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[NEWS] January 2019

Tue Jan 01, 2019 9:36 pm

News & Updates

Happy New Year!


It's our favorite time of the year! SoSuWriMo is live, which means it's time to get posting. If you haven't already, you can still sign up for our super special annual writing challenge!


Due to a technical oversight, Mistfell Vale's submissions were lost to the void. Affected players have until January 6th to resubmit their MV characters. (You may need to rename image files to successfully re-submit, as prior uploaded images did go through.)

We apologise for the inconvenience and subsequent delay of the Yearbook. Thanks for your patience, and we'll have it ready soon!

Raffle Winners

Many thanks to those of you who participated in our birthday raffle! You guys unlocked a lot of great prizes and the winners are below! Please claim your prizes in the appropriate avenue by January 15th!

Custom titles:
  • Vida
  • Ketsuki
  • Shannah

Please post in Maintenance to claim your prizes! (Staff, please strikethrough winners whose prizes have been claimed!)

Custom avatar by Songbird:
  • Mandi
  • Raze

Please PM Songbird to claim!

Single stickers:
  • Mandi
  • Laura
  • Shannah

Please PM Kiri with your address to claim!

Custom avatar by Gen:
  • Tammi

Please PM Gen to claim!

Sticker sheets:
  • Tammi
  • Sammiie
  • Mandi

Please PM Kiri with your address to claim!

Custom avatar by Mandi:
  • Myst

Please PM Mandi to claim!

Custom avatar by Sunny:
  • Sammiie

Please PM Sunny to claim!

Custom fullbody by Gen:
  • Sammiie

Please PM Gen to claim!

Custom avatar by Libri:
  • Vida

Please PM Libri to claim!

Spotlights for January 2019

Spotlight Soul

January's Spotlight Soul is Kaeli Blacksun (Hydra)! Kaeli is a perfect example of a strong character comeback -- this past month especially she has been kicking butt in Salsola, taking up the difficult position of an older warrior with treasonous inclinations against the growing tide of youthful loyalists. Her fraught interactions with other members of the Family are becoming more curious by the minute, and her interesting take on pack politics makes for a refreshing and challenging change of pace. We can't wait to see what happens to her in the new year!

Community Soul

There is no Community Soul for December.

Soldier of Love

The Soldier of Love of this month is Shannah! Things were close in the first two weeks of December, but Shannah kept going when others started to forget their daily votes! Thanks for your consistent dedication, Shannah! This month's prize artist is Sunny, so please direct your avatar request to them! :)

Featured Pack Adoptable

The featured pack adoptable this month is Mistfell Vale's Lyric Harper! Lyric Harper is the serious-minded daughter of Posey Prior, the local grandma to all. She currently acts as her mother's part-time caretaker, which can lead her to many interesting (and maybe embarrassing) situations with her pack mates and strangers alike!

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