[NEWS] February 2015

SSWM end, upcoming plot, staff updates!

POSTED: Mon Feb 02, 2015 5:14 pm

News & Updates

SoSuWriMo Ends!

Another crazy period of feverish writing comes to an end! Congratulations to all of our hardworking participants and winners! Whether you finished or not, we hope you enjoyed the challenge. :) Winners have until February 7th to claim their prizes, so please don't delay!

Staff Updates

A warm welcome to Sunny, the newest member of the 'Souls Assemblage! Sunny has been an amazing, proactive, and super friendly moderator for ages, and we think this was a long time coming. We know she'll be a great asset to our administrative team and are really excited to have her on board! :D

Congrats also to Nine, our newest Moderator! We hope the Midnight Shores leadership will still have time for their pack. ;)

And finally, best regards to Alli, who's stepped down from her Moderator position to better focus on leadership and roleplaying. We're honored to have had her years of service. <3

A Spring Flood

We've seen the future and there will be heavy storms smacking the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick areas in early and mid-March, resulting in floods! Details on the timeline can be found here. If you're in a pack, head over to the Pack News forum to see how your pack might be affected. If you're a Loner, feel free to use Thread Requests & Plotting to get some action!

Character:Pack Ratio Update

The character-to-pack ratio has been updated to 25:1. This does not affect current packs in any way, but the new ratio must be met for any new packs to be considered.

LASKY Rules Update

We're updating LASKY Guidelines again to further relax restrictions for canon threads. You're now basically allowed to roleplay whatever canon material you'd like, including interactions between active and inactive/NPC characters at whatever point in time.

Our main problem with canon LASKY has always been people misunderstanding its restrictions, but we've never actually had a problem with what the restrictions were intended to protect players from (timeline conflicts, etc), and that's kind of silly.

Players are cautioned to try to keep things as kosher as they can, but the administration isn't going to worry about it unless something is referenced in game canon (non-LASKY canon). :>

Moderators in Requests & Joining

In addition to noting requests, Moderators may now also approve them. For those that prefer, auxiliary character and puppy requests can be PMed to 'Souls Moderators in addition to/instead of the 'Souls Assemblage. Moderators may also "pend" joiners, though the response will still be posted from the 'SA account.

Spotlight and Community Soul

Congratulations to Arno (Alex) and Nine (Esmeralda Collins), our Spotlights for this month!

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