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She was sure that the wedding was getting closer. Symre was surprised that Morgana had sought her out at all, that the fiery haired enchantress had allowed her to see into the strange magick she conducted just out of sight. It was a difficult emotion to balance - for Symre still had not spoken to Brocade since the afternoon he had lot her creation on fire.

The thought of it even now made her blood boil red hot.

The morning had brought with it the will to wander, and so she had set off on four legs for he great unknown - her thick ruff of fur evidence that the seasons had already begun their change. She hunted mostly for herself and had never contributed directly to the packs stores, but instinct told her that preparation was required to survive another season.

As the hours wore on Symre turned to the scent of deer - her nostrils flaring as she unknowingly trespassed onto Casa di Cavalieri. The dark wolf skunk through the underbrush of the forest, carefully setting her feet between branches and leaves that were certain to give away her position if jostled.

When she found the deer she pricked her large ears forward before continuing on - she would need to find one in poor health to be able to pull it down on her own.
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Izrian Firebringer
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With the influx of a healthy deer population in Casa territory, Izrian’s work was cut out for her as far as patrolling went. She’d gone on a few hunts and contributed to the feast that was due to come in a week or so, but her main contribution had been chasing off other predators from their territory who had followed the deer. There had been an incident with a puma and a lumbering black bear who likely wouldn’t have taken one of the deer down by himself and while the predator in her felt wrong to turn them away - she had to protect her pack first and foremost.

What she hadn’t dealt with thus far was other predators of the canine variety, but the Firebringer was vigilant and patrolled several times per day, expecting to come across trespassers each time. Today was no different and she was moving along the borders on a fine click, going fast enough to complete the patrol in enough time so that she could get back to spend time with Tristan, but slow enough to capture every detail and recognize if something was out of sorts. She’d come round nearly full circle and was getting ready to turn back into the pack when a scent caught her and caused her to pause, ears up, hand sliding to one of her knives at her waist just in case.

Yep - that was definitely canine. She could pick up wolf and something else, coupled with the scent of smoke, rosemary and other earthy aromas. Izrian didn’t have enough experience with Salsola to pick up the pack scent and it was likely the female had masked it anyway. She was virtually silent, and Izrian took this to mean she was purposefully sneaking onto the territory, which caused anger to flare and all her protective instincts to intensify.

Her blue eyes were constantly scanning as she quietly followed the scent, picking up that of deer as well and putting two and two together that the trespasser was indeed hunting. A growl rose in her chest but the viking silenced it in time that it wouldn’t be detectable, clenching her hands into fists as she got closer. She reigned in her anger, though, realizing the need to act with integrity and not just pulverize the trespasser for her crimes. She got close enough that she could sprint and grab the female, spotting her carefully picking through the underbrush - she was downwind, luckily, so she had the element of surprise.

You are trespassing on Casa di Cavalieri territory, she said, in a booming voice that would doubtlessly spook the deer, and probably the trespasser.

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