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Leadership: Luca Knight, Aldora Knight, Cedric Stryder
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Casa di Cavalieri lays claim to the northeastern half of Whisper Beach where all members reside an old fort, named Kingsbury, which protects a small village from intruders. Inside Kingsbury nature has remained undisturbed giving the village a very peaceful and secluded feeling. The territory has a few rich forests as well as fields full of various wildlife and flowers, as well as claim to part of the Bay of Fundy.
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Beauty is power; a smile is its sword

Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:37 pm

Evening came and he was a little disappointed in the fact that Honrin and he hadn't found the perfect weapon for him, yet. He wanted something big, and mighty, but Honrin didn't have anything like that which he could use, or practice with. Going off to the storage, he found a few swords, which seemed to fit, but they were small and he'd lie if he said he wasn't being finicky. A knife, a sword and a bow were all that came to him as usable, but neither one of them really struck him as the perfect thing.

It was the vision of Howland and his huge staff that brought an idea into his mind. A small blade on the end of a long stick seemed like a mighty weapon, but what if he could swap those two around? A large blade on a short stick. A huge sword. As big as him! His heart fluttered at the notion, and to the Denali-Wolfe camp he went to the only man he knew would be able to give him something like that and likely take just as much delight in it as well. The visions of how grand a Brotherhood Knight he would be if he managed to master such a weapon as that!

“Tieeemooo,” Pushok's head popped out of the brush as he tip toed into the camp, looking around for the man that was pretty much their Grandfather. While he wasn't as strict as Jace seemed to be, he knew that the man might take a liking to the idea he had in mind,” Tiemooo, ahre yeu hiere teudaey?” Standing in the center of camp, he turned about to find the man who always seemed to be working on one thing or another, with his heart bursting. He couldn't wait to ask him what he had in store for his weapon.


Re: Beauty is power; a smile is its sword

Fri Feb 22, 2019 4:05 pm

Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end

When he heard his name being called, the old dog poked his head out the door of the wetu that he was in and glanced around until he spotted the body that matched the voice. As usual, due to the rarity of happening, he was somewhat surprised that someone was actually looking for him. Most of the time, Honrin, Jace, or any one of the other denizens of the camp were the usual recipients of any company that happened to wander into the compound for whatever reason.

The rest of his body followed his head out the door and into the compound, Yes, Pushok, I am here today, The elder answered the query that had lured him out of the building. It was obvious to Temo that his young visitor had something on his mind and was totally excited about it. What he could not tell was what it was that had Pushok excited nor could he see how it would involve him.

Whenever someone did come around looking for him, it would make the black dog happy to know that he was needed at least once in a while. Temo smiled as he asked the young man, What brings you here today?

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Re: Beauty is power; a smile is its sword

Tue Apr 23, 2019 2:35 am

The Wetu! He should have known to check it first!

Temo popped his head out of the shadow cast by the Wetu through it's entry, and Pushok hopped in excitement,” Tiemooo!” He chirped enthusiastically as he skipped on new legs to the Honored Elder as the graying male came into the warmth of the late winter sun. Jittering with the enthralling idea of what was to be, Pushok couldn't hold his tongue when Temo finally asked what brought him here.

“Tiemo! Cahn yeu mahke mie a'swoard?” Stepping back a few paces,” I wan' it maed ov woed, 'n a graet swoard, like dhis!” Stretching his arms as wide as he could, he looked between them before bihued eyes found Temo again. It was an exaggeration to say the least, but in Pushok's excitement for finding a great sword his size, he wasn't so much interested in what exactly was best for his size.

“Cahn yeu deu dhat, huh, Tiemo?” He barked, eyes suddenly wide and ears drooped, hoping the same tricks worked for him now that worked when he was younger,” Oh, oh!” Almost as he if was going to run of the other direction, he took a couple of fast steps away before turning around,” I cahn giet yeu soehmthieng! A bihrd? Oh! I cahn giet die woed feur it!” A sudden realization hit him before he lunged back to Temo's side,” Deu yeu nied mieser-,” Stumbling over what to say, his hands gestured for him,” Die size, die mieseirs?” His attempt was clearly a rough hack at the word 'measurements', but his second language being the common tongue, it was hard to say or think of the right words.

He'd suddenly realized that he'd not give Temo any sort of incite as to where he was coming from. Even as his body vibrated with the joy of honing his own blade, without the worry of his father picking at the safety of it, he still needed to give Temo some sort of information as to where he'd achieved the idea,” Hoenrien toeld me aboeut Graet Swoard ahnd liet me hoeld ohne ihn die pack stieuff. Cahn yeu maek ohne?” Fingers claps together as he almost begged Temo for a bit of his time, willing to do anything to get the sword of his dreams and make his father proud.


