[NEWS] April 2018

POSTED: Mon Apr 02, 2018 10:09 am

News & Updates

Happy April! Are the flowers here yet?? Or does that come in May??

PSA: Chat Conduct

Hey guys! We love that everyone is engaged and making use of the 'Souls Discord Server. We wanted to remind everyone of a few things to keep in mind so as to help keep things running smoothly for everyone:

  • Multiple pictures and links to media should be posted in #garbage.
  • Spamming when you're hyped about things is okay, but not in the main channel! ;>
  • When players ask for help or need directions, please allow our staff (Moderators and Admins) to assist first if they are available. Sometimes too many voices can make things overwhelming and confusing, especially for new members.

SoSuWriMo Prizes

THEY'RE COMING. Kiri apologises for the delay. :(

Spotlights for April 2018

Spotlight Soul

This month's Spotlight Soul is Silvano (Gen)! Poor Silvano has seen a great deal of loss over the past few months: his status as King was forcibly taken, one of his hands was crudely amputated, and his wife was brutally murdered. But some Courtiers are noticing that something more insidious is happening to their former King: he's losing his memories. Is this a symptom of the trauma that Silvano has endured or something gravely more serious? We don't know, but we do know that it has Courtiers and players alike waiting and wondering what will happen next!

Community Soul

This month's Community Soul is Amanda! Since her return to 'Souls, Amanda has brought tonnes of energy and life into her characters and all those they interact with, taking part in engaging plots across multiple packs. She's a regular presence in the 'Souls Discord chat, and her warm and friendly attitude means that she is always uplifting, complimenting and having fun with other players. Keep it up!

Soldier of Love

This month's Soldier of Love is Mandi! You rock! Remember, the first of the month is when many topsites reset -- a great opportunity to get in the lead. ;O

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