[NEWS] September 2015

Mobile skin, advertising event, realism exceptions

POSTED: Tue Sep 01, 2015 2:49 pm

News & Updates

September at last! Where's my fall weather??

Mobile Skin!

At long last, 'Souls once again has a mobile skin. Players browsing from a mobile device will automatically be swapped to this skin, though they can swap back to their normal default skin via a link at the top/bottom of the page. For more information about the mobile skin and what it means for you, especially if you like using image tables, please see this topic!

Advertising Event

Fresh blood is always nice, and we're having an advertising event to see if we can attract some! Check it out and see how you can help, earn points, and get cool prizes~.

Realism Exceptions

We've added a small Realism Exceptions page to the RP Guide detailing some of the exceptions we've historically allowed in the game for the sake of fun or ease of roleplay. These exceptions have always been so, but they've been scattered around in answered questions both on the board and on Tumblr, so we figured it'd be nice to gather them all in one place for easy access. :) If you think something is missing from this page, do let us know!

Spotlights for September 2015

Spotlight Soul
Galilani Adahy (Laura) is the Spotlight Soul for September. Galilani has only been with the 'Souls AniWaya tribe for a few months, but she's been involved in many threads and plots, interacting with canines all over the place, in addition to developing juicy tidbits about her time with the Great Tribe. A spotlight well-deserved!

Community Soul
Kahilli (Bane D'Angelo) is our Community Soul for September! Kahilli's been an on and off 'Souls member for a very long time, but recently she's been a huge boon to Salsola, helping out with projects and plots and working on their website! She also volunteered to do make-up gifts for those who were late receiving their Xmas in July gifts and has been contributing a bunch of post templates and other things to the general community! Thanks for all your help, Hilli!

Quick note~

We'll no longer be archiving spotlights separately on the forum. Spotlights will be announced in full with the newsposts and archived to the Wiki as always. See: Spotlight Soul | Community Soul.

'Souls Assemblage
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'Souls Assemblage
'Souls Assemblage

POSTED: Tue Sep 01, 2015 7:07 pm

Congrats, Laura and Kahilli!

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