Rare Moments I Didn't Know I Needed


POSTED: Sat Jan 04, 2020 6:39 am

The snow had a particular feel to it today. How it rested on the boughs of the trees and froze on the edges of the branches that hung a little bit lower today. A little less color. A little less life. He knew what it was to miss someone, but everyone he'd missed had turned out alive. Alive, and for the most part, well. The man he missed as the winter wind blew lazily by didn't give him the option to be optimistic. He was gone.

No amount of him doing anything could make up for that. Some debts just couldn't be repaid. Time, in that sense, was an enemy, and not one he could best with strength or anything else.

There was no way he could forget Darkness' powerful presence, and how it always came to a different tune, constantly surprising and impressing the red man at every turn. How quickly Jace's words had altered his anger, and how truly honorable a man that had lost so much could really turn to be. Shaamah had bragged about being a king, but Darkness? Darkness was a king in his own right. Zetsubou only wished he could lead such an example for Borya.

Wandering steps brought him from his temporary home in wolfville, winding wide around the treacherous ravine and meandering on past the Fort. He couldn't say he was welcome by the Densite that marked the family's home, but sometimes he found himself in the position to take a longer route and walk the path beside it without being too conspicuous. The few times he'd been in the place, it seemed so wholesome and charming. It was a shame he was a stranger there now. That, of course, didn't mean he couldn't keep a promise to keep to a ghost. Unwelcome or not, his second promise still had to be kept, along with his first.

Distant memories of a drunken night did enough to add weight to his shoulder quietly, their squared edges drooping as he made way past the home. It didn't seem nearly as full now that he was here again. It could have been packed to the gills, were it not for him.

A quiet curse slipped under his tongue as he moved through the fort's gate, a small dip of his head to the guard there. If he'd only been somewhere else, her children would be alive. Their children would be alive. A shake of his head disturbed the black locks that fell wildly to frame his face. He still found the ground when he moved through the Fort, though he still wasn't entirely sure if it was the instinct that outweighed the shame, or the other way around.

Busy thoughts left his feet to travel on their own and before he knew it, he was face to face with the stables. A long look rose to it's roof. He and that good man had shared time in here, mostly at his own expense, but even so, he'd learned a lot. It was in the stables Darkness had spoken the first kind word to him of his own accord. It was a monumental moment, if only for the two of them.

He wondered if Dusk's father had told her about it.

Heavy sigh brought him through the stable doors and fingers traced the stall boxes, eyes seeking out the Patriarch's horse. What was it's name? Paddlerock or something? He'd have to learn what he could of the old man's language to even have a semblance of how to properly say it, but for the moment, he'd do his best to try and commit what he could to memory. Before he could lay eyes on that draft, thought, a familiar noise settled in his ears.

Making his way quietly through the stable, he finally found himself near an open stall on the safe end of a wheelbarrow," Hey," He said quietly, not particularly wanting to seem like he was patronizing the woman as she worked. It was hard word, surely. He kind of missed it," Did you- uh... Did you want any help?" Genuine enough, he leaned on the stall and watched her for a moment longer, before turning his eye back to see if there were any tools nearby he could grab if she approved of it," I know it sounds ridiculous but I kinda miss this work," There wasn't any smile that made it's way to his features, nor a light in his eye, but he did mind enough to be polite. Armani had kept him company the other day while he sharpened his tekko and he decently missed the thought of company.

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