[NEWS] May 2017

POSTED: Thu May 04, 2017 10:47 am

News & Updates

In the Clear!

The mysterious illness that swept through the area has begun to disperse, and all the inhabitants of 'Souls can breathe a sigh of relief, with the approaching summer is a welcome respite from the rough start to the year.

By 10 May, aided by a dry spell, the weather will clear and things will return to normal.

Spring Skin at Last!

The spring version of the skin is live! Enjoy the flowers, and as always, let us know if anything looks weird!


u guys killed it tho. Look at all the new Regimojis we have! And the next set is incoming!

:awoo: :mad: :happy: :sad: :sleep: :barf: :disappoint: :cool: :hank: :coy:

:devious: :surprised: :toot: :cry: :wizard: :lol: :shoujo: :o_O: :kiss: :eww:

After the next emoji set is finished, we'll still have 19 slots left for additional emoji, so the fundraiser for emoji is ongoing. You can still get that special mint blue/green or orange chat color and be cool!

We have more than enough for a new server, but because of administrative schedules and time constraints, it'll still be a few months before we'll be able to tackle everything involved in a move. We'll keep you guys updated when we know more though! Thanks again for all your generosity!

:kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

Border Shifts

Both Krokar and Sapient have shifted their borders -- double-check the map to see what this might mean for your characters' travels!

Spotlights for May 2017

Spotlight Soul

The Spotlight Soul for May is Quicksilver (Shannah)! After the death of her mother in the second Boreas War, Quicksilver made a surprising splash back into Salsolan society. Whilst battling her own private grief, her family's extended mourning, and the ever-increasing pressure placed on her by cultural expectations, Quick has surmounted the odds to become a recognized and respectable member of the coven. With her mature, social outlook and keenly perceptive nature, she continues to gain allies in the pack at an impressive rate! Congrats, Quicksilver!

Community Soul

Lin (Dove, Neith, etc.) is May's Community Soul -- a great example of a helpful, positive, and active member of 'Souls! In addition to pointing out maintenance things that have needed fixing, Lin is also a fun and supportive face in 'Souls Chat, offers constructive feedback and advice for artists in the Talents forum, and lent her own talent to fulfill avatar requests and work on a new character template for the wiki! Lin has been a busy little 'Soulster since she returned to the game in October and we're very happy to see her back. :)

Soldier of Love

This month's 'Souls Soldier of Love is once again Sylvey! We appreciate your dedication. <3 Remember, a few clicks just might make the difference between first and second place on some topsites, which might catch a new member's eye...!

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