[NEWS] February 2017

POSTED: Wed Feb 01, 2017 10:20 pm

News & Updates

Congrats SoSuWriMo Winners!

Alas, 'Souls Super Writing Month has come to an end, and we have a lot of awesome (if perhaps long-winded) posts and plots to show for it! :D Congratulations to our fifteen insane winners -- and all those participants who wrote more than they did last year, are new to SoSu, or just had fun trying! We're proud of you!

Winners, don't forget to claim your prizes! You have until February 7th to do so.

Temporary Characters

We hope you guys are having fun with your temporary characters! We've had fun watching their shenanigans. ;>

Don't forget that the period for temps will be up on March 1st! All temporary characters must be dropped, killed off, or otherwise decommissioned by the end date unless the player applies to officially keep their temporary character as a permanent character.

If you do want to make your temp "official," you need to make a normal joining post with them, provided you have an empty auxiliary slot. This is so that we have their official join date for our records.

Miscellaneous Notes & Reminders

Birthday Raffle Winner Missing Prize?

One of the winners from our birthday raffle back in November had their prize sent back to Kiri after failing to get delivered?

If you gave an address from Plano, TX and never received your prize, please PM Kiri with your correct address so the prize can be re-sent. :O

Antispam Field Update

You might have noticed that we've had a slew of spammers over the past month or so. :( We think this might be an unfortunate side-effect of our awesome topsites voting lately. However, we've implemented a new antispam and have seen a drop-off in the amount of spam on the board (fingers crossed)!

The "antispam" field in forum profiles (also present at registration) has been updated with a question that's harder for bots to beat. If you're updating your profile and having trouble, don't forget to update the antispam field. :)

Open Chat

The 'Soulschat has been reopened to guests! This means that you no longer need to register in order to chat, which should cut down on the time players spent waiting for the 'SA to give them their dang passwords. ;) That said, don't forget to adhere to 'Soulschat rules, and let us know if there is any suspicious activity in the chat! :o

Spotlights for January 2017

Spotlight Soul

This month, we wanted to nominate all temporary characters for Spotlight Soul! We are so impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment you've put into the pack plots -- even if most of these temps will be going away by the end of this month, which makes the passion all the more commendable! From ill-fated defenders to zealous villains, there's a lot of awesomeness going on, and that's all because of you guys and your creativity! <3

Community Soul

The glorious Community Soul for this month is Pi (Cypher, etc.)! She is super active and deeply involves her characters in their packs and plots -- she has even picked up a (rather hammy) Boreas temp character! Her diverse characters' development is really well executed and a joy to follow. OOCly she is known to be a friendly and helpful presence on the board, and she is rumored to be the master of puns in the IF chat. ;) A well worthy winner!

Soldier of Love

Our very first 'Souls Soldier of Love is Sylvey! Thanks so much for your enormous dedication to voting. <33 We've seen very noticeable improvements in ranking over the last month and a noticeable influx of joiners as well. Let's keep it up, guys!

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