[CONTEST] SoSuWriMo 2015 Winner's Circle

POSTED: Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:16 pm

SoSuWriMo Winners' Circle!

Congratulations to our SSWM participants who have already reached the finish line! When you have completed your most ambitious task, please post here with a link to your post log for verification. :)

So far this month, 'Soulsters have made 4,859 collective posts. This is much better than last year's late January number (3,487), but only a little better than last December's 4692 total posts. Is everyone losing steam? Feeling that burnout? That's okay. Take it one post at a time. Don't rush it. Take breaks in between posts. Reward yourself with candy. You can do it! The Winner's Circle awaits!


  • Special SoSuWriMo icon:
  • Sparkling Beryl OOC Catacombs Skull:
  • Winners' Signature Banner:
  • 'Souls Tangible Prize Pack
  • Custom title
  • Custom Experimental Kiritar

For your custom title, please post HERE with your request. Titles and avatars can be for any character. They can also be gifted to another player.

2015's Tangible Prize Pack is a surprise! In a PM entitled "SSWM Prize Pack" please send Kiri your shipping address. International addresses are fine. Please include a full name with your address. Post offices occasionally fail to deliver mail because of incomplete or no names. Aliases are fine in most cases! Information will be discarded after shipping. (If you are not comfortable giving out your name and/or address, that's okay! You just won't get this prize. :3)

In a separate PM entitled "SSWM Avatar," please send Kiri the details of your custom avatar as well. Be sure to include 1) physical description and any image refs, 2) what form your character is in (lupus, secui, optime), 3) your character's species 4) mood/expression. Do NOT simply link to a profile, please copy/paste all relevant description and reference images into the PM itself. Because it will be an experimental avatar, you will not get a chance to approve a sketch before it's finalized, so please be thorough in your description. If your characters' description is especially complex, it will be simplified.

All prizes must be claimed by February 7th or they will be forfeit. This means that custom titles need to be claimed by February 7th. Shipping addresses and avatar information must be received by February 7th. Kiri is not going to hunt you down for these.


  • Hannah (1/15) all prizes claimed
  • Momo (1/16) all prizes claimed
  • Owl (1/21) all prizes claimed
  • Sammiie (1/22) all prizes claimed
  • Raze (1/23) all prizes claimed
  • Myst (1/25) all prizes claimed
  • Nine (1/27) all prizes claimed
  • Sylvey (1/29) all prizes claimed
  • Gen (1/30) all prizes claimed
  • Ann (1/30) all prizes claimed
  • Mandi (1/31) all prizes claimed
  • Jace (1/31) all prizes claimed
  • Alex (1/31) all prizes claimed

Congratulations again to all winners, and to all participants as well! Thanks for always making January a fun month for all. ;)

'Souls Assemblage
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'Souls Assemblage
'Souls Assemblage

POSTED: Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:45 pm

Here's my log :)

edit: for the title I will just go with "Thug Life" in light blue. :) on Paruvanni'a account please. Can I have the icon put on Aithne's account?

Thank you, I had a lot of fun writing with Aithne and Paruvanni for this contest!
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POSTED: Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:47 pm

Wheee! I won!! :D

Can the SSWM icon replace Vesper's current one? :>

And this custom title for Pascal Sadira:

misfit prince
Code: Select all
<span style="font-family:times, serif; font-size:14px; font-style:italic; font-weight:bold; letter-spacing:3px; text-shadow:#205259 0 0 2px;"><FONT COLOR="#2e507f">m</FONT><FONT COLOR="#2b487d">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#283e7b">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#243578">f</FONT><FONT COLOR="#202c75">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#1d2273">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#191970"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#191970">p</FONT><FONT COLOR="#191970">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#191970">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#191970">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#191970">c</FONT><FONT COLOR="#191970">e</FONT></span>

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POSTED: Mon Jan 26, 2015 6:31 pm

Winnage :D

I'd like to opt out of the icon ~ but I will be editing my title stuff in a moment, and PMing Kiri too :)

Please put the title on Lithia Napier

hardest of hearts
Probably a good idea to double-check my code too
Code: Select all
[html]<span style="font-family:'Georgia'; font-size:13px; text-transform:uppercase; text-shadow:0px 1px 3px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5);" title="The tenderest touch leaves the darkest of marks"><FONT COLOR="#4a4a4a">hardest </FONT><FONT COLOR="#5d426a">of hearts</FONT></span>[/html]
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POSTED: Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:21 pm

Here's a spreadsheet!

Title for Olivia, PMing Kiri the other things.
wandering heart
Code: Select all
<i><span style="font-family:'georgia'; font-size:17px; text-shadow:1px 1px 3px rgba(0, 0, 0, .75); letter-spacing:.5px"><FONT COLOR="#2a64d8">w</FONT><FONT COLOR="#3c71db">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#4d7edf">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#5f8be2">d</FONT><FONT COLOR="#7097e6">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#82a4e9">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#93b1ed">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#a4bdef">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#93b1ed">g</FONT><FONT COLOR="#82a4e9"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#7097e6">h</FONT><FONT COLOR="#5f8be2">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#4d7edf">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#3c71db">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#2a64d8">t</FONT></span></i>
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Olivia Tarasova

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POSTED: Mon Jan 26, 2015 9:54 pm

Click for Spreadsheet!