Re: Beauty is power; a smile is its sword

Sun May 19, 2019 9:10 pm

Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end

The exuberance of youth reminded the aging wolf dog of his own youth that had been lost so long ago in the dim ages of history. He could not remember when the youthfulness had left his body and the minor aches and pains of the aging process had slowly crept into his joints to take up permanent housekeeping.

One thing that Temo knew about swords were that they were made of metal and he was more of a woodwright and not so much a blacksmith. Although he had picked up a few odds and ends of knowledge throughout the years, he did not pick up enough metal smithing to pound out a sword on an anvil and expect it to be good or even usable. But he did know some maintenance and repair of the bladed weapons.

No, you do not need to go get a bird or anything, Temo waited for Pushok to calm down. Maybe you should start from the beginning, dark furred elder suggested, then we can go over the measurements and go from there to see what we can do. He considered the possibility of going to the armory to see exactly what the young man was talking about.

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Re: Beauty is power; a smile is its sword

Sun Jun 09, 2019 4:38 pm

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As Temo waited patiently, finally Pushok was getting the message. Just like his Отец, Temo had a face about him that influenced Pushok's more serene side. After the initial explosion of excitement, it was easier for him to mellow and not assault his Terokla with all his energy. With the advice from the graying wolfdog, the pale Hushhowl boy took a deep breath with an exaggerated rise and fall of his shoulders. Start from the beginning, and then they can look at what Temo can make him. Breathing out finally, he still couldn't help the grin on his face from beaming wildly, but his words were slower and a bit more thought out.

“I caem teu ask if yeu woeuld like teu maek me a graet swoard,” Putting his finger on his lip, he looked around until he found the cart,” Maed ov woed... Liek die cahrt is. Ahll woed!” Returning to Temo, he opened his arms up obviously a little wider than before with no true idea what was the best size for him,” I wahnt it dhis bieg, like dhie graet swoards Hoenrin said! Bieg! Dhey ahre vith die odher swoards,” He offered the idea that Honrin had showed him some of them in the armory, and while his father wanted to make sure he had some work with the bow, his eyes had lit up when he'd seen that great sword.

Hopeful two-toned gaze looked up to Temo then, rocking on his toes as he waited for Temo to come with some sort of idea or direction for them to go to. If only Pushok knew how to work wood, or anything for that matter! He could do so much more than ask, but the opportunity to work with Temo delighted him,” I caen hielp, teu, juest tiell me vhat teu do!” He even had an idea of the leather that bound the hilt needed the Hushhowl insignia that all of his older siblings had managed to include in their lives somehow. That was nothing but a final touch, however. For now, they'd have to start with the basics.


Re: Beauty is power; a smile is its sword

Sun Jun 16, 2019 1:01 pm

Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end

The elder could tell that the ongoing lesson was beginning to sink in as Pushok worked at containing his energy and explained his wants in a more calm and detailed manner. Even though Temo had gotten the gist of what the young man was after the first time around, not everyone would have had been around as Pushok grew up and be able to understand him while he was deep in his excited state and at every opportunity Temo would subtly teach his student when it was needed to contain that excitement to be better understood.

As the young future swordsman gave a calm and more detailed description of what he was thinking, Using his knowledge and experience of swords, Temo's mind began building the mental images of the finished product and then exploding it out into the pieces that will make it up then to the processes that will go into the creation of each piece. The elder studied Pushok for a few moments as he calculated the sizes and lengths as well as pondered what he had in his inventory that would work for this project.

The teacher's eyes focused onto Pushok, I would very much like your help with this project, Temo said as a veiled statement that actually meant that he would be teaching the young man some wood carving skills. First of all, will be what wood to use. You cannot just use any wood as some are softer than others and it is important to select the right type for the application, he did not waste time getting started with the lessons. After a pause to let the information sink in, he continued, You do know this will be a practice sword? being made of wood, it won't hold up in battle against a steel sword.

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Re: Beauty is power; a smile is its sword

Thu Jul 18, 2019 12:21 am

Pushok could sense the difference in how Temo reacted to him now. The way he turned to think about what the boy had said, rather than being drown in the accented words, speedy thoughts and convoluted gesticulations running rampant from Pushok's brain. Yet, even as he spoke to Temo in a more serene and thoughtful manner, he could feel how own ideas came more smoothly to him and his excitement didn't muddle his ability to translate what he was trying to get across.

When Temo's eyes landed on him, he expressed his enthusiasm at Pushok's idea. The boy's face lit up like a hearth, his grin spreading ear to ear and his jaw hanging in surprise that Temo would even let him help,” Oh, dhank yeu! Dhank yeu, Tiemo!” He laughed and bounced in a circle a bit before the aged, charcoal male started mentally collecting everything they might need. It didn't take long until his Elder started the most basic of first steps.

