A secret meeting


POSTED: Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:56 pm

The past month had been good to the wolf, his presence in the area proving to be eventful, but also exceptionally rewarding. Guillen had yet to find a pack that he felt a strong urge to try and join, where his skills could be harnessed on a more regular basis, but he hadn't really been looking for one either. He'd been living alone inside of Amherst, but had found himself a not one, but two Luperci to keep him busy. It was Crucible that drew the bulky male north of the mountains, and then eastward in the direction of where she'd told him that he could find her.

Of the personal 'projects' that he'd taken upon himself, she had proven to be the most successful. When her pack had moved east, she could have easily hidden the fact from him, and slipped away to somewhere he might not find her. She'd volunteered the information during that last encounter, to the man's pleasure, rather than needing to be manhandled as had sometimes been the case early in their relationship. It was the same sincere content that washed over Guillen when her instructions had led him right to her, the woman making good on her promise to be in a valley just after the coast angled northward.

With his own food exhausted by the trip, the first order of business was to draw the coyote into an almost affectionate greeting, before announcing that they'd hunt. Twilight was upon them by the time that adventure came to a close, a small clearing among otherwise dense vegetation where the wolf announced ”This is probably as good a place as any for us to bed down....” before the man began setting his things down. From the heavy spear that he leaned against a nearby tree, to his trusty backpack that was set on the ground not far from there. A medium deer pelt fished from the backpack, the best 'bedding' that the man had cared to lug from home, which he set about spreading onto the ground. “Did you get enough to eat? We can wake early to look for more, if not.” Guillen added, the man genuinely interested in the coyote getting enough to eat.
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