And we watched the sunsets


POSTED: Sat Jul 20, 2019 1:08 pm

я буду звездой

He studiously ignored the sword, as it lay against the fence. He didn't need to move onto that just yet.

The long he tried not to look at it though, the more his eyes were drawn -- and the strange choking feeling would come rushing up his throat. Again, Temnota forced his eyes to focus on the shield strapped to his arm, and tried to remember that Cedric had told him.

Tem could see the older boy standing before him, hear his voice smoothly in his ears.

Alright, time to try again. He picked up the sword, and pretended his arm wasn't shaking. It was still wrong. But that didn't matter, he could make himself move in the right ways -- he was the master of his own body!

Feeling somehow invigorated by his own little internal pep talk, he began to go through the motions.

It was okay.. it would be fine.. just.. just ignore the problems.. they'll be fixed....

"Блядь!" He cursed out loud, and then dropped the sword to cover his mouth, looking about fervently and hoping nobody had heard him swear.

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