[NEWS] May 2018

POSTED: Fri May 04, 2018 12:49 am

News & Updates

The sun is finally out! All the flowers are dying though?? At least the big ones are.

The Strange Flora

We hope you've enjoyed your time with our big flower friends! They will, sadly, be dying over the next few days. Wrap up your threads or start new ones on the subject!

Map Update

Something is happening! The islands and coastal areas most affected by the 2016 meteor continue to groan and shift, settling and resettling. Some small islands have sunk once more, but others have shifted and "sprouted" up to form a narrow landbridge connecting the peninsula with the mainland.

You can refresh and check out the full map here and remind yourself of where the forum divisions are as well.

The ground at the landbridge is rocky and uneven, and the high tide covers most of it from view, though the water depths are shallow. As spring edges into summer though, soft mossy growth begins to spread over the rock. The tidal activity in both the new Loch Fundy and Inlet of Fundy have calmed significantly due as well, and water has receded a little at the Isthmus of Chignecto.

What further changes are in store for the area in the future?? :surprised:

SoSuWriMo Prizes

The Tangible Prize pack for SSWM winners has been shipped. The avatar prizes shouldn't be much longer! Thanks for everyone's patience this year.


Spotlights for May 2018

Spotlight Soul

This month's Spotlight Soul is Rocky Cort├ęs (Hydra)! After months of hanging around neutral territory, especially Biff's Bar, Rocky recently joined the ragtag team of bartenders, earning his keep as the muscle. An enjoyable drinking buddy and a worthy opponent in an arm-wrestling match, Rocky's antics and [occasionally poor] life choices make for some fun reading!

Community Soul

This month's Community Soul is Dale! They really stood out this month with their free designs -- not only is it a generous gesture, but the focus on realistic patterns and colorations is outstanding! In addition, Dale has been quite active with their character Dogmeat, who, in addition to not being a Luperci, cannot speak High Speech either! This is definitely a hurdle that many other players would likely struggle with to maintain muse for, and Dale has shown quite a bit of drive to have made such headway on a Creature!

Soldier of Love

Tallying the monthly votes is quite exciting... players will miss a few days and another will quickly catch up and surpass them, only to forget a few days and be passed over themselves! Having that RPGFix account for an extra point is a huge advantage too. XD Excitement!! This month's Soldier of Love is Mandi once more! Good fight, everyone!! Keep it up!

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