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POSTED: Mon Sep 30, 2019 7:30 pm

Bright eyes ogled the wood after Temo spoke, wondering what type of magic it'd take to whittle this wood into something so majestic as a sword. Only when Temo directed him did he move to the work bench. There he clung to the wooden scrap tightly as he looked at all the tools that Temo had displayed there. Eyes danced over the odd shaped things, their handles and blades looked foreign and other worldly. Sights found Temo again when a new intonation took over his tune.

The boy's head bobbed with understanding as he matched the blade to the scars on Temo's skin. He didn't want anything like that to decorate his own hands. It all looked so painful. Apprehensive now, he laid the board upon the workbench where it wouldn't disturb any of the tools laid there, so very gingerly. What was to be a sword seemed like it needed some sort of gentle touch while it was in it's rawest state,” Yies, Tiemo,” He did not want to get cut with them,” Hoew maeny of dhese tuels deu we neid?” He questioned, looking over everything. He wondered exactly how those stranger tools could do anything, much less carve wood, but the fact that they had cut Temo's skin meant that they were capable of at least that.

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POSTED: Tue Oct 29, 2019 11:56 pm

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How many we use depends on how much work we put into it, The tutor replied to the question that was put forth, as well as how much decoration we put onto the weapon. Temo figured that they probably would not put a lot into carving fancy designs onto the project, but he would not have an issue with the concept if it comes up.

First of all, we need to hold the wood in place so it does not move while working on it, he dived into the lessons head first, and to do that, we will use these, he picked up a L shaped piece of metal and stuck it in a hole then positioned the wood to be worked on under it and hammered it tight with a wooden mallet.

Next we will use the block plane to rough out the shape like this, The black elder picked up a plane and made a couple of swipes across the stick. Satisfied with the curls of wood that was created, he then handed Pushok the plane. When his student looked questioning at the tool in his hands, Temo positioned the youth's hands onto the handles and with his hands over Pushok's, placed the plane onto the future sword and pushed it along the length, a curl of wood formed on top of the blade. Don't push down hard, just let the weight of the plane and your hands hold the blade to the wood and feel your way along. After re positioning the plane at the beginning of the stroke, he let go, now, you try.

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