[NEWS] April 2015

Flood Plot Wrap-Up, Horse Guide, Activity Sweep Dates, Orazio

POSTED: Fri Apr 03, 2015 8:37 pm

News & Updates

Flood Plot Aftermath

The clouds are finally clearing and spring sweeps in. Many packs and territories are still feeling the aftermath of the floods, and likely will for a few more weeks. Some packs may have experienced permanent alterations to their landscapes, too! Check out the Pack News forum for more updates and more ways you can still participate and get involved!

Horse Guide

The Horse Guide has been updated and makes a return to the RP Guide under 'Soulsverse>Realism. We strongly suggest giving it a read-over if your character has or is looking to obtain a mount.

Activity Sweep Removal Dates

There has been some confusion in regards to removal dates and times. We have clarified the approximate removal dates for members within our warning PMs and hope this helps!

The Outpost

Traveling trader Orazio del Sandeo da Roma will be at The Outpost this month.

Spotlight & Community Soul!

Congratulations to Raze (Loki Jade Lykoi) for Spotlight Soul, and Nina (Dion Akreon) for Community Soul!

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