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Oh, tears make kaleidoscopes in your eyes
And hurt, I know you're hurting, but so am I
And love, if your wings are broken
Borrow mine so yours can open too
Word Count: [312]
Date: 15th Mar
Time: 5pm
Form: Optime

As Risa’s body drew nearer to hers, slow and slow, Kira found her own pressing toward him, drawn by a force she did not understand to match herself to him, fit him to herself like two halves of a whole. She found herself on the flat of her back, soft moss crushed beneath her releasing a scent of green growing things, with him kneeling neatly between her thighs; it felt as if a moment and forever existed simultaneously between their sexes.

Then they touched; a whoof of breath she had not realized she was holding rushed out of her lungs. She tightened her calves against his lower legs, wriggling under him, straining to press against him, needing to feel him slipping inside her. Still he waited, the tip of him rubbing against her, tantalizingly close but distressingly far away. In the moment the Damaichu could not help but to be frustrated; she dialed up on the cues one after another.

Her hips writhing, her hands stroking up and down his arms to his neck, and even lightly tugging the fur of his shoulders was... missed? Disregarded? She was not sure, but she was almost certain that if he didn’t do something she was going to catch fire and burn. Already an inferno raged between her thighs; surely it would erupt and consume her soon. When he asked, finally if she was sure, the Damaichu knew she had never wanted something so badly in her life.

With a tone equal parts begging and demanding, and one slightly raised lip, Kira cried out: For FENRIS’ sake, Risa, YES. Fuck me, already! Dark nails sprouted from her fingertips and raked along his back as the russet woman leaned up to reach between Risa’s arms and his sides, to pull him to her bodily if that was what it was going to take!

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Synapse to synapse
The possibility's thin

Still, he lingered. Hesitation was the name of the game. Strange how so much was guided by the hardwired tug of instinct, yet when he drew so near the soft curves of Kira's body, Risa's mind utterly blanked. Like television static in surround sound stereo, he could hear nothing over the deafening hum. Kshhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Not until her voice cried out through the cavern, begging, pleading for the fulfilment of their bodies desires, did Risa see with clarity. She cut through the fog, pulling him in with both hands clasped upon his arms. "Oh, oh shit--" he sputtered in a flustered warble. "Hold on." Lack of experience aside, whatever she wanted, he wanted it too.

He slipped inside, and Kira took him deep down to the bulbous knot. Risa shut his eyes and moaned with an unknown pleasure. She was so warm -- so wet. He hadn't quite known what to expect. However, he did find the preconceived notions that he did have to be thoroughly exceeded. This was something special. Something new.

The gyration of his hips started slow and tender. His movements were both tentative and experimental as he explored the delicate folds between Kira's legs. "Fuuuuuck Kira," he whispered into the fur of her neck, burying his face as he pressed deeper into her embrace. He exhaled and ran a hand through the tresses of her hair. He held tight for dear life.

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