[NEWS] March 2018

POSTED: Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:51 am

News & Updates

It's March! Are you guys feeling a little warmer? Winter's not quite over yet, so don't let your guard down! ;)

NPC Updates

tNPCs and mNPCs

We have updated our tNPC procedures for personal and pack-driven plots. Specifically, tNPCs are no longer restricted to just 5 threads and can be roleplayed in any number of threads as long as they follow the 5-NPCs and 5-weeks rule.

Please remember that all NPCs must follow the NPC procedures and must have NPC designations. Minor NPCs are meant for one-off threads of a personal nature, rather than a multi-thread plot-based nature.

RP Guide > NPCs page

We've added a page about NPCs to the RP Guide, under Characters. The page outlines common uses for NPCs and common abuses of NPCs. We hope you guys find this information helpful!

Update Your Profile Day

Someone suggested we bring back this forgotten tradition, so here it is! March 1st is officially Update Your Profile Day, so go update your profile(s)!!

UYPD is just a reminder to keep your profiles up-to-date and an occasion to stop putting it off! Update profiles and wiki pages are an important resource for both yourself and other players. Did your character recently get a scar? Move packs? Have puppies? Make sure that's down in the books! Don't wait until Yearbook time to scramble for a summary. ;)

Anathema Disbandment

Anathema has officially disbanded on March 1st - check out their plot summary for more information. Goodbye, Anathema!

Mistfell Vale Formation

Mistfell Vale has officially formed, and can now be found on the Active Pack Summary and in the Game Stats!

Spotlights for March 2018

Spotlight Soul

The Spotlight Soul for this month is Mistral (Lin)! As a villain, Mistral was worthy of outrage and fear, becoming someone you felt justified hating. But when recalling the nature of her past and the things that she endured as a youth, Mistral was unique because she could also instill a sense of sympathy in our hearts. The entire plot was tons of fun, and Mistral was such a great villain to go with it! She was killin' it - literally! ;)

Community Soul

The Community Soul for March is Vida! Vida's been really involved with the foundation of Mistfell Vale and is an excellent member of the pack, from helping others get co-ranks and completing thread prompts to being a friendly, lovely presence in the chat. Vida's second character is adopted, and he's really working well to get involved with both his characters and is a great, engaging person who's friendly in pack chats. Yay, Vida!

Soldier of Love

This month's Soldier of Love is Gen! Thank you for your consistent voting. <3 Remember, the first of the month is when many topsites reset -- a great opportunity to get in the lead. ;O

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