PMed Kiri for the prize pack and avatar.

Please put the icon on Lucille.

Title for Aspen:

believe in what i am

Code: Select all
<div style="text-shadow: #fff 0em 0em 0.075em; font-size: 14px; font-family: Tahoma, sans-serif; letter-spacing: 0.5px;"><span style="color:#5e4fdd;">b</span><span style="color:#5e51dd;">e</span><span style="color:#5f53de;">l</span><span style="color:#5f55de;">i</span><span style="color:#5f57de;">e</span><span style="color:#6059df;">v</span><span style="color:#605bdf;">e</span><span style="color:#605ddf;"> </span><span style="color:#605fdf;">i</span><span style="color:#6162e0;">n</span><span style="color:#6164e0;"> </span><span style="color:#6166e0;">w</span><span style="color:#6268e1;">h</span><span style="color:#626ae1;">a</span><span style="color:#626ce1;">t</span><span style="color:#636ee2;"> </span><span style="color:#6370e2;">i</span><span style="color:#6372e2;"> </span><span style="color:#6474e3;">a</span><span style="color:#6476e3;">m</span><span style="color:#6478e3;"> </span></div>
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POSTED: Wed Jan 28, 2015 1:05 pm


For Máire Brádaigh:
and in the darkness bind them

Code: Select all
<b><font face=century><FONT COLOR="#990033">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#860938">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#71123c">d</FONT><FONT COLOR="#5d1b41"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#482545">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#342e4a">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#1f374e"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#0b3f52">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#143f5a">h</FONT><FONT COLOR="#1d3f63">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#263f6b"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#2e3e73">d</FONT><FONT COLOR="#373e7b">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#403d84">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#483d8b">k</FONT><FONT COLOR="#403d84">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#373e7b">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#2e3e73">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#263f6b">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#1d3f63"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#143f5a">b</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0b3f52">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#1f374e">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#342e4a">d</FONT><FONT COLOR="#482545"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#5d1b41">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#71123c">h</FONT><FONT COLOR="#860938">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#990033">m</FONT></font></b>

SSWM icon can replace Esme's from 2014.

PMing Kiri regarding other items. :D
Avatar by Kiri!

POSTED: Thu Jan 29, 2015 6:05 pm

Done. Finally.

The icon can be put on anyone. The title I want for Sigurd Leirfall. I'm getting help to code it so it will be edited in.

chicken butt

Code: Select all
<span style="font-size:13px; font-family:times; font-weight:bold; text-transform:uppercase; text-shadow:#E7E4E2 0 0 2px;"><FONT COLOR="#383533">c</FONT><FONT COLOR="#54504c">h</FONT><FONT COLOR="#706b65">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#8b857f">c</FONT><FONT COLOR="#a7a098">k</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c2bab0">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#aca59c">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#958e87"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#7e7872">b</FONT><FONT COLOR="#66625d">u</FONT><FONT COLOR="#4f4b48">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#383533">t</FONT></span>

And going to PM Kiri now about other things.
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POSTED: Fri Jan 30, 2015 6:44 pm

2015 Spreadsheet

WELL this was a nightmare. How do I keep managing it.

Title for Harrow D'Angelo; I'm opting out of the icon <3 I'll go PM Kiri with the stuff as well.

find flaws in science
Code: Select all
<span style="color:#fff; text-shadow:1px 1px 1px #000; text-shadow:1px 1px 2px #000; text-shadow:0px 0px 3px #000;font-family: monaco, sans-serif;font-size:12px;"  title="There's logic in the lies">find <span style="color:#E0EFD7;">flaws</span> in science</span>
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POSTED: Fri Jan 30, 2015 9:30 pm

I killed TWO Sosusaurues! Or did they kill me?
*Slinks away like a wounded animal, missing an arm and a leg, to find a quiet place to die* x__x
(First 50k was 1/15/15)


Title: Goes to Solas Justus (I don't know if I did this right...) I would also like when the mouse is scrolled over it for it to say "assassin's creed" but didn't know how to do that...

Code: Select all
<FONT SIZE="+1"><FONT COLOR="#000000">S</FONT><FONT COLOR="#140000">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#280000">u</FONT><FONT COLOR="#3c0000">l</FONT><FONT COLOR="#500000">l</FONT><FONT COLOR="#640000">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#780000">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#8b0000">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#951504"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#9f2a08">J</FONT><FONT COLOR="#a93e0c">u</FONT><FONT COLOR="#b35311">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#bd6815">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c77d19">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#d1911d">c</FONT><FONT COLOR="#daa520">e</FONT></FONT>

Icon: Goes to Merlin Knight

I will send Kiri my other info!

Signature by Kiri and Shannon

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