[NEWS] June 2019

POSTED: Sun Jun 02, 2019 11:24 pm

Monthly Spotlights

Spotlight Soul

The Spotlight Soul for June is Inara Ailurus (Bear) of The Shoal! In spite of tragically losing her second pack and navigating the hardships of loner life, Inara has blossomed into an expressive and confident young woman. Since discovering Biff's Bar, where she currently dances for the patrons, Inara has spent more and more time away from the base camp she shares with her adopted family. In recent weeks, Inara returned home injured and this has created tension between herself and one particular individual: a young man she grew up with who she has developed romantic feelings for. Inara's development has been a joy to follow! What direction will life take her next?

Community Soul

June's Community Spotlight is Despi! Organizing a plot that involves three of our Loner Bands, Despi has been leading an intriguing event full of violent twists and turns. Keeping many aspects of this plot secret, releasing only clues and riddles and snippets of ideas to those involved through the Discord server, Despi has made the plot exciting and intriguing. Friendly and encouraging, Despi is great to bounce development and future plot ideas off of if you need suggestions with your character. Keep it up, Despi!

Soldier of Love

This is like Jeopardy! Another round of congratulations to Alexander, who once again dominated the voting field. Will a challenger ever arise? Once again an avatar is being provided by Songbird, so be sure to PM her for your prize!

Featured Pack Adoptable

Twila del Morte is a girl with a terrible secret. Believed to be an orphan, Twila was found on Salsola's borders by a servant of the pack -- in actuality her father, desperate to save her life after the horrible tragedy which befell Twila's littermates. Now an adolescent, Twila's stubborn and sometimes hot-headed nature can lead to reckless behavior. Her path in life is still unclear, much like her mysterious (and dangerous) origins.

News & Updates

The weather's been wild in some parts of the world, and so too are the goings-on within 'Souls. With summer just on the horizon, what will the warming temperatures bring?


Prize packs will be shipping out soon! Keep an eye on our Twitter account for an upcoming announcement.

SoL Prize Claims

Winners for the Soldier of Love avatar must claim these within five (5) days from the announcement or forfeit their prize. This means that you must contact the artist within five (5) days to arrange your information exchange. Thank you!

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