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Should he get Cedric? Aldora? Luca, even? But no one else seemed to be around, and the woman’s panting and scent was… distressing. Had she been injured? Dios, he supposed he’d just have to handle this himself, eyes be damned.

He let Branwen lead him in a brisk trot towards the pants and thumps up ahead. He prayed she wasn’t bleeding, he was certain the smell of it would take him back someplace unpleasant, to put it lightly. But as he approached, her scent grew familiar, and her sounds…confusing.


He drew Branwen into a halt, sliding off her back with a perplexed look.

Are you… okay? I heard you panting, and the thumping…

He approached slowly, dress flowing back in the summer breeze as if dragging him away from whatever the hell this was.

You don’t smell so good… are you hurt?

He gestured back at Branwen with his cane.

We can ride back on Branwen, she know the way to the Medico bay by heart.

Stop talking before you make it woooorrrssssse

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OOC: sorry for the delay and thank you for DNDing! WC: 312

Tessa knew that her form was wrong. Apparently the fact that her hands and elbows hurt with each swing was evidence of that, but not matter what adjustments she made to her grip, it was still the same. The frustration only made her want to hit things more, and so she continued until she was huffing and puffing. When a horse approached, she stopped and looked over to see who was coming up on her. Maybe whoever it was could give her some pointers or something.

As it turned out, the canine on horseback was probably not going to be able to give her any insights. It was Cidro, and Tessa straightened, brightening up a little. Despite how things went previously, Tessa liked Cidro. Even though he couldn't see, Cidro liked pretty things and Tessa was totally onboard with that.

"Uhh..." Was Tessa's very intelligent but still confused response. She refused to dwell on why Cidro's horse knew the way to the medic because the state that Cidro used to be in was not something Tessa wanted to focus on. She only knew the bare minimum of what had happened, gleaned mostly from the wounds he'd had, and she assumed that it was far worse than that.

"No, I'm just practicing with a club," Tessa said. "I figured I should learn to defend myself and since it seems like everyone here can fight, I thought I could find someone to teach me." Tessa shrugged, shuffling her feet a little before admitting, "It's not going too well though. I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what. It hurts every time I hit something." She expected it to hurt a little, like how throwing a punch did, but still. Who would use a club as a weapon if this was what happened all the time?
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