[NEWS] October 2017

POSTED: Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:51 am

News & Updates

This cooler weather sure makes it hard to get out of cozy beds in the morning. Happy October, everyone -- watch out for the ghosts and skeletons! ;D

Thread Prompts

Most pack games already include monthly or seasonal thread prompts, but we wanted to throw some ideas out there as well! This is just for fun -- no prizes -- but we hope that it gives players some ideas for interesting things to roleplay! If you guys find these interesting, let us know, and we'll keep doing them!

  • Geese are migrating, and taking rest stops in places they don't always frequent. A clever canine might be able to take advantage of these traveling birds, though they have mean tempers. Watch out they don't gang up on you!
  • Non-native residents, especially those from warmer climates, are likely to notice the air is getting colder at night. Now would be a good time to start preparing for the upcoming winter, especially if this applies to your character.
  • Fall foliage becomes especially spectacular this month. Have a thread based around this -- observe the beauty of nature, be inspired to create something, or just have fun jumping in piles of leaves!

Public Request Checker

The post autochecker that staff uses to evaluate auxiliary slot and puppy requests has historically been a staff-only tool to reduce server load. With the server move hopefully rendering this less of a concern, however, we are opting to make the autochecker public on a trial basis -- if we see increased load times or other problems, we will probably make the autochecker private again.

For the time being, however, you can find the autochecker here! The password is 7p8JAGUAR(s). We hope that this will help out those working toward slots or puppies!

Reminder: Native Species

We wanted to post a quick reminder about checking whether animals are native to eastern Canada before including them in your threads! Some commonly referenced species that are not native to the area include grizzly bears, badgers, and wolverines. Only black bears should be encountered in playable territories, and badgers and wolverines tend to live further west.

It's pretty easy to look up habitats by googling "[species] native habitat" and finding a map! If a species' habitat is pretty near to the area, but doesn't cover all of the playable territories, it's probably fine -- after all, species habitats will have expanded after humans died off, but if their natural habitat is thousands of miles away, they probably wouldn't have gone that far.

We're probably not gonna get on your case for every passing reference to a non-native bird, but particularly if the species plays a big role in your thread, please double-check that it makes sense for it to be there! Thanks!

'Souls Discord PSAs

The Discord is PG-13

We wanted to remind members that the official Discord is PG-13 in all channels. Adult-oriented jokes and content should not be posted there, which includes external links and images. By default, Discord displays linked images inline with the chat, and many site links also include a preview image, so mature sites might have mature image previews! This includes imagery that 'toe the line' of PG-13, such as creepypasta / scary images or highly suggestive images.

We have lot of younger members on the board, as well as members who browse Discord from work or in other public spaces. Please be mindful of this at all times and refrain from sharing mature content in the chat. Some individual pack Discords may have different rules and guidelines, but for the official game server, please stick to PG-13 material! There are no plans at this time to include a nsfw/mature channel. Thank you!

Drunkenness in Chat

In addition to the above, we wanted to include a small PSA about drunkenness and being drunk while in the discord chat. Drunkenness in chat is allowed, and casually mentioning that one is drunk or is drinking is fine - but we do expect that all members, sober or otherwise, still follow the rules and still display courtesy to other players in chat. Here's a short list of what we request players not do:

  • Use drunkenness as an excuse to break rules or act without concern for others.
  • Excessively mention the fact that they are drunk to the point of bothering others
  • Being overly drunk in chat so that they start spamming, excessively rambling, or become near-illegible

Again, being drunk in chat is not disallowed, but we do expect that our members exercise moderation and keep the rules and other players in mind.

Chat Rules Overall

Finally, we ask that players keep in mind the general rules of the chat. #general is for discussion between players; if you want to act silly, post excessively in all-caps, post a lot of images, or other things of that nature, please take it to #garbage, which was made with those things in mind! Thank you.

Spotlights for September 2017

Spotlight Soul

Nazario del Bosque (Despi) is this month's Spotlight Soul! An orphan under dark circumstances, Nazario has been developed well through the months of his childhood: from a cute, clumsy pup to an ambitious adolescent seeking answers about his kept-secret past. Now war is on the horizon, and Nazario has already lost something dear to him in this pack plot... x_o We're curious to see where Nazario's threads lead him next!

Community Soul

There is no Community Soul this month.

Soldier of Love

This month's Soldier of Love is also Despi! Thanks for keeping that voting train rolling. :)

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