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POSTED: Tue Jul 18, 2017 9:19 pm

Where we're at with the server move

Table of Contents

Thanks for your patience!

The Forums

The live forum and all its associated data has been fully moved over. All of your posts, threads, PMs, profiles, and other information should be intact and exactly the same as they were before.

Some notes about SSL

You might notice that the forum now automatically takes you to https://soulsrpg.com instead of http. 'Souls now has an SSL/TLS certificate through Let's Encrypt. The short version is that now your interactions with the site are more secure! For the most part, you shouldn't notice any difference in your usage of the forums, but...

In order for an SSL encrypted site to be fully secure, all of its links and resources are also required to come through secure connections. This means that every linked page and image should also be https. Obviously, we can't make everyone do this. There's no way for us to make sure that all of our players use https when linking external sites like Imgur or TvTropes or whatever, but we'll definitely encourage it!

When a page loads and not every linked resource is through a secure connection, the green lock in your URL bar may display a warning, like below (Firefox example show) -- which is fine! It's less secure, but for the most part, not that big of a deal.

Best practices

Most resources that players use do have SSL-enabled on their respective websites. For example, images hosted on Imgur work regardless of whether you use http://i.imgur.com/0yR9Ix2.png or https://i.imgur.com/0yR9Ix2.png -- you can also drop the http/https entirely and just start with // if the source domain is SSL-enabled. So like:

Code: Select all
<a href="//wiki.soulsrpg.com"><img src="//wiki.soulsrpg.com/image.jpg"></a>

Unfortunately, this does not work with BBCode.

@import and CSS

For regular links and embedded images, things will work regardless of whether you use http, https, or just //. However, for @import CSS and web fonts to work, you must use a secure or relative link, like below. Again, either // or https will work, and // is preferred.

Code: Select all
@import url('//fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans');
@import url('/forum/headers/extracode/singleColumn.css');
@import url('https://inferni.soulsrpg.com/style/infoStyle.css');

This is especially relevant to pack leaders who use linked CSS hosted on pack websites -- most pack rank topics currently do not display CSS. Leaders should check the Leader's forum for more details on this though.

The Wiki

The Wiki has been successfully transferred to the new host, but currently remains in read-only mode.

Pages titled with special characters now use the actual character in the URL, so https://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Characters.AbigaëlShepard instead of https://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Characters.Abiga%34lShepard. Some internal wiki links may need to be updated to reflect this once we're out of read-only mode.

This change also means the autolink from the forum (a checkbox in your profile) should now work for characters with dumb special names; if you were manually linking a URL with %e6 or whatever in place of the special character, those links are now broken.

The Wiki is now also SSL encrypted, so pages will have a "half-locked" icon in the URL unless all images and links are secure.

Known Issues:

The Wiki software has been updated to its latest version. Some features still need to be updated/fixed. If you see something not on this list, please report it to Maintenance.

  • Toggle for show/hide links are broken.
  • A small handful of pages are missing, but recoverable. If you notice a page that is completely gone from the Wiki (and not just incorrectly linked now that special characters work), please post in Maintenance.
  • Login needs to be fixed, hence read-only mode.

Other 'Souls Resources

The RP Guide, Yearbook, and active pack websites should all be up and accessible. (Salsola's CSS isn't loading, but that's Mel's fault.)

Defunct pack websites which used Wolf CMS are still in the process of being hooked back up, but defunct static pack sites should be up.

The IPB archive still needs to be transferred, so that's currently inaccessible.

I think that's all? If anything's missing or weird, please post in Maintenance. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here. Thanks everyone for their patience. Hopefully all the unfinished things with this transition will get wrapped up soon.

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POSTED: Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:04 pm

However, for @import CSS and web fonts to work, you must use a secure or relative link, like below.

This is going to be most noticable for those who use Sie's signature icons -- you might find that your icons aren't showing up if you're importing the CSS from Sie's site! However, since we recently hosted these ourselves, all you need to do is update the import link. :)

Just replace this:
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@import url('http://sleepyglow.net/rp/icons/signature-icons.css');
With this:
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@import url('/images/icons/postsig/signature-icons.css');
That should fix that issue. :D

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POSTED: Thu Jul 27, 2017 4:07 pm

  • The Wiki's back and out of read-only mode;
  • All pack websites should be up and running; defunct packs will remain without SSL certs for now;
  • IPB Archive board still needs to be transferred
  • IPB Archive board has been restored
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