[NEWS] May 2019

POSTED: Thu May 02, 2019 5:54 pm

Monthly Spotlights

Spotlight Soul

May's Spotlight Soul is Grievous Eternity (Mel)! Ever since he proposed to the strict and no-nonsense Paladin of Salsola, Idrieus, this loverboy has pulled out all the stops to prove his devotion and worthiness as a partner, as well as shown his loyalty to his Kingdom. From training and working with the new livestock gained from Krokar's disbandment, to patching the injuries of his packmates in the wake of SL lacking a true healer, to working to solve the mystery of the Sanctum murders, Grievous may be a quiet man, but, he's by no means an inactive one!

Community Soul

Our Community Spotlight this month is Draiko! A little on the quiet side of things, Draiko is nonetheless a superb person who deserves recognition for their organizational input and friendly disposition. They are engaging with the members of Salsola, offer up plots and threads frequently, and came up with helpful channels that everyone immediately hopped on board with in Salsola's discord chat! Draiko has been very open to plots, developing their characters, and getting involved with pack events!

Soldier of Love

Congratulations to Alexander! Thanks so much for your consistent support this month! May's avatar is being provided by Songbird, so be sure to PM her for your prize!

Featured Pack Adoptable

Brom has quickly cemented himself as one of Mistfell Vale's favourites with his cocksure and headstrong attitude. He's also proved himself an incredibly handy person, as his refurbishment of many houses within Mistfell Vale's Winterwynd village proves. As a young man and a former nomad, Brom is still largely exploring what it means to be apart of a pack and is still finding where he fits into the world. Eager to learn and with plenty of charm, surely he can't do too bad for himself as he matures.

News & Updates

Spring was here, but it may be gone already... is it summer weather yet where you are? Nothing too new this month, but a status quick update:


Items for the tangible prize pack are in! Avatars are still in progress though, and since they'll most likely be traditionally done this year, the prize packs won't be in the mail until they're complete. Thanks for perpetual patience, winners. <3

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