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Nora had been ready to help out from the moment that her father announced his plans about not only thinning out some of the deer population that had come to their lands, but also deal with threats from any other predators that would have wandered too close due to their migration. The prey themselves would do well to feed the Cavaliers, but the rest of their bodies could be used to make tools, pelts, and other such things, so it wasn't like any part of the animal was going waste.

Such was a lesson she had learned from the Pack Advisor when they had gone out hunting together. She recalled how Aldora spoke of the use of porcupine quills to be used by other members of the pack. The same could be said for the animals she, and likely others, would now be hunting.

The tan woman had gotten up early, having made her way to the Courthouse to grab the bow she used as well as some arrows. Having grown better at her aim, she was much more confident hunting with this kind of weapon than she was any other way. It probably helped that she had been taught hunting this way as well. She carefully wrapped the bow around her chest, letting the quiver rest at her side as she made her way outside of the Courthouse.

She wasn't sure how many would be up earlier in the day, but she decided to give it some time, waiting by the gates to the Fort. As it became more evident that more and more Cavaliers were out and about, she let out a call to those that were still around the Fort. Maybe some would like to come hunting along with her.

Her gaze turned out towards the outer reaches of the Fort, padding only a few paces ahead in order to see if she could catch some kind of scent in the distance.

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Izrian Firebringer
Word Count → +3 :: OOC: We're gonna try out this horse thing!

The influx of deer to Casa was a definite cause of excitement in the pack.

Even though they were more civilized than their feral fellow wolves, and the Luperci virus had brought them many advancements including weapons, there was something very special about hunting that got Izrian’s gear turning. Planning out an ambush, or just going out with a bunch of pack mates and hunting down a few deer, the exhilaration of the chase and the sombre moment of thanks upon taking a prey animal down, the sacrifice its life was making for that of the pack – all of it together was one of Izrian’s favorite experiences. She’d been bustling with excitement at the thought of hunting when she heard Nora’s call asking who was around and available.

Instantly the Cadet beelined for the stables. She’d gotten Alanna used to being ridden now and this would be the first time she’d tried to shoot arrows from the mare’s back. If Alanna fussed or kicked up in discomfort – which would be no small wonder, considering that horses were also prey animals – she’d just tie the mare off somewhere calm and return to the hunt with her bow. Alanna was there and antsy for a run so she thought the timing was perfect, and got the mare saddled and ready before she climbed on, and guided her towards the Fort gates to meet the waiting officer.

Hey there Nora, she greeted, offering her a grin. Heading out to see what the land has to offer? I’d love to come along, if you wouldn’t mind having Alanna and I. She reached down to gently pat and rub the side of the mare’s neck, and the horse looked over Nora with a flick of her ears, before she decided the Knight woman wasn’t any sort of threat. The mare relaxed, trusting Izrian by this point in their relationship, and brought her head down to munch on some grass while they waited to see who else would show up to join them in the hunt.

Izrian was nervous about riding and shooting at the same time – but if she succeeded, it would mean a lot for any future hunts or combats, especially if she could get the mare’s tolerance up.

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