "On top of her plausible lack of skills to get by on her own, another trap she could fall into is the hands of Anathema, or worse, Salsola. Yes, Anathema has recently been changing their colors, but we know they probably wouldn't turn their nose up to free insider information of Casa. Salsola wouldn't even think twice of inducting her, using her. Since she'd be so recently released from the slavery of her brother, bringing her into their fold wouldn't be too difficult. If she seeks revenge as some of you think, then she might even go to them eagerly."

The sandy gold Medic took a breath and released it before finally laying out her choice. "I vote for Brita to remain here, in Casa, both for her benefit and ours. Here she is safe from those that might take advantage of her, as well as the threat of starvation since it's the dead of winter coupled with her possible lack of knowledge, whilst we are safe from a possible leak of information, whether voluntary or not."

Through her entre speech, Veri stoically refused to look in Rurik's direction. She was still miffed that he had the gall to call for Brita's death; it made her stomach queasy. What if he'd deemed her too far gone back when they'd met in the depths of her father's home? Would she still be standing here?

The mere thought made her feel sick to her stomach.

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ooc: *brushes off the cobwebs* Sorry guys... had the post-SoSu slump! Brita is the only one who speaks in this post.
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Not for the first time since the commencement of the trial, all hell broke loose. After the Brotherhood sentenced Raine to death the calico man began to thrash against Howland but the guard dog had little trouble subduing him by force. Currently, the dark man’s mouth was gaping and he was trying unsuccessfully to gulp in air and refill his lungs after Howland landed a keen blow to his diaphragm and knocked the wind out of him. Knowing his charge was thus occupied and weakened for a time, he peered over his shoulder to see what the ruckus on that side of the court was about.

Devastated by Raine’s sentencing, Brita had lost her mind. The slave woman was wailing in despair and Howland could see the wet, glinting redness on the woman’s normally-pale hand. Someone had been injured and the smell of Brita’s fear and anguish mixed with the coppery scent of blood made every inch of the guard bristle. He could not wait until this grim business was over. People began to step forward to weigh in on the matter of Brita’s fate, and it seemed here that the kingdom was largely divided.

Howland was not sure what he wanted. It seemed unfair that this woman, this victim, should be sentenced to death after living an insufferable life at the hands of this madman, whom merely touching to subdue made Howland’s skin crawl. Yet she had willingly committed crimes against the pack. Narrowing his eyes, he began to side with those who called for her expulsion. Still, the matter was not his to vote on, so he kept quiet for now.

The slave thrashed when she learned her brother had mere minutes to live. Despair tore through her and wrenched her heart from its place in her chest, dropping it down into her gut. How could she live without Raine? He had been everything to her. He was the thing that made the sun rise every morning, that brought the stars out at night. She never had to survive on her own, he had done all the hunting and protection… and, he was her brother, was he not? People acted as though this fate should please her. How could she be pleased about this bloodshed?

Her yellow eyes stared blankly down at the one hand, fingers smeared with blood. She was trembling. She could not think straight. Her vision blurred. “She . . . victim. . . threatens safety . . . send her away . . . what she had to endure. . . suffering to us. . . Brita to remain here. . .” The voices broke through the fog that blanketed her mind intermittently, and she just caught vague snippets of what the crowd was saying. So this is what it came down to? Death? Execution alongside Raine, banishment, or a life forever forced to live amongst people that would hate her… a pariah for life… another kind of slavery.

Tearful eyes turned to peer up at the faces around her, faced that seemed to distort with wide, saucer-like eyes and long sabre-like fangs. It was like everyone all at once were challenging her dominance, and all she wanted to do was close her eyes and go belly-up. Veri was right, if she was to be exiled she would never survive on her own. If she remained here she would be shunned and hated for the rest of her life.

Her eyes searched the crowd… seeking the one person… the one man… the one who loved her.

I can’t leave him to die alone…

She knew what she had to do. She was not strong enough to fight the crowd, and she began to realize that even if she could that perhaps it truly was the best thing for this world that Raine should die. But he would not have to do it alone.

“Shut up!” she cried. “Shut up! Shut up all of you stupid…” she was not good at barking abuse, and though she tried to put strength behind her words they faded. Her eyes searched for Night and found the shadowy face. “You are wrong! It was all… a ruse! I am no slave. I picked the days he was to use you. You were a surprise for him, nothing more! A little treat! And you thought you were just like me… you’re beneath me!” The words started to spill out of her once she got some momentum. There was still something not-quite-heartfelt about her curses, but she still tried. “It is a shame you were too stupid to have told someone… you could have lived a long, protected life. If we only had a little more time our plan could have come to fruition!” There was no secret plot, but the crowd was already calling for blood, she did not have to think of much… “Instead you ruined it all, you little cunt! At least nobody will want you, scarred and ugly and used as you are!” She borrowed a page from Raine’s book for the last of it.

From behind Howland Raine peered across the room. His jaw was wide open still but for an entirely new reason now as he stared at his sister in astonishment. Yet, slowly, he began to understand, and he closed his mouth and affected a sinister grin.

“Even you bought it,” Brita continued, turning her faux ire onto Veri. “You can pretend to be free all you want, but clearly you’re a slave to the end as well. Damn you all!” Mustering the last of her energy, Brita thrashed against her guards. The bloody hand lashed out again, even if it did not land true, but grappled for Jace, for Veri, for anybody who was nearby, silently praying to the gods above that she land a convincing enough blow make this final stand worth hurting those who tried to stand up for her.

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