“Whaet kiend of woed?” The boy stopped in his enthusiastic tracks. He didn't know the first thing about wood, but for what Temo offered, Pushok was able to decide at least something from it all,” Haerd!” The roll of his 'r' came melodically as his finger pointed up to the sky. What good was soft wood when he needed it to be able to be solid and useful? He knew, at least, that there were different colored woods out there, but that wasn't so much something that he needed to be perfect.

A bit of hesitation came from the Elder as he pondered something, before he finally divulged what he was thinking. A practice sword? Well he hadn't thought of actually having a weapon to hurt anyone. He was just training anyways. A practice sword sounded just like what he needed. The Hushhowl boy nodded happily at his statement and put his hands together, his feet dancing and his tail wagging as the energy still pulsed through him,” How loeng deu yeu thienk it viell taek?”


Re: Beauty is power; a smile is its sword

Sun Jul 21, 2019 11:32 pm

Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end

The gears ground and the smoke rolled as Temo's brain went into overdrive processing the information of what materials that would be best for such an item as well as going over lists of supplies and the processes for the project as well as tools that would be needed for shaping the wood into a sword.

After a few moments of contemplation on stresses and usage, the woodwright decided on a useful hardwood that was strong and used extensively in the manufacture of furniture. I think oak will be a good choice for your project, he said and then followed up with why he had decided on it. It is a hard and strong wood and has been used a lot in furniture as well as for my staffs.

The black wolf dog took a few steps over to a hide tarp that he picked up one side and thew it over itself to reveal a pile of lumber. Temo dug through the pile and came up with a piece of wood, Hmmmm, maybe. he mumbled in thought as he studied the stick and then the pile of wood before a No escaped his lips and he went back to the pile and dug around some more. Yes, this should do. he said as he pulled out a rough hewn board that was about the right size. The aged elder winced as his back twinged when he straightened up. Temo turned to Pushok, Here we go he said and showed his student, and it is already started so won't take as much time.

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Re: Beauty is power; a smile is its sword

Fri Aug 16, 2019 1:35 am

“Oak,” Pushok echoed, then listened intently on the reason why it was the best choice,” Dhat souends gued, yies!” Young tune agreed with Temo's decision, as if his own approval held any kind of weight in the choice or how it was to be made. It was a stretch, at least, but he'd like to think that he was helpful in some way, even if that meant agreeing with his Honored Elder that knew best.

Smaller paws paddled behind Temo as he moved to the woodpile. Eyes lit up with all the wood that was revealed but only for as long as it took a sneeze to burst from his nose from the disrupted dust. When he'd shaken himself free, the dark Elder held wood up.

With the dust and the sun ringing that piece of wood like a halo, Pushok could see his destiny right before his eyes,” It's Perfiect!” He whispered quietly to himself. Young eyes looked at the natural material with wide eyes, but a pout painted his features when it was cast away. He was so sure that piece was the right one.

Finally, Temo found a piece of wood that looked rather rough for wear. It wasn't beautiful, and looked like it would need a lot of work. Hesitantly, he met Temo with the look of being gifted something you never wanted in the first place, but the idea of being impolite was rude. He smiled nervously,” It loeks.... geud,” He agreed with Temo, sure that the elder wouldn't steer him wrong,” Beut.. Hoew ahre we goeing teu maek dhat... a swoerd?” Eyes could easily see the bite of the axe that had shaped the piece into what it was today, but without knowing anything further of the tools that the Elder was to use, it was all lost on him.


Re: Beauty is power; a smile is its sword

Mon Sep 09, 2019 1:45 am

Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end

The old woodworker had been around for a long time and could read the emotions that hid behind the eyes. He could see the confusion and questions brewing behind Pushok's eyes about the piece of wood that barely had any resemblance to a sword. That, Son, is the next step that we will be going over. Temo answered both the asked and unasked questions as he ushered the young man with his future wooden sword over to his workbench where there were several woodworking tools laid upon it waiting for the return of the woodwright to return.

As they approached the bench and with the practiced ease of having taught many, Temo dropped into his teaching mode and proceeded to begin the lessons with the safety instructions of the tools. Pushok, he began using his teaching voice that contained the tonal qualities that pulled one's attention to him, These tools are sharp, like knives, and will cut you just as easily. To illustrate his point, the elder picked up one of the chisels and pointed to a number of scars with it. The marks in his skin that he had given himself years ago when he was figuring out how to use them matched the sharp bit of the tool almost perfectly.

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