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nightcrawlers crawling closer

The great disease had mostly passed, the canines of Anathema grew stronger every day as their bodies formed new immunities to the virus that threatened near annihilation of the pack and possibly of all Luperci kind. The few remnants of the illness in Anathema were traces, memories, mournful hearts, and a few fresh graves. It was less and less likely every day that someone would fall ill from it anymore, though Maelyx kept a watchful eye on her pack mates for any of the first symptoms of illness. Anyone who so much as sneezed would be asked to submit to a physical, though she could not force them. Thankfully, that had yet to happen.

Though all were relieved the great sickness had seemed to pass, it left Anathema’s stores of medicinal herbs, potions, poultices, and other cures severely depleted. The pack gardens alone were not enough to replenish the stock, and Maelyx and certainly the other healers did not want to risk letting the medicine larder remain this low on items. So after asking her close friend and… was she something more now?... Avinalora if she would like to go on a foraging mission together, the two women set out from their home in Anathema, crossed the borders and set out.

Maelyx had chosen to take her dappled gray stallion Bogomo as she expected to need to cross a distance and did not desire moving slowly or carrying what would hopefully be a great foraging bounty all the way back to her pack on her shoulders. When she saddled him up, she supposed Avinalora would probably do the same.

Instead of going West like she usually would, this time the women took a passage East through the pack’s territory in the Halcyon Mountains. There was a mild trail that let out on the other side of the mountain, and from there they crossed out of the mountain trail into the Cobequid Foothills. The acrid, sulfurous stench in the air made Maelyx prickle and wrinkle her nose, but as a healer she was used to all kinds of strange and unpleasant smells, and brushed it off. The nose quickly grew accustomed to the scent. The priestess thanked the Goddess when the odor finally began to fade out as they moved out of the region, guiding her horse North now.

She was curious to see what herbs grew in a place she found on a map she proffered from Anathema’s storage. Someone had marked a place called Wentworth Valley, and now she led the couple towards it. They were in no particular hurry, so she kept Bogomo at a normal walking pace, not wanting to ride the stallion too hard. She had been astride the saddle for over four hours when the faded blue tents came into view. Maelyx gently pulled back on the reins, easing Bogomo to a halt, and turned her gaze to Avinalora.

If they’re friendly, we might be able to stop for a brief rest, she said to her moon washed friend.

You’re so willing to take that chance? Maelyx bristled, ears poking up straight, and then twisted to level her icy gaze on the lazy cat that lounged on Bogomo’s rump.

You can walk as fast as the horses, you know. There’s no need to weigh Bogomo down like this. She said, ignoring his question.

Nephelcheres simply smiled his cat smile. So can you, was all he said.

Maelyx rolled her eyes and turned back to Avinalora. What do you thinks? Her English was very good, now, but sometimes her dialect was still a little off. Doesn’t look like they are a fierce warrior troupe what with that donkey cart full of cloth over there. She gestured. I smell broth. I can hear a child. And I’m not dressed so richly that they’ll think I have much to steal with me.

It was true. Instead of being dressed in her usual overboard fashion of fine cloth and jewelry, she was wearing her more simple riding leathers. A pair of Luperci women brown trousers, a long-sleeved green tunic, over which she wore her studded leather breastplate. Her sable mane had minimal ornamentation – mostly feathers – and of course she wore her twin axes strapped to her hips. She looked more like a well trained scout, someone likely a formidable opponent, than the witch and self-proclaimed priestess that she was. Furthermore, the bags that she had brought with her, strapped to Bogomo’s saddle, were clearly rumpled and empty.

Her azure eyes watched Avinalora, awaiting her response, and… well, and admiring the fair woman’s features. Despite the deep scars that many people would find ugly, the empty eye socket that would repulse some, Maelyx saw the woman’s soul, and nothing on the outside would make her reject the spirit within. And her love of the spirit within made her even see the beauty of the fox’s body, which had been through so many trying times. If Avi looked into her eyes, the admiration there would be hard to miss.

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