[NEWS] Mid-December Contest Reminders!

We have so many things going on right now omg

POSTED: Wed Dec 17, 2014 11:48 am

News & Updates

We have a ton of contests and events going on right now, so here's a quick reminder about them and a timeline of happenings!

20th December -- Vote 'Souls Raffle ends

Did you know? There's another raffle going on in the Vote 'Souls topic for another 'Souls zipper bag!

24th December -- Madness Manifest voting ends

Voting for Madness Manfiest is live! Get your votes in by the 24th, please! Participating players may continue their threads at their leisure, but voters will not be able to change their votes once they've cast them!

25th December -- Secret Santa due, Yearbook Superlative nominations end

Secret Santa participants should drop off their presents in the drop off thread on or before the 25th! We suggest before! Don't wait until the last minute

We're now accepting nominations for Yearbook Superlatives! Get your nominations in by the 25th! Voting for the superlatives will also go up as soon as the nominations as closed.

The SoSuWriMo topic for 2015 should be posted around this date also. In the meantime, if you're already thinking about SSWM, you can look over last year's topic for a refresher! Not much will change. ;)

28th December

Yearbook Submissions are due on the 28th. Again, please make sure your information is correct and final before hitting submit! Leaders should also post pack summaries to the Leader's forum by this date!

30th December

Yearbook Superlative voting ends! Everyone gear up for the new year!

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