[NEWS] March 2019

POSTED: Fri Mar 01, 2019 11:44 pm

News & Updates

As more and more rain replaces snow, the ground begins to gradually warm. Hints of spring seem to be appearing more frequently as the days go by, but that's not the only notable thing happening in 'Souls...

Mysterious Sightings

Something weird is happening in the northern territories! Could it be...humans???

New Skin: Dream in a Dream

There's a new non-default skin available! Hit up your control panel preferences to select and check out "Dream in a Dream"! Many thanks to Myst for contributing the header and base CSS for the skin.

PSA: Read-Only Threads

There has been some confusion over what qualifies as a "read-only" thread. Read-onlys should be single posts only, and you should not reply to ROs. If you are doing a self-thread (e.g. a thread between two or more of your own active characters), these should be marked as "private."

Replies to ROs are only permitted in LASKY. Thanks!

SSWM Prizes

In progress! Let's see if Kiri can finish them before the end of March. <_<

Spotlights for March 2019

Spotlight Soul

March's Spotlight Soul is Cottongrass (Emmett)! Having recently joined Mistfell Vale, this guy is trying to settle in with his packmates and looks to have made a few friends already too! While he doesn't have it easy being a Non-Luperci, Cottongrass has a sweet disposition and charming personality that certainly helps overcoming such a hurdle.

Community Soul

There is no Community Soul this month.

Soldier of Love

There is no Soldier of Love this month. Don't miss out on the chance for free art, get voting!

Featured Pack Adoptable

The featured pack adoptable this month is Sionann de le Poer. A foreign-born woman, Sionann and her brother Torin joined Salsola while seeking relatives. A resident of the pack's Portland Outpost, Sionann has put her talents for fishing and storytelling to use. Secretly, she longs to discover the mystical parts of the world and prove their existence to the more-doubtful folk she's met. Now that her brother has joined the pack-proper, Sionann is eager to see what she's missing out on. Unfortunately, things in Salsola are currently...complicated.

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