[NEWS] February 2018

POSTED: Thu Feb 01, 2018 1:00 am

News & Updates


February brings an end to SoSuWriMo. Congratulations to all of our insane winners this year, as well as everyone else who participated! Whether this is your first SoSuWriMo or your fifth, we couldn't be prouder of all our members, and we hope you all had fun during this month of madness! :)

Don't forget to claim your prizes - you only have until February 7th to do so!

Setting Generator Updates

The setting / thread prompt generator now has a ton of new situations and weather conditions (and thanks to Rat, who submitted some as well!) Don't forget to clear your cache if it doesn't seem to be changing for you. :) Enjoy, and don't forget that you can submit situations too; we'd love to hear your input!

Removal of Official Absentee List

We've recently removed the Official Absentee List - it was rarely used, redundant, and never truly official anyway! Leaders who wish to factor in player absences into rank checks can look at the Absences & Player Updates forum itself instead.

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Spotlights for January 2017

Spotlight Soul

This month's Spotlight Soul is Moon Moon (Nuki)! Nuki does a very good job with this wild and crazy child of hers, and Moon Moon's threads are always fun to read - or, at the very least, interesting to read! ;) Her threads are full of random, 'out there' ups and downs, and it's clear that Nuki has a blast playing her! Moon Moon is a step away from the "norm", and we can say with certainty that any Moon Moon thread is far from boring or ordinary!

Community Soul

February's Community Soul is Ketsuki, who since rejoining in December of 2016, has been a really solid and awesome member! Ketsuki takes care to vote for 'Souls a bunch, posts consistently between all (interesting!) characters, spreads welcome positivity, and makes sure to get involved in the community. :) Hooray for Ketsuki! <3

Soldier of Love

This month's Soldier of Love is Sunny! Keep up those votes, 'Soulsters! :)

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