[NEWS] Spotlights for October

POSTED: Sun Oct 07, 2018 9:12 pm

Spotlights for October 2018

Spotlight Soul

Our Spotlight Soul for this month is Cidro Amato de la Peña (Abby)! Although Cidro is new, he's been super active within CdM by taking part in pack events, engaging his packmates in fun and interesting threads, and overall being a great, eager, and involved member. We're excited to see where this character goes next! :)

Community Soul

This month there is no Community Soul.

Soldier of Love

This month's Soldier of Love is Abby! This month, the sketch avatar prize artist is Mel, so please direct your request to her. :)

If you vote for 'Souls this October every day (it only takes a few minutes), you can also get the chance to win an avatar - the artist is different every month!

Featured Pack Adoptable

As per a suggestion from the Tumblr, we have decided to feature an adoptable from one pack alongside our other spotlights each month!

Our first featured adoptable is Iris le Conte from Cour des Miracles! A rather charismatic individual, Iris is the embodiment of a southern saleswoman with the ability to get whatever she wants, with her sister helping to acquire questionable goods for her in Portland. Despite that, she does not share her past often and prefers people to stay away from her secrets...

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'Souls Assemblage