[NEWS] November 2018

POSTED: Thu Nov 01, 2018 9:20 am

News & Updates

It's getting colder outside, and the leave are now in full swing. Enjoy this quick newspost, and keep an eye out later this month for 'Souls's anniversary...!

Name Requirement

As part of a new policy on 'Souls, we are now requiring that OOC names be listed in profiles. They don't have to be your real names, of course! Any nickname or moniker is fine, as long as it is consistent across all accounts.

Adult / Minor Roles on Discord

In the 'Souls Discord server, we have added "Adult" and "Minor" roles for members. Only members with the "adult" role can view and participate in the #eggplant channel (and members with the role of "minor" cannot); if you don't have one of these roles but would like to, please let us know in the Maintenance thread. :)

Canon Lasky Requirements

In light of recent misunderstandings, we've clarified the rules of Canon Lasky. Namely, if a thread can simply take place on the active forums (e.g. it only involves active characters or NPCs and is set in an on-board territory), it cannot be placed in Canon LASKY. Additionally, canon threads cannot be retroactively declared non-canon.

You can view the guidelines for Canon Lasky by clicking here!

Featured Pack Adoptable

This month's featured character is Mirte Haumann of Salsola. Wealth breeds wealth, and in this instance, it bred Mirte - an emerald in the flesh. When the feckless ocean stole away her husband, this steadfast strong woman made a new beginning for herself on thistle land. Wiser than most, this widow has lived through storms that would have wrecked lesser men. She has a keen eye for quality and a disarming knack of knowing everything about everyone.

Spotlights for November 2018

Spotlight Soul

Spotlight Soul for November is Mystery (Daniel)! Between the voices in their head, who they hear and interact with on a daily basis, and their non-binary gender identity, Mystery is not someone most canines in the area have ever encountered before. But while it's obvious that there's something different about them, Mystery is a kind and gentle soul - any interaction one might have with them is bound to be an interesting one!

Community Soul

Our Community Soul for this month is Ray! Ray has been a wonderful part of CdM's chat and is always happy to talk to everyone, as well as participating in tons of cool threads and plots. They've been offering ideas to nearly everyone who asks, and have done a great job contributing to both the IC and OOC culture of the Court so far. They're extremely active and friendly in the 'Soulschat as well, and Ray shares a lot of wonderful, hilarious thread ideas, which are very fun to see!

Soldier of Love

November's Soldier of Love is Jacob! This month's artist is Gen, so please direct your request to her. :)

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