[NEWS] September 2017

POSTED: Mon Sep 04, 2017 4:35 pm

News & Updates

Summer is coming to a close, and the days grow shorter and cooler in ‘Souls. Soon the famous autumn foliage of eastern Canada will paint the forests with a vibrant array of colors -- and hunting will grow a little easier for predators pursuing prey lean with hunger. We hope that you guys have enjoyed your summer, and wish those returning to school the best of luck!

Thread Prompts

Most pack games already include monthly or seasonal thread prompts, but we wanted to throw some ideas out there as well! This is just for fun -- no prizes -- but we hope that it gives players some ideas for interesting things to roleplay! We might do these more frequently if people find them interesting, so let us know. :>

  • Freetown used to be a famous trade port just a few days’ travel from Nova Scotia, but in the aftermath of the meteor the city has been abandoned. Since it is now in playable territory, why not have your character explore the ruins? They might find something interesting there -- or get hassled in a now-lawless town.
  • Use an NPC inspired by the Character Generator in a thread! Click that button until you find an interesting, or just plain odd, NPC to throw into a thread. (Hard mode: use the generator to inspire your next character!)
  • Dog owners know that canines are sometimes far from dignified. Maybe their friend really doesn’t know how to control their tail, or they forget to undress before they shift. Pick a funny dog gif to inspire some light-hearted antics for your character. ;)

Tumblr Reports PSA

We’ve addressed this quite a few times in the past, but we want to remind everyone again -- anonymous Tumblr reports don’t do us very much good if they are vague. :( If you want to point out an instance of rule-breaking, and link us to the thread in question, that’s fine! However, making broad statements such as “I noticed a lot of characters godmodding in fight threads” does not help us much if we do not know who the specific characters are, and in what fight threads they are godmodding. It also isn’t helpful to state “Bob was rude in chat” if we do not have logs showing what Bob said.

These are just examples, but we have had quite a few asks/reports lately that do not give us any specifics about the issues in question. In most cases, we do encourage people to contact us directly if there is a problem so that we can open up a dialogue (i.e. ask for more information, respond to let you know if the issue was taken care of) -- and remember, if you aren’t comfortable approaching us through PM, you are more than welcome to send us an email from an anonymous account!

We appreciate everyone who reports things to us, but just keep this in mind. <3 We want to help, but there is not much we can do without specifics to act on.

Spotlights for September 2017

Spotlight Soul

This month’s Spotlight Soul is Vicira Tears (Raze)! A highly-ranked member of Inferni, Vicira proves this through her interactions with her clanmates and actions taken on behalf of the coyote clan. Whether they involve helping clanmates earn co-ranks (or bossing them around), breeding and training Inferni’s horses, or preparing for motherhood, her threads are enjoyable to read. We’re excited to see where this ambitious coyote’s plots lead her in the future!

Community Soul

Our Community Soul for September is Kris (Arlen, Elva, etc.)! Kris is super active across all of her characters, and has quite a few juicy plots for each and every one as well! Branching out so that her characters meet and interact with multiple others, Kris is quite involved in the community, both in roleplay and in chat. She’s a very nice and friendly individual, a pleasure to be around, and everyone should ask her about bacteriophages. ;) You earned it, Kris!!

Soldier of Love

This month's Soldier of Love is Trophy, who came out ahead because of their RPG Fix account! We're glad to see some competition for this spotlight. ;) Keep up the good work!